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Blog Day 2: “0 Views All Time”

31 Oct

So far so good! Nothing bad has happened since I started this blog. The world hasn’t ended, the sun came up this morning, and I’m still me without any feeling of sorrow for starting this blog.

My stats counter says “0 Views All Time” which means that I am pretty much the only reader here. Well, not just pretty much, I AM the only reader here! Perfect! That’s the way I want it. Now I can post what I want, when I want, without any consideration of being politically correct, or offending anyone! I am allowed to delve deep into my inner most thoughts without regard for consequences! Without regard for the potential outcome or effect.

Now let me think, what are some of my inner most thoughts? Hmmmm (scratching head)? NOPE! NADA! I GOT NOTHING! lol

But you see, that is what is so great in that I’m the only reader here. It’s okay . I have no-one to worry about thinking I’m a boring person. I’m free to just be me, a human being, with up moments, and down moments, moments of confusion, moments that are dull and…and…and….well….NORMAL!

I think I’ll go make a peanut butter and jam sandwich now. :)!