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Goodluck in HELL Trayvon Martin

14 Jul

HellIsn’t Hell where people go when they sucker punch people and slam their heads into a cement sidewalk over and over and over as that person cries out for help pleading for them to stop?

Isn’t Hell where people go who are Racist towards another group based on their skin color, when they “profile” and use words like “Cracker” to describe another race who has different color skin?

Isn’t Hell where people go who walk around in a dazed drugged stupor, thinking the laws of the land do not apply them?

Isn’t Hell where people go instead of going home, circle back and lay in waiting to attack another human being?

ObliviousFor those of you living under a rock these last 6 weeks and year for that matter, there has been a Criminal Trial happening in the US state of Florida. In a nut shell, the trial was about a 17 year old “youth” being shot by a Community Watch leader in a neighborhood residential townhouse complex. The evidence in the trial showed that the community watch leader thought the youth was acting strangely and “up to no good” due to a recent rash of burglaries in the same neighborhood. The community watch leader called his local police to come and investigate but in the meantime got out of his car to see where the youth was going. Not too long after, the youth circled back, confronted and attacked the community watch leader and was shot in the scuffle that followed. From all appearances it seems the youth was the aggressor of the attack.

Ignor the Facts 2No-one will ever know all the exact details of the encounter but we do know enough to come to a logical conclusion that the youth was the person mostly in fault. There were significant injuries to the community watch leaders back of his head where it appears it was being bashed into the cement sidewalk. No injuries, other than the bullet wound were found on the youth. Witnesses say they saw the youth on top of the smaller community watch leader. The jury decided after a 2 week trial that the community leader was NOT GUILTY.

Racism AnywayNow that you are up to speed, this brings us to the aftermath. I’d say that about 65% of the people in the US don’t understand the verdict. Which seems to be about the same % who voted for Obama coincidentally! They are calling for “Justice For Trayvon”. Those that are upset by the verdict don’t understand how an unarmed “child” can be killed. Many of those who are upset are blaming this on race. Claiming that Black people in the US don’t count and do not get “Justice”.

White Life ProtectedThere are several problems with the reaction to this event in US History. And I believe it is a culturally important historical event in the United States, in that it will effect people of the black race to feel “lesser”, “not counted”, “the system doesn’t protect us”, “a step backwards to equality”. Just for the perception that Justice was not served based solely on race.

The problem with the aftermath reaction is it’s mostly based on false facts of the case.

Gimini Cricket1.) The news media has been spun like puppets by civil rights activists from day one of this whole thing to further their civil rights agendas. The parents of the youth hired civil rights attorneys to represent them and everything out of their mouths has been biased and misleading of the real facts of what happened.

2.) The President (our first half black President), jumped on the bandwagon giving sympathy and justification to the false narrative being spewed by the news media being manipulated by the civil rights groups.

groupies3.) Many of those who show dismay about the Not Guilty verdict are basing their outrage mostly on being Politically Correct towards their “peers” versus actually knowing the facts of the case. It is “cool” to be outraged. It is the fashionable thing to say that you are for a black youth. It is Politically Correct to be for “children”. It is Politically Correct to be for a minority race and especially the black race. peer pressureIt is Politically Correct to be Politically Correct. I’d venture to say that a large portion of the “outraged” know more about what the Kardashians did on last weeks episode versus the facts of the case. Give them a few hours and what’s for lunch will their latest most important thing in life.

Media PuppetsWhat does this say about our society? It says that nothing has changed in the last thousand years and we live in a pasture of SHEEP! It says that we live in a society where Money and Power will always trump the truth. It says about our society that if there is an opportunity for “bad people” to twist the truth for their own advancement, they will do it! It says that most people in the US have their thoughts and life beliefs mostly formed by the media. And the media will always follow the money. If there is money to be made by exploiting a situation and tweaking the facts of what happened to match Political Correctness, the media will most certainly throw an innocent community watch leader in jail for the rest of his life without even batting an eyelash.

The TruthWhat proved out to be nothing more than a simple “Self-Defense” was overcharged by the Florida Prosecutors from the very beginning which play a large roll in the blame game of “what went wrong” with this whole thing. The local police did not want to charge the community watch leader due to lack of evidence that a crime was committed. They said it was self-defense and all the evidence in the case seem to agree with their initial findings. But all the Civil Rights groups had at that time worked the general public up into a frenzy by their false portrayal of the facts which were more than happily repeated by the media. For example, most people in the general public think the “youth” was a child. A 12 year old black child on his way home with skittles and a soda in his pocket. The real truth is he was a big kid of about 6’2″ tall in shoes, suspended from school for drug paraphernalia possession. When witnesses describe “the larger person on top”, they are in fact describing the “youth”. Most people in the public only see the 12 year old boy because those are the photos that the media shows in news reports and continue to show even today after the trial showed the youths real size as that of a large “man”.

Reality Green Road Sign Against Dramatic Sky, Clouds and Sunburst.Is this what our world has come too? That we base our emotions, and existence on a “smoke and mirrors” version of reality?

Are all of our lives based on what someone else force feeds to us? Are we so dependent on Television, and “Entertainment Media” that, IT becomes our “Big Brother” which tells us how to eat, how to choose our mates, what is socially acceptable, politically correct, and dictates to us most of what we think is real in life?

What a sad world we live in where we have been reduced to basing our own lives on what people with agendas feed to us. And we are only more than happy to lick the bowl when we are shoved it into our mouths, brains, hearts, and characters.

Herder Watching SheepI do not blame or have ill feelings towards the Sheep. This is the way it has been all through-out time and I suspect will continue through-out all time. People want to believe in Good. People want to believe in What’s Right. The problem is the “messenger” of the facts has lied to them.

This case is not about race.
Justice has been served and got it correct.

If outrage is due, it should be directed towards those who are feeding us false facts to further their own agenda’s, power, or profits.

Don’t be a Sheep!


Josh Powell is NOT to Blame for his 2 Kids Deaths! The “Book Burners” are at it Again!

6 Feb

UPDATE: Tuesday February 7’th, 2012


To start off this blog post I will quote the photo on the right as it might be small and some can’t read it…it says “I can’t believe you Morons actually buy this sh*t!”

To get you up to speed on who Josh Powell is, I will give you the highlights.

These are the facts as we know them:
1. Josh Powell is a USA citizen, just a normal guy (we assume), was/is married to Susan Powell and they had 2 kids together.
2. Josh says he took his kids “night” camping in freezing cold weather the same night his wife Susan disappeared.
3. Josh claims he knows nothing about where Susan went.
4. There is no evidence to support a conclusion of anything, either way if Josh was responsible for Susan’s disappearance or not.
5. Susan’s Powell’s parents have waged a smear campaign against Josh Powell and his father Steve Powell, convincing a court to remove the kids from Josh’s house and give custody to them, the grandparents.
5. Josh’s father Steve Powell was arrested for voyeurism, and child pornography and awaits trial.
7. Josh appealed the custody decision and was ordered to take psychological/sexual evaluations as well as a polygraph test.
8. Josh Powell, on a court supervised visit of his kids, blew up his house killing himself and his kids.

Those are the facts as we know them and any other “facts” are not proven, and only speculation. (Or so as I know them to be).

First, let me say that anytime a child dies or anyone for that matter, it is a very awful and horrible thing. Especially when an innocent child dies it is especially devastating. Furthermore, for an innocent child to be intentionally killed by anyone is just barbaric.

Having said that, I would ask anyone reading this to set all that emotion aside in reading this blog post. This post is not about the senseless loss of 2 beautiful kids at the hands of their father. This post is about how the system, our society, treats people who are “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” as required in the USA’s Bill of Rights.

The USA is suppose-to-be, at least in it’s own citizen’s minds, the most fair society of all. Where we enjoy certain freedoms, rights, and are the most “fair” democracy in the world.

The problem with this arrogance, is that it is not true! The American people, and US “News Media” play “Kangaroo Court” in judging people all the time! There is NO such thing in the USA as “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”!

The USA, some time back was only more than happy to have the Salem Witch Trials where an elite group of women in a Massachusetts city would basically decide on their own who they didn’t like, point their finger at them and yell “Witch”! That person was then not given a fair trial and hung to death.

Mob mentality in the USA and media runs rampant all the time! It’s the old saying that if you tell enough people a lie, or something you only suspect, then in typical wanting to be accepted among your peers, people turn into sheep.

“Where there is smoke, there is not always fire!” ~ EarthZebra

Setting aside, the tragic ending to this horrible event……lets just assume that Josh Powell was innocent and had nothing to do with his wife’s dissapearance! Lets say Susan Powell is alive! Lets say Susan Powell encouraged her oddly acting husband to go camping in the middle of winter night and then took her chance to excape from what appears to be a quite strange person, Josh! Lets assume all this, for this blog post please.

Now what?

Josh is dogged by the police for months and months. Josh is harassed by the media. Josh is looked at by his family, friends, and society as a monster. Josh is forced to change his entire life because of nothing he did. Josh left on a camping trip and returned to his wife missing and having no idea where the mother of his kids is. Josh returns with no knowledge of where his wife is and is faced with going to jail for the rest of his life, and he didn’t do anything. Josh’s in-laws turn on him and try to take away his kids. Josh’s dad is hauled into jail, accusations unproven (as yet). A judge takes his kids away. A judge requires him to take psycological tests, sexual tests, and polygraph tests. His kids are gone, his wife is gone, his dad is gone, everything is just gone, and he has done nothing!

Lets suppose all this. Because these are the facts as we know them, at this time!

Isn’t a person suppose to be “Not Guilty Until Proven Innocent”?

Isn’t a person suppose to be able to remain Father to his kids, until something occurs that warrants the kids to be taken away from him? What did he do, that has been proven, to warrant his kids being taken away, other than his in-laws accusing him of wrongdoing?

Is the USA legal system now “Guilty Because Someone Says So”?

I’d venture to say that Josh Powell is not the real responsible person of the death of his 2 kids. I’d say it’s the “Book Burning”, “Witch Hunting”, “Guilty Because Someone Says So”, American society we live in!

Like it or not, I can see where “the system” had backed Josh into a corner! Like it or not, I can see where “the system” is to blame for the death of 2 beautiful kids, more-so than Josh Powell.

If “EVERYONE” had not yelled “Witch”, and yanked a mans kids, life, and soul away from him…..I’d venture to say, 2 precious souls would still be with us today!

Shame on all of you who hide behind the deaths of these 2 kids, when it is YOU who is to BLAME for their deaths!

Shame on you AMERICAN MEDIA!

Shame on you who are part of “THE SYSTEM”!

Shame on you, all you book burning, witch hunting “SHEEP” who are the real KILLERS!


“Justice For Caylee” – Caylee says let my momma go free! ~ “The Sheep Syndrome”

11 Jun

I’m getting a little tired of this whole “Justice For Caylee” bandwagon that the media and people are on.

You want to know what Caylee would want? She’d want her mom to be found NOT GUILTY and be free!

So, if you want “Justice For Caylee”, then you should be on the side of what Caylee would want for her mom!

Perhaps the words should be “No Justice – Only Desperation To Be Politically Correct”!

Yes, a child died. It is very tragic. But does that mean we create another tragedy! No.

What exact “Justice” do you want? What is “Justice? You want an eye for an eye? To get even? Get even for what? An accidental death!

There is no “Justice for Caylee”, she’s dead. What you really want is to punish someone NO MATTER WHAT, without even knowing any of the facts! It doesn’t matter the details of what happened, you see the “monster” and you are going to kill the monster even if the monster didn’t do it! You don’t care. You have the taste of blood in your mouth and the monster has to die. Afterall, you are doing it for a little girl! BULLSH*T!

All of you “Justice for Caylee” people are sick in the head! Society (“the sheep syndrom”), has you so brainwashed into thinking that whatever you see on TV, Newspapers, and the media are God’s Truth!

The media has only 1 goal. That goal is to make money! They exist for no other reason. They could care less about TRUTHS IN LIFE! How do they make money? They make money by the number of viewers, or readers who view their “content”. If they want to attract and keep their viewer numbers high they must “spoon feed” to the viewers what you the viewer wants to hear!

The prosecution, and police in the Casey Anthony trial for years have been leaking and releasing tid-bits of the most inflaming, dramatic, parts of Caylee’s death for the purpose of getting the population outraged. It is very easy to surgically pick and choose which details will alarm you the most! Of course, the media is only too happy to deliver this too you as it increases their viewers and ultimately MONEY IN THEIR POCKETS!

“The Sheep Syndrome” is just as it sounds. You hear something from the media, your neighbor hears something from the media, your grocery checker hears the same thing, and so on and so on, and so on. Now you have your sheep. All bunched together in a herd. Baaah Baaah. You are all repeating the inflaming “spew” from the media. Mind you, no regard for any truth! The media said it, so it must be true!

History always repeats itself! Why can we human beings not learn? Why do we continually never learn from our prior mistakes! Not too long ago, relatively speaking, here in the USA we had a very similar event (somewhat), to the Casey Anthony trial…………it was called THE SALEM WITCH TRIALS!

In The Salem Witch Trials what happened basically was that the community of Salem, Massachusetts was overcome by MASS HYSTERIA! One person, or a few “respected people” in the community with an agenda, pointed their finger at someone else and said, there is the Monster! (The exact details of Salem aren’t important). In comparison to the Casey Anthony Trial, the “respected people” are the media. What happens next in both Salem and the Casey Anthony ordeal is it becomes politically correct, neighbor correct, community correct to attack the monster as a mob! You will be shunned and ostracized if you do not join the mob in attacking the common enemy.

“Justice For Caylee”……give the little girl her wish = NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS and send her momma home!