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Goodluck in HELL Trayvon Martin

14 Jul

HellIsn’t Hell where people go when they sucker punch people and slam their heads into a cement sidewalk over and over and over as that person cries out for help pleading for them to stop?

Isn’t Hell where people go who are Racist towards another group based on their skin color, when they “profile” and use words like “Cracker” to describe another race who has different color skin?

Isn’t Hell where people go who walk around in a dazed drugged stupor, thinking the laws of the land do not apply them?

Isn’t Hell where people go instead of going home, circle back and lay in waiting to attack another human being?

ObliviousFor those of you living under a rock these last 6 weeks and year for that matter, there has been a Criminal Trial happening in the US state of Florida. In a nut shell, the trial was about a 17 year old “youth” being shot by a Community Watch leader in a neighborhood residential townhouse complex. The evidence in the trial showed that the community watch leader thought the youth was acting strangely and “up to no good” due to a recent rash of burglaries in the same neighborhood. The community watch leader called his local police to come and investigate but in the meantime got out of his car to see where the youth was going. Not too long after, the youth circled back, confronted and attacked the community watch leader and was shot in the scuffle that followed. From all appearances it seems the youth was the aggressor of the attack.

Ignor the Facts 2No-one will ever know all the exact details of the encounter but we do know enough to come to a logical conclusion that the youth was the person mostly in fault. There were significant injuries to the community watch leaders back of his head where it appears it was being bashed into the cement sidewalk. No injuries, other than the bullet wound were found on the youth. Witnesses say they saw the youth on top of the smaller community watch leader. The jury decided after a 2 week trial that the community leader was NOT GUILTY.

Racism AnywayNow that you are up to speed, this brings us to the aftermath. I’d say that about 65% of the people in the US don’t understand the verdict. Which seems to be about the same % who voted for Obama coincidentally! They are calling for “Justice For Trayvon”. Those that are upset by the verdict don’t understand how an unarmed “child” can be killed. Many of those who are upset are blaming this on race. Claiming that Black people in the US don’t count and do not get “Justice”.

White Life ProtectedThere are several problems with the reaction to this event in US History. And I believe it is a culturally important historical event in the United States, in that it will effect people of the black race to feel “lesser”, “not counted”, “the system doesn’t protect us”, “a step backwards to equality”. Just for the perception that Justice was not served based solely on race.

The problem with the aftermath reaction is it’s mostly based on false facts of the case.

Gimini Cricket1.) The news media has been spun like puppets by civil rights activists from day one of this whole thing to further their civil rights agendas. The parents of the youth hired civil rights attorneys to represent them and everything out of their mouths has been biased and misleading of the real facts of what happened.

2.) The President (our first half black President), jumped on the bandwagon giving sympathy and justification to the false narrative being spewed by the news media being manipulated by the civil rights groups.

groupies3.) Many of those who show dismay about the Not Guilty verdict are basing their outrage mostly on being Politically Correct towards their “peers” versus actually knowing the facts of the case. It is “cool” to be outraged. It is the fashionable thing to say that you are for a black youth. It is Politically Correct to be for “children”. It is Politically Correct to be for a minority race and especially the black race. peer pressureIt is Politically Correct to be Politically Correct. I’d venture to say that a large portion of the “outraged” know more about what the Kardashians did on last weeks episode versus the facts of the case. Give them a few hours and what’s for lunch will their latest most important thing in life.

Media PuppetsWhat does this say about our society? It says that nothing has changed in the last thousand years and we live in a pasture of SHEEP! It says that we live in a society where Money and Power will always trump the truth. It says about our society that if there is an opportunity for “bad people” to twist the truth for their own advancement, they will do it! It says that most people in the US have their thoughts and life beliefs mostly formed by the media. And the media will always follow the money. If there is money to be made by exploiting a situation and tweaking the facts of what happened to match Political Correctness, the media will most certainly throw an innocent community watch leader in jail for the rest of his life without even batting an eyelash.

The TruthWhat proved out to be nothing more than a simple “Self-Defense” was overcharged by the Florida Prosecutors from the very beginning which play a large roll in the blame game of “what went wrong” with this whole thing. The local police did not want to charge the community watch leader due to lack of evidence that a crime was committed. They said it was self-defense and all the evidence in the case seem to agree with their initial findings. But all the Civil Rights groups had at that time worked the general public up into a frenzy by their false portrayal of the facts which were more than happily repeated by the media. For example, most people in the general public think the “youth” was a child. A 12 year old black child on his way home with skittles and a soda in his pocket. The real truth is he was a big kid of about 6’2″ tall in shoes, suspended from school for drug paraphernalia possession. When witnesses describe “the larger person on top”, they are in fact describing the “youth”. Most people in the public only see the 12 year old boy because those are the photos that the media shows in news reports and continue to show even today after the trial showed the youths real size as that of a large “man”.

Reality Green Road Sign Against Dramatic Sky, Clouds and Sunburst.Is this what our world has come too? That we base our emotions, and existence on a “smoke and mirrors” version of reality?

Are all of our lives based on what someone else force feeds to us? Are we so dependent on Television, and “Entertainment Media” that, IT becomes our “Big Brother” which tells us how to eat, how to choose our mates, what is socially acceptable, politically correct, and dictates to us most of what we think is real in life?

What a sad world we live in where we have been reduced to basing our own lives on what people with agendas feed to us. And we are only more than happy to lick the bowl when we are shoved it into our mouths, brains, hearts, and characters.

Herder Watching SheepI do not blame or have ill feelings towards the Sheep. This is the way it has been all through-out time and I suspect will continue through-out all time. People want to believe in Good. People want to believe in What’s Right. The problem is the “messenger” of the facts has lied to them.

This case is not about race.
Justice has been served and got it correct.

If outrage is due, it should be directed towards those who are feeding us false facts to further their own agenda’s, power, or profits.

Don’t be a Sheep!



5 Apr


I just don’t understand why people allow our food providers to poison us all! I mean what the f*ck! Our meat industry fillers our hamburger with some vile crap called “Pink Slime”. Just about every product has chemicals added to them called “Artificial Flavors”. We are poisoned with something called MSG! The amount of real sugar, fake sugar, and chemical sugars added to just about every food product are causing diabetes in everyone! We ingest so much crap that a large portion of our kids are being born with Autism! What the f*ck is wrong with you all? Why are there not riots in the streets to stop this!!! You stupid f*cking morons, who all of us to be poisoned and for what?….Greed by the food companies and payoffs to the “establishment” to allow it to happen! Can I please go back and live in earlier years where this did not happen and people actually did the right things in life towards each other!


If you want to fix the US Health Care System then insert price control! A doctor’s office visit should be $25…..An X-Ray is $30……An MRI is $75. Drugs should be $10 each for a months supply.

The problem with our health care system is not the Health Insurance companies, it is the outright thievery of the costs the “they’s” charge for services! If you want to fix it, just fix the price structure for treatment. Then, fix the Health Insurance prices to something like $50 a month for complete and total coverage. Once again, another clusterf*ck industry ruined by GREED! What a shame!


This one really gets me, how so many people are being charged with crimes for no reason! How has it come that we allow complete morons to decide who gets charged with a crime?

……I never thought Rob Blagoyovich should have been charged. He didn’t do anything different than Obama, or anyone else in Politics. It’s all about trading tit for tat. And now he’s in Jail for something like 15 years. What the f*ck?! And drug dealers get out in hours!

…..Recently in the news is a cheerleader for a professional football team who was also a teacher at a high school. She sent a racy photo to one of her male students and now is being charged with a Sexual Predator crime of some sort! I mean, wake the F*ck up and who cares! This is not a crime and especially not the crime she’s being charged with. If anything, fire her from being a teacher and that’s it. But to try and put her in jail is just mind boggling!

……There are countless other examples but I only think of them at the moment they come over on the TV. I wonder how many thousands of other people are being harassed by the morons who decide what is a crime and what isn’t! Is this what our society has come too? That every single little F*cking thing is controlled by our “government”?! F*ck off!


I just shake my head in disbelief! Harry Reed, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi….what the f*ck is going on! It’s almost like living in the Twilight Zone! Lies, Lies, Lies! They don’t tell any of us anything that has to do with “Truth”! It’s all a game against “we the people”!

Do you ever listen to an Obama speech? He says nothing ever specific! It’s all a bunch of American “Hope”, “Change”, and playing with words! “Get people back to work”! “Everyone has good health care”!….and on and on. The problem is the words sound good in “general” but are just words that never tell us what the heck he plans to do! It’s almost like, and perhaps not “almost” at all…..he is lying and can’t tell us what he wants to do. Either he doesn’t know, or it’s so over the top he knows we’d all have a hissy fit!

Bills in Congress are thousands and thousands of pages. Political appointments during Congress vacations so they can’t be reviewed. The Senate never passing a budget in how many years! All kinds of crap loaded into bills. Free money given to political buddies from the Stimulus package. How does this differ from what Rob Blagoyavich did? It doesn’t, and he’s thrown in jail for 15 years. WTF!

It just makes no sense and no one is doing anything about it! I think maybe the new “Tea Party” Congressional members might have some backbone to not be crooked as they seem to hold true to their values and not “horse trade” their souls! I think this is the only way we are going to change things is to get rid of the bad apples…..like Obama, Harry Read, Nancy Pelosi and hundreds more from both sides of the aisle. “We the People” are not being represented. There are just too many stupid people in this country I guess who believe people who tell them the clouds are going to part and it will be heaven on Earth. Heck, look at how many people go to church and believe the same crap. No wonder! We live among a country of morons who deserve to be nothing more than sheep herded by the wolf into a pen to be eaten later!


It’s just unbelievable the greed of these companies. They send a signal through the air and somehow this entitles them to charge us an amazing amount of money. Not only that, they charge us for the amount of date we use. I’ll be the first to say I don’t understand how it works other than the little ants that used to run across the old fashioned TV’s and maybe their isn’t enough room for more ants. But, whatever! Even if I don’t understand how the technology works, I know when a c*ck is going up my ass!


I just don’t know what has happened to society! At least the American society. It just seems everyone only cares about themselves. Everyone wants something. Looking for openings and opportunities to take a little or big piece of each other. Selfishness, greed, and just plain ugliness! I don’t know if living in the 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s would have been any better but I think it just might have. Everyone sure seems to have been nicer (at least what I see in the movies). Perhaps they were all greedy then too! Today, you can go about your daily work, errands, school, and I’d bet you that 9.5 out of 10 people are not nice people. What has happened to most of us? Is it television? Music? The 60’s and the kids of kids from that generation? What changed in our society to cause most people to be mean people? Greedy people? Morons? It’s just a shame that those of us who are nice people are being forced to build fences around ourselves to insulate out all the hate from most! And the thing is….there are so many people who think they are nice people but are not….they are “johnny come lately” nice people, turning it on and off as they please. These are the most ugly people of our society of all. I can accept when someone is truly mean all the time. At least they don’t hide it. But, a large majority of the ugliest of people are those who will smile to your face like a Joker yet it’s only a matter of time before they show their true colors!

Is it possible for me to have an “Ugly and Mean” stamp and put a mark on these peoples foreheads as I find them? This would solve this problem. At least we’d know as soon as you see them their true colors!


It was announced today the creation of the NAAWP – National Association for the Advancement of White People. Oh but wait, wouldn’t that be “racist”? Ut em, excuse me NAACP –National Association for the Advancement of Colored People!! What an f*cking joke. If a stone is a stone, call it a stone! Whats wrong with you all?!

Rev Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and lets not limit it to race Gloria Alred! Where does the greed for fame and money end in shameless self promotion for no other reason than to hype “the morons” up into a frenzy about something that doesn’t exist.

If we did away with the NAACP, the Jesse’s, Al’s, Gloria’s, and while we are at it, so many of the profiteering “associations” that push their agenda’s and do nothing more than muddy tranquil waters that don’t need to be stirred, the world would be a better place!

It’s a fine line though. Once again, I think I should be put in charge of deciding who should be sent to the dunce room and who is doing good work! For example, some good work is being done by some outfits who get innocent, wrongly convicted people freed by DNA evidence. I’m all for that. There are some groups who stop or step in when someone is being bullied! I’m all for that. There are some groups who will do anything to advance the Democratic or Republican party’s success. I’m not for this!

There is no way to win this one. Too many “morons” listen to these people.


Where is the FCC who is suppose to regulate what goes out over the airwaves? How many music award shows, Superbowl performances, music videos, and all over it seems do we have to watch people grabbing their Cocks!? What makes anyone think this is acceptable for everyone to see? Is it because Michael Jackson did it and no-one said anything that it is somehow tolerable now? I just don’t get it! You people are sick in the head who allow this!……ut um….MORONS! #smh


What is the world has happened to our kids?! And it’s not just our kids, it’s our kids parents doing it too! I guess, I just answered my own question! I don’t have much to say about this topic because it all comes down to how some are raising their kids and goes back to how they were raised by their parents! I’d say that there are a lot of very messed up people walking around who were born in the 80’s, 90’s, and first few years of the 2000’s. God help us all. This is why so much is so messed up in this country. Morons giving birth and raising more Morons! And each generation gets worse and worse! Then you mix in the invention of the Internet and it’s a recipe for what we have now. Cruelty, selfishness, uncaring, unaccountable, uncouth, parents and kids who need their mouths and minds washed out with soap not to mention taken out behind the woodshed and given a good ol fashioned spanking or butt kicking!


……Animal cruelty in any form
……Logging of old growth trees
……The Trump boys killing an innocent Elephant and other animals
……Wearing Fur when it’s not necessary
……Regulating the Internet by the Government
……Censorship in any form by anyone
……Media reporting with an agenda versus the truth
……Marijuana being an Illegal “drug”
……Prostitution being Illegal anywhere
……Gays and Lesbians not having Equal Rights
……Allowing Obama to Not Be Honest or Accountable for his Vague Words
……The Entire Tax Code allowing Large Corporations and Wealthy to Pay the Least or No Tax
……A Voting System where 1 vote does not equal 1 vote
……The Existence of Unions
……Depending on Foreign Oil when we have plenty in Alaska and Canada
……Being in Afghanistan other than 1 major base and airfield out in the middle of no-where
……Continued Isolation of Cuba
……Allowing Credit Card companies to Rape Us All
……Our putting of “Famous” people on pedestals as “role models”

I think that little by little those of us who are not part of “the sheep” are going to continually get pushed further and further away out into our own fenced in worlds. The problem with “getting involved” and changing things is that you then become a Target and it’s just now worth it. It’s easier to be a fly on the wall, unnoticed like Charlotte the Daddy Long Leggs spider in the book Charlottes Web. Watching things unfold, wise, smart, advising a chosen few who do dare to put themselves in the spotlight.

We are not in Kansas anymore Dorothy! That is for sure………………..


Kim Kardashian Sues Competition ‘CAT FIGHT’ For Dating Her Ex! It’s all Reggie Bush’s Fault!

22 Jul

I usually don’t blog about dumb a*s stuff like this but no-one in the main stream media is saying it, so I guess I’ll wallow in the gutter of worthless topics for a moment and set the record straight! LOL

The media’s, princess of all man kind, Kim Kardashian has filed a lawsuit against the national retailer Old Navy (Gap, Inc) for running commercials on TV with an actress (Melissa Molinaro) that on a bad hair day could be argued resembles Kim K. Kim’s camp claims it’s an intentional attempt to deceive the public into thinking it is Kim Kardasian, (“misappropriate Kardashian’s likeness”) their official statement says.

But wait, it gets better!

Kim Kardashian was dumped in a public break-up by her boyfriend, NFL running back Reggie Bush not so long ago! What does this have to do with the Old Navy commercial you ask? LOL….good question! And this is where it gets really juicy! Reggie Bush’s current girlfriend is none other than the Kim K “look alike” in the Old Navy commercials, Melissa Molinaro! Ha !

Now it doesn’t take a genius to realize her motivation for suing Old Navy!

Kim Kardashian is suing because this girl took her man, and she is pissed off and will not let Melissa now make any further money off of the commercials. Actors get paid based on the time and quantity a commercial airs on TV.

Lets call it what it is media! It has nothing to with any resemblance. Melissa Molinaro looks like her own person. The commercial in no way tries to imply Melissa is Kim Kardashian. Melissa has a right to look like she does and profit from it! Does Melissa have a nice lawsuit in the making against Kim K for lost wages? I think maybe so!

I suppose it also doesn’t help matters that Kim is now 30 and Melissa is only 29! And that Melissa has an amazing body and well, contrary to when a girl hits 30, things tend to start giving way to gravity!……just saying. lol

Perhaps Melissa Molinaro should sue Kim Kardashian for impersonating her!

You know what….it’s all Reggie’s fault! Way to go Reggie, you trouble maker!

This whole thing is sooooo stupid. I’m ashamed for blogging about it! Ok, not really.