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28 May

How can this be? There was no skin left on the body. The tape would have been attached to the skin and when the skin is gone it just falls.

I think the duct tape was just on the ground. Perhaps to hold the bag shut from the outside so animals don’t get in it. Yes, there was a heart on it because George and Casey did it together after the accident and said a prayer for Caylee.

Another Prosecution and Medical Examiner stretching, reaching for some sort of explanation on their Witch Hunt!

I leave you with this: If Caylee was “murdered”, “smothered”! Why just 3 pieces? Why not wrap it and wrap it and wrap it?

If Casey is cold blooded murderer, why not do the job right! Because she didn’t!

“Reasonable Doubt” – Casey Anthony Trial – Day 3

26 May

Proven Facts all leading to reasonable doubt:

* No way of determining cause of death to a certainty

* Bizarre actions by George Anthony in reporting gas cans to police when he knows his daughter uses the gas when she runs out

* No smell from car

* No attempt to keep people away from trunk of car

* Casey completely blocked the death from her mind in public afterwords leads a person to believe she has years of some sort of mental trauma and can compartmentalize things in her mind

* Meter Reader bizarre obsession

* All accounts say Casey was great loving mom and kind person

* The prosecutions burden of proof has not been met. The only thing they proved is the child died and there was a cover-up. Murder was not proved. Casey Anthony was only proved responsible for a cover-up of something. Could be an accident, could be murder. We do not know! None of the charges are for cover-up of something we do not know.

Closing Statement by the Defense:

This is the law. The law that you the jury must render your decision based on. Whether you like me, or like the prosecution attorneys, you must follow the law. And the law calls for complete knowledge of what happened. No reasonable doubt. That is the law. Nothing to do with me, the prosecution, the judge, our side bars, or anything. The prosecution wants so badly to answer for you to believe…….(fill it in)….but they can’t…..(fill it in)…

“REASONABLE DOUBT”…….we have given you 20? different reasonable doubt facts, Undisputed. Cont…..

All of this uncertainty leads to Not Guilty!