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“Justice For Caylee” – Caylee says let my momma go free! ~ “The Sheep Syndrome”

11 Jun

I’m getting a little tired of this whole “Justice For Caylee” bandwagon that the media and people are on.

You want to know what Caylee would want? She’d want her mom to be found NOT GUILTY and be free!

So, if you want “Justice For Caylee”, then you should be on the side of what Caylee would want for her mom!

Perhaps the words should be “No Justice – Only Desperation To Be Politically Correct”!

Yes, a child died. It is very tragic. But does that mean we create another tragedy! No.

What exact “Justice” do you want? What is “Justice? You want an eye for an eye? To get even? Get even for what? An accidental death!

There is no “Justice for Caylee”, she’s dead. What you really want is to punish someone NO MATTER WHAT, without even knowing any of the facts! It doesn’t matter the details of what happened, you see the “monster” and you are going to kill the monster even if the monster didn’t do it! You don’t care. You have the taste of blood in your mouth and the monster has to die. Afterall, you are doing it for a little girl! BULLSH*T!

All of you “Justice for Caylee” people are sick in the head! Society (“the sheep syndrom”), has you so brainwashed into thinking that whatever you see on TV, Newspapers, and the media are God’s Truth!

The media has only 1 goal. That goal is to make money! They exist for no other reason. They could care less about TRUTHS IN LIFE! How do they make money? They make money by the number of viewers, or readers who view their “content”. If they want to attract and keep their viewer numbers high they must “spoon feed” to the viewers what you the viewer wants to hear!

The prosecution, and police in the Casey Anthony trial for years have been leaking and releasing tid-bits of the most inflaming, dramatic, parts of Caylee’s death for the purpose of getting the population outraged. It is very easy to surgically pick and choose which details will alarm you the most! Of course, the media is only too happy to deliver this too you as it increases their viewers and ultimately MONEY IN THEIR POCKETS!

“The Sheep Syndrome” is just as it sounds. You hear something from the media, your neighbor hears something from the media, your grocery checker hears the same thing, and so on and so on, and so on. Now you have your sheep. All bunched together in a herd. Baaah Baaah. You are all repeating the inflaming “spew” from the media. Mind you, no regard for any truth! The media said it, so it must be true!

History always repeats itself! Why can we human beings not learn? Why do we continually never learn from our prior mistakes! Not too long ago, relatively speaking, here in the USA we had a very similar event (somewhat), to the Casey Anthony trial…………it was called THE SALEM WITCH TRIALS!

In The Salem Witch Trials what happened basically was that the community of Salem, Massachusetts was overcome by MASS HYSTERIA! One person, or a few “respected people” in the community with an agenda, pointed their finger at someone else and said, there is the Monster! (The exact details of Salem aren’t important). In comparison to the Casey Anthony Trial, the “respected people” are the media. What happens next in both Salem and the Casey Anthony ordeal is it becomes politically correct, neighbor correct, community correct to attack the monster as a mob! You will be shunned and ostracized if you do not join the mob in attacking the common enemy.

“Justice For Caylee”……give the little girl her wish = NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS and send her momma home!

Tarzan is a very fickle pickle!

24 Mar

“Fickle”? Who made up this word! It’s a funny word. Fickle rhymes with Pickle, Tickle, and Smickle. My point? Zippo, Nadda, just a funny word and relevant to this blog post!

It is defined from Marriam-Webster dictionary as:

adj \ˈfi-kəl\
Definition of FICKLE
: marked by lack of steadfastness, constancy, or stability : given to erratic changeableness
— fick·le·ness noun
— fick·ly \ˈfi-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

So how in the world does Tarzan become a Fickle Pickle and why?

One thing you know about Tarzan is he is a very, very sensitive person. He likes to live in the forest, among non-humans because in his early upbringing he was made fun of. He learned that at an early age he was better off acting like a fickle pickle. So then after, Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, has lived his life pushing others away like a fickle pickle!

So for any of you potential Jane’s out there, you must must realize it is not personal. However, anytime anyone has ever said “it is not personal” to me, IT USUALLY ALWAYS IS! Of course it is personal! All of life is personal!

“Every action and decision you make in life, effects 10 other people” ~ Earth Zebra

People who are fickle pickles are very selfish souls. They feed off of others coming towards them, and think nothing of when they swing back into the forest without even a goodbye. But be sure, they did not swing too far, as they like to listen and see if they can hear any tearful, “where are you Tarzan” calling out towards them! This is their revenge for Little Suzy rejecting them when he asked her to the 6’th grade dance.

A forest is a funny place. For most of us, we live out in open spaces. We say hello to our neighbors, we stay in tune with world events. We open ourselves up to ridicule as all our goodies are seen by everyone. People who live in forests are the same boys and girls who take their ball home just so none of the other boys and girls can play. A forest is a great place to keep secrets. To hide your thoughts, to keep other off balance as a new visitor to the forest eyes adjust to the darkness. A forest is a place where there are loud sounds of ferocious scary beasts!

But the thing about those roars is they are really Tarzan hiding behind a tree trying to scare you so that you think his “forest” is the best forest of all. Nice try Tarzan!

Many “Tarzan’s” live life with the appearances of a normal life. However, it is their heart and what they “give of themselves” to others which make them “Tarzan’s” that live in the Forest. Thus, you don’t know for sure if someone is a forest liver at first glance. Wait to hear a roar in the darkness to be sure!

It is sad that Tarzan is a fickle pickle, for all he desires is a hug. All he desires is to be accepted. All Tarzan wants is little Suzy to say yes, just once!

“To live life in a Forest is to live life hiding from life” ~ Earth Zebra

What is “Reality”?

24 Nov

As I type this, I am in a massive, yet cozy, warm and comfortable “cavern”. It is my cavern. Only to myself. It shelters me from the outside elements of cold wind, snow, critters that might like to eat me, and most importantly it shelters me from other human beings. I make my own rules in my cavern. I wake up when I want, I eat when I want, I allow in only those I choose to. There are no “outside world” rules that effect me here in my cavern. The world is what I make it.

Is this my reality? Or is there another reality which I’m part of?

It seems to me that reality is perfect, pure, and a fabulous thing when not messed with. Humans and all animals for that matter are on this planet for only 3 things. Eat, survive, reproduce. That is reality. The building blocks upon which all the “extra things” stack themselves upon and complicate and screw up reality.

Why is it, that mankind can’t just stay to those 3 things? Why is it, that we have to complicate our realities with family, friends, money, relationships, work, and anyone we encounter outside our own individual dwellings? This is the problem which causes all stresses, conflict, and anything other than a peaceful, happy, life.

Does my reality really need to be sucker punched by the grocery checker with a bad attitude? Do I have to have my incredible peace encroached upon by the person at the post office who is stuck in her own reality full of hate for her life? Do family relationships need to play such a large role in a persons life if they are going to cause questioning of my reality? Does work have to consume such a large part of ones daily reality, causing so many to lose focus of the core things that are really important in life?

I stay in my cavern mostly. I am happy in my cavern, mostly. To venture out of my cavern means I will no doubt come in contact with someone who lives in a reality I really don’t care to be part of or have it’s negativivity come anywhere near my reality. I try to protect my reality all that I can from the bad, the evil, and those that like to snatch others nice realities just for sport or selfish reasons.

Reality can be a tricky thing in that society tells us that in order to be happy we are to engage other people as much as possible with kindness and well wishes. I’m not so sure about that. I tend to think that more people would be happy if less people were to intrude upon each other’s reality’s. How about not wanting to get to know me. How about not expecting my reality to be the same as yours and trying to contaminate mine. How about each of us, being really careful about who, and how we let others touch our realities. I think with a little less interaction with each other the world just might be a happier place.

“Reality is our own, until we allow others to touch it” ~ Earth Zebra