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God Killed STEVE JOBS with Cancer for Cheating E-Book Readers out of Millions $$!

12 Apr

I guess, what goes around comes around, wouldn’t you agree Steve?

Can Steve Jobs’s body be dug up, put on trial, and then put in jail?!

The United States Justice Department just filed charges against Apple, Inc and 5 of the largest book publishers with an antitrust lawsuit, charging that the companies colluded to raise the price of e-books.

What does this mean?

It means Steve Jobs, former Apple “god” was a THIEF AND A CRIMINAL!!

What do you say? Can we dig up this thief’s body, prop it up in the front of a courtroom, put him on trial, and put this no good criminal in jail?

“Innovator” is what many call Steve Jobs….how about “Common Criminal”, “Crook”, and what should be on his tombstone….”Inmate #574666″!


On a different note, how about we all celebrate a true “Innovator” and Amazing Person….. Dan Porter, CEO of OMGPOP! This is the kind of people we should be honoring and putting up on pedestals!

OMGPOP was going through some hard times. Sales sucked and Dan had to lay off many of his employees! Well, not too long after that, one of their products took off like a skyrocket! And then Zygna, a much larger company offered to buy OMGPOP for $210 Million. What did Dan do? He immediately before the deal was finalized hired everyone back who he had to lay off so they could share in the profits from the acquisition!

Now this is what a hero is! This is who should be called a Pioneer, an Amazing businessman and person!

Not some scumbag like Steve Jobs who the Justice Department is about to prove to be nothing more than butt lint!

Congratulation Dan! When the time comes God will be welcoming you to heaven with open arms! Sorry Steve, have fun in Hell!


The Steve Jobs Love-Fest is Further Proof Most Americans are Sheep! Apple Computers Suck!

25 Aug

As they say, marketing – marketing – marketing! God bless Madison Avenue agencies and the gullibility of most Americans!

If you have ever owned an APPLE COMPUTER you will know what I’m blogging about….they SUCK! All hype, no function or good graphic design.

This entire Steve Jobs love-fest is just ridiculous. Once again, the media has nothing exciting to report so they blow up and romanticize what is at best, what should be a 3’rd page technology story, or lack of technology, article.

Sure, sure, I might sound bitter and truth be told, I am! I have owned 2 apple computers (Mac’s!) where I returned the first one because it didn’t perform at all. The graphics sucked! The logical flow of things was with no logic. I spent almost $4,000 for it. It wasn’t worth $200 at the most! The second was a Mac laptop which I still have as I only bought it when a now X girlfriend said, this is what she wanted…..and it has a broken screen now. I have to prop up the screen with pillows as the screen hangs from only wires! The hinges are gone! It was a complete $3,500 dollar disappointment.

I don’t know Steve Jobs personally, but from what I have seen on TV, he is an arrogant ASS and he is 0 for 2 in my book!

I can only attribute the success of Apple (Mac) to the same thing I keep blogging about … MOST AMERICANS ARE SHEEP!