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EXCLUSIVE: Whitney Houston Dies From Foul Play! NOT in Bathtub at Time of Death!

14 Feb

EarthZebra EXCLUSIVE: Whitney Houston was murdered and a cover up is in progress!

It was reported to the Beverly Hills Police that Whitney Houston died while in the bathtub. This is a lie!

Here is how we know….EarthZebra EXCLUSIVE!

TMZ today posted photos of the bathtub in Whitney Houston’s hotel room taken after her body was removed from the water. You can clearly see the water line. You can also clearly see the overflow drain that all bathtubs have. The water level is at the very bottom of the overflow drain. If a human body weighing between 100 lbs – 120lbs was in the water, the displacement of the water would have caused 3″ or 4″ inches of water to drain out of the bathtub through the overflow drain. Not to mention, the removing of Whitney’s body would have caused water to come out of the tub. In a previous TMZ photo you can see water on the floor. However, You can clearly see that the water level is exactly at this drains edge! THERE WAS NOT A BODY IN THIS BATHTUB!!!!!

Or TMZ is lying and this is not the tub that Whitney was in?

Below is both the original photo TMZ posted and a second where we show you the water level and drain. You decide!

(click on photos to enlarge)

What this means, if the TMZ photo is true, which we assume, is for some reason the person or persons who claim to have found the body are lying!

Why would they be lying if they are not trying to hide something?

Something stinks in Denmark as they say!

Looks like we have a possible murder mystery here!

F*ck You Whitney Houston

12 Feb

Whitney Houston tragically passed away yesterday at the age of 48 years old in Beverly Hills. As the nation, and world wake up this next day we have to ask, WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!

When a person passes away at such a young age you have the urge to want to find and place blame!

It is no secret that Whitney like to “party”. The news media likes to use the word “struggle” with drugs and addiction, but to me it looks like she didn’t struggle with it at all but rather embraced it! I’ve never been the type of person who would stick my nose into other people’s business. I think people should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t effect other people! To each his/her own!

But Whitney’s death does effect others! Whitney’s choice to “party” does effect others! Whitney not being on this earth does effect others!

Blame has to be put somewhere. Does it go to Bobby Brown who married Whitney and wasn’t exactly the best influence on her? Does the blame go to Clive Davis and everyone in the music industry who profited and enabled her poorly chosen lifestyle? Does the blame go to her current friends and entourage whoever they may be? Someone has to be blamed! We can’t just accept that she is gone and it’s just gods will! Who to blame?

Thus, the title of this blog entry. “F*ck you Whitney Houston”. The only person that can be blamed is Whitney herself. Whether she passed away from some sort of overdose, or natural causes, it is clear that she is gone from us, taken away from us, because of years and years of abuse of herself.

What would Whitney say if she were here to read this blog entry? She’d say, why do you care? Who are you to give a rats ass about my life. It’s my life, not yours. Did I ask you to care about me. Did I invite you into my life. Mind your own business Mr. EarthZebra man whom I’ve never met and couldn’t give a sh*t about.

And she’d have a point. Who are any of us to “expect” of entertainers that they live a certain way. Live up to our expectations. To be always available for the next song, next movie, or next magazine cover.

Well, the answer is simple Miss Houston. When you picked up the microphone, stepped in front of the camera, or tied on your cleats asking all of “us” to buy your album, go to your movie, or go watch your performance, you then accept the “responsibility” to answer to all of us!

While I do blame you Whitney Houston for not being with us anymore, it will only last for a moment. Because the blame is only frustration that you will not be here anymore.

We love you Whitney Houston! We always have and always will!

RIP Whitney and thank you for the time you did bless us with.

EARTHZEBRA EXCLUSIVE…Whitney Houston Cause of Death is Coronary Heart Attack

11 Feb


Whitney Houston, just passed away 3 hours ago of a heart attack and all the news media can “sensationalize” is her drug addiction!

CNN, FOX NEWS, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and every wanna-be news media organization has nothing to report other than ALCOHOL, DRUGS, CO-DEPENDENT, BEATINGS, ABUSER, ENABLER, COCAINE, MARIJUANA, ………..”and it looks like she didn’t move on from the drugs”!…they say!

Just the facts:

1.) Clive Davis is throwing his party tonight…Pre-Grammy party at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Whitney is staying at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

2.) Whitney was among other people around 3PM and most certainly is not going to be high on crack, cocaine, or drunk for this very important party.

3.) Whitney’s body organs have been weakened over the years by her cocaine use and god and her only know what else.

3PM in the afternoon getting ready for a very important party with your mentor Clive Davis, with make-up, friends, stylists, around you and you’re coking things up? Bullshit! This is not true say our sources!

Whitney Houston died of a Heart Attack say our sources close to the artist! (The autopsy will be the definitive answer.)

News media who are saying she “must have” died from drug abuse…shame on you!


Josh Powell is NOT to Blame for his 2 Kids Deaths! The “Book Burners” are at it Again!

6 Feb

UPDATE: Tuesday February 7’th, 2012


To start off this blog post I will quote the photo on the right as it might be small and some can’t read it…it says “I can’t believe you Morons actually buy this sh*t!”

To get you up to speed on who Josh Powell is, I will give you the highlights.

These are the facts as we know them:
1. Josh Powell is a USA citizen, just a normal guy (we assume), was/is married to Susan Powell and they had 2 kids together.
2. Josh says he took his kids “night” camping in freezing cold weather the same night his wife Susan disappeared.
3. Josh claims he knows nothing about where Susan went.
4. There is no evidence to support a conclusion of anything, either way if Josh was responsible for Susan’s disappearance or not.
5. Susan’s Powell’s parents have waged a smear campaign against Josh Powell and his father Steve Powell, convincing a court to remove the kids from Josh’s house and give custody to them, the grandparents.
5. Josh’s father Steve Powell was arrested for voyeurism, and child pornography and awaits trial.
7. Josh appealed the custody decision and was ordered to take psychological/sexual evaluations as well as a polygraph test.
8. Josh Powell, on a court supervised visit of his kids, blew up his house killing himself and his kids.

Those are the facts as we know them and any other “facts” are not proven, and only speculation. (Or so as I know them to be).

First, let me say that anytime a child dies or anyone for that matter, it is a very awful and horrible thing. Especially when an innocent child dies it is especially devastating. Furthermore, for an innocent child to be intentionally killed by anyone is just barbaric.

Having said that, I would ask anyone reading this to set all that emotion aside in reading this blog post. This post is not about the senseless loss of 2 beautiful kids at the hands of their father. This post is about how the system, our society, treats people who are “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” as required in the USA’s Bill of Rights.

The USA is suppose-to-be, at least in it’s own citizen’s minds, the most fair society of all. Where we enjoy certain freedoms, rights, and are the most “fair” democracy in the world.

The problem with this arrogance, is that it is not true! The American people, and US “News Media” play “Kangaroo Court” in judging people all the time! There is NO such thing in the USA as “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”!

The USA, some time back was only more than happy to have the Salem Witch Trials where an elite group of women in a Massachusetts city would basically decide on their own who they didn’t like, point their finger at them and yell “Witch”! That person was then not given a fair trial and hung to death.

Mob mentality in the USA and media runs rampant all the time! It’s the old saying that if you tell enough people a lie, or something you only suspect, then in typical wanting to be accepted among your peers, people turn into sheep.

“Where there is smoke, there is not always fire!” ~ EarthZebra

Setting aside, the tragic ending to this horrible event……lets just assume that Josh Powell was innocent and had nothing to do with his wife’s dissapearance! Lets say Susan Powell is alive! Lets say Susan Powell encouraged her oddly acting husband to go camping in the middle of winter night and then took her chance to excape from what appears to be a quite strange person, Josh! Lets assume all this, for this blog post please.

Now what?

Josh is dogged by the police for months and months. Josh is harassed by the media. Josh is looked at by his family, friends, and society as a monster. Josh is forced to change his entire life because of nothing he did. Josh left on a camping trip and returned to his wife missing and having no idea where the mother of his kids is. Josh returns with no knowledge of where his wife is and is faced with going to jail for the rest of his life, and he didn’t do anything. Josh’s in-laws turn on him and try to take away his kids. Josh’s dad is hauled into jail, accusations unproven (as yet). A judge takes his kids away. A judge requires him to take psycological tests, sexual tests, and polygraph tests. His kids are gone, his wife is gone, his dad is gone, everything is just gone, and he has done nothing!

Lets suppose all this. Because these are the facts as we know them, at this time!

Isn’t a person suppose to be “Not Guilty Until Proven Innocent”?

Isn’t a person suppose to be able to remain Father to his kids, until something occurs that warrants the kids to be taken away from him? What did he do, that has been proven, to warrant his kids being taken away, other than his in-laws accusing him of wrongdoing?

Is the USA legal system now “Guilty Because Someone Says So”?

I’d venture to say that Josh Powell is not the real responsible person of the death of his 2 kids. I’d say it’s the “Book Burning”, “Witch Hunting”, “Guilty Because Someone Says So”, American society we live in!

Like it or not, I can see where “the system” had backed Josh into a corner! Like it or not, I can see where “the system” is to blame for the death of 2 beautiful kids, more-so than Josh Powell.

If “EVERYONE” had not yelled “Witch”, and yanked a mans kids, life, and soul away from him…..I’d venture to say, 2 precious souls would still be with us today!

Shame on all of you who hide behind the deaths of these 2 kids, when it is YOU who is to BLAME for their deaths!

Shame on you AMERICAN MEDIA!

Shame on you who are part of “THE SYSTEM”!

Shame on you, all you book burning, witch hunting “SHEEP” who are the real KILLERS!


George Anthony’s Crybaby “Crocodile Tears” Not Convincing! – Casey Anthony Trial

29 Jun

Did you see any ACTUAL tears? NOPE! Me neither.

All I saw was a man finally coming to grips of throwing his daughter under the bus, and letting his daughter take the fall for his botched cover up!

It was a cute performance, and a popular sound bite for starving TV Networks that would not dare say anything other than the politically correct “he’s a broken man, oh poor George”! The news media says, we saw a Grandfather, well I saw someone putting on a show! He didn’t have a “breakdown”, he had a “break-through”!

Well, I think George was sampling the family Puntang. Sorry for the choice of words but it is an acurate description of how messed up he is. In his mind he thought he was “being kind” to Casey by, again in his mind, “having sex”, “giving her what she wants”! In my opinion, George Anthony is a sick person. He is the one who taught Casey to lie. He was crying because he knows his mistress is about to come on the stand and prove him a lier. In my opinion, his “wicked witch” wife, Cindy Anthony was sitting in the courtroom, what do you expect him to say! DENY! DENY! DENY! AND WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS….LIE! LIE! LIE!….AND WHEN THAT FAILS…..CRY! CRY! CRY!

It was also pretty cute how he tried to turn the tables and make Jose Baez the “villain”. “How dare you sir, how dare you try to take my only last happiness away from me”, Georgy the Crybaby says! Classic technique to SHIFT BLAME! Make the messenger the witch, and try to get the villagers to want to kill the messenger (Jose Baez)! Nice try George! Your fake “Crocodile Tears” won’t save your soul on judgment day if you get into heaven or hell!

There is no answer to how Caylee died. No answer to who, if anyone, was at fault for Caylee’s death. Too much reasonable doubt! Neither side proved ANYTHING……. BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT! Other than both George and Casey lie and both are afraid of Cindy!


DUCT TAPE & MAGGOTS & TRUNK SMELL Explained by EarthZebra reader! Casey Anthony Trial

10 Jun

Gotta give out proper props to “Tom” who posted an explanation for the DUCT TAPE and MAGGOTS and TRUNK SMELL on an older blog below about maggots! I think he nailed it! All 3 points are now solved!


Here is what “Tom” wrote:

June 10, 2011 at 5:41 PM

Why has no one considered Casey placed the tape on Caylee’s mouth the same day
she backed the car in the garage and borrowed the shovel.I think the body decomposing whould have had maggots crawling from mouth,nose,eyesand ears.
A young woman as casey would only know the best way to stop that would be to
grab the duct tape and cover the exits. She then had to use the off white bag
and baby blanket to scoop up the body and place it in the black garbage bag.
She found out real quick she could not dig a hole that easy,so she took off in the car down the road and seen the woods and quickly got rid of it there.
then ditched the car.

_________________(end of Toms comment)_____________

1. Caylee died in an accidental drowning
2. Body was placed in trunk
3. Maggots and Smell started
4. Casey was going to bury her but changed mind and put her back in trunk
5. Casey put duct tape over nose and mouth because of maggots
6. Casey bagged her and put her in woods
7. Car was ditched

Both Murder charges – Not proven beyond a reasonable doubt = NOT GUILTY

Does God Exist? Jesus? Who wrote the Bible? Casey Anthony Trial!

5 Jun

Oh I don’t know.

Can someone please create a time machine and let me climb in it to go back in time and finalize WHAT REALLY HAPPENED!

Lately, I have been blogging about the Casey Anthony Trial. I think she is NOT GUILTY. Most others think she is, although they base their conclusion on emotion because a child died and not the facts that are being presented in the trial.

I’d like to jump into a time machine and go back to June 15 and 16, 2008. This is when the death of little Caylee is supposed to have happened. I’d like to take a peak in my time machine and see what really happened! For I have REASONABLE DOUBT!!

I’d like to go back and see if there was a Jesus. And even if there was a Jesus, does this means there is/was a God? His father? Who is the mother? Are there siblings? Did Jesus have brothers or sisters? Did God cheat on on the of mom Jesus? Was mom Jesus subjected to incest by her dad as Casey Anthony was as the defense claims? Was Jesus a messed up kid like Casey? Telling lies. Living a fantasy world made up in her head? Is the Bible written based on a crazy Casey Anthony, crazy Jesus lies?

Oh I don’t know.

I’d like to go back and see and investigate how the Bible was written. I can only assume in the year 2011 that it was written over hundreds of years by the Catholic church. I don’t think it was written by just one person. I think the multiple versions of the Bible discredit all versions. Perhaps, opposing religions with an AGENDA published these other versions just to create confusion. In any event, the Bible is, whatever version it is so contaminated that it is not “evidence” of anything anymore! Just like in the Casey Anthony Trial!

The so called “Evidence” thus far (June 5’th, 2011), is only being offered by someone (the prosecution) with an AGENDA and not interested in the TRUTH! Very similar to the Catholic Church! Only interested in “their” version of the TRUTH!

“Always look at the messenger to know the credibility of the message” ~ Earth Zebra

Did Casey kill her daughter?

Who wrote the Bible and is Jesus the son of God?

Is there a God and did George Anthony molest his daughter?

All things only my time machine will tell. Does anyone have a time machine for I will volunteer to give it a test ride!