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Am I Better Suited to Have Lived in the 40’s and 50’s?

5 Nov

Am I better suited to have lived in the 1940’s and 1950’s?

I was talking to a friend about this earlier today. Well, actually my future wife and soulmate, but she doesn’t know that yet. Ha!

Having not lived in the 40’s and 50’s personally I have to go off of what I see in Alfred Hitchcock movies. You know, ‘North by Northwest’, ‘To Catch A Thief’, ‘Rear Window’ and many more masterpieces! Or maybe I just have the hots for Grace Kelly when she was in her 20’s and single!! Probably a bit of all of the above! lol

In this time period all the men wore suits, or at least slacks. All the women were mostly in dresses and so elegantly dressed! People had manners, class, sophistication, and most of all kindness for each other!

What happened to society where it slowly decided to forget all of these wonderful parts of life! What happened to the elegance of our everyday clothes we wear? What happened to the kindness to each other? When did we go from being happy in life to making our lives only about the pursuit of money and things?

Don’t get me wrong, I like the feel of denim as my everyday pant garment, but in no way does a pair of jeans compare with the elegance, flow, style of a nice pair of slacks! Pair it with a nice jacket and cuffed/collared shirt and as in the 40’s/50/s where everyone looks like a million bucks!

I sometimes am described by my friends as “quiet”. Well, it is because I see so much in life that should not be. I’ve pondered the thought of moving to a very ancient city in Europe, or a uncontaminated South American country. I hear Cuba has cars from this time period. Perhaps their isolation from the bad influences of the culture of the USA for the last 30+ years has kept them in a time bubble? I traveled to Colombia a few years back and I can guarantee it IS in this time bubble. But the USA is my home, where my family is, and to leave all the many things I love here would be something I’d need to consider very carefully, indeed!

The life that I see in the Alfred Hitchcock movies, might be just that! A movie made to take people to a better place for a few hours in the theater. Perhaps, life is life no matter what decade or location?

I suppose the answer is to find a like minded person in life and create that ideal life for your own family!

Oh god, I’m a future cult leader!

A Yearning Heart…..”Once Upon A Time…..”

12 Jun

Once upon a time, in a land far far away lived a princess.

A princess like none other, for her heart was full of love and kindness equal only to her amazing beauty.

She was smart beyond her years, wise, with an outlook on life that warms your heart, and puts a smile on your face.

On the other side of the universe lived a prince.

Handsome and strong with broad shoulders his presence was welcomed with respect and high regard everywhere he went.

His mind was sharp, quick, and he could see the world in a refreshing positive light.

The prince and the princess connected mentally as their minds and hearts were a perfect match, completing the other. Powerful as individuals, super powerful together.

Their attraction to each other was different from any other relationship, for the prince and princess connected on a soul level. Souls wrapped around the others, hearts that beat as one. Minds that bond like no others.

Their love was a pure love, like 2 kids playing on a warm summers day, happy, fun, not a care in the world. For when the prince and princess were together, time stood still, happiness, and laughter, and a content, warming love was within them.

This was a union on the deepest level which was unbreakable. Forever, and No Matter What, they had found their soulmate in the other.

Once upon a time it happened! Dreams do come true! The fairy tale does exist! Once upon a time……

“‘You are NOT in Kansas Anymore’ EarthZebra!”

1 Dec

Can I call myself EarthZebra without it being weird? Probably not!

Moving to any new area takes some time to adjust, but moving to a different country is sure to involve some definite culture adjustments!

For example, everyone is so nice here (or are they)! I’m thinking they just might be more sneaky and not so much “in your face, tell it how it is”! Hiding their true thoughts in exchange for a pleasant smile.

One of the most wonderful things I loved about living in New York City was that people were real. They told you how they felt almost to a fault. You always knew where you stood by which finger gesture you were greeted with! No, monkey-footing around things, life was real, raw, and well, Nice! It was honest and true, and you always had a clear direction in interacting with other people. In fact, the only bad thing about living in Manhattan was the tourists (probably from here!). Ha!

In any event, I’m making the best of it here so far. A smart person told me recently to look at the bright side and make the best of it, so that is what I’m doing. After all, this is paradise, right? Everyone is so nice, right? There is so much to do, right? Life could be so much worse, right? I’m healthy, somewhat happy, and with little drama, right? How could I possibly be anything other than ecstatic and in a zen bliss each and every moment, right? If only someone would call me a C-sucker, or a M’Fer, or say KmyA! Where is a good insult when you need one most! Ha!

Here are some random photos of my day today!

Apparently mailing an envelope back to the USA requires it to be decorated like a Christmas tree! It was too funny, after 10 minutes of this girl licking every stamp for me (which never would have been offered in NYC and I accepted today from this kind girl), I finally had to take a photo of the event!

My daily look! Everyone stares at me here like an alian. Not sure why! Yes, yes, had to go wee wee and thought I’d snap a quick “washroom” photo. Not sure why they call it “the washroom”, as there is not a bath or shower anywhere in it! Notice the chiseled jaw line, and fine handsome frame on this young chap! :)!!

The cleanest urinal I’ve ever seen! No graffiti or bubble gum! Besides, every blog needs a good urinal picture so decided it would be this one!

Apparently buying cheese can be a 20 minute adventure! This gent decided to turn a simple question of where is the Havarti into a picture worthy moment today! Here he is giving directions to a different part of the store for I think charcoal..not sure where this entire conversation went as I checked out mentally long before we got to the 19’th minute! Is that my F’ing cheese in your hand already, just give it to me and let me be on my way! Too Funny!

Ok, that was it today, for the most part all good. We shall see what tomorrow brings and what if anything these fake nice people have to say or turn into a photo opportunity!

“A home is where you make it, but your heart is where you belong” ~ Earth Zebra

“The sun doesn’t have to be out for their to be sunshine!” ~ Earth Zebra

18 Nov

Sometimes a picture and a good quote says more than anything!

Bubbles Bubbles and more Bubbles Bouncing Off Of Bubbles

15 Nov

Have you ever wondered how this world works? Why some people see the identical thing in a different way? How come some people just don’t get it while others do? Well I have and I think I have a pretty clear idea of why things and people can be the same yet so different.

The way I see is it, is that each of us come into this world wired with a specific set of pre-programmed guidelines for our mind and body which form our foundation in who each of us are. From there, the next most important factor in forming our individuality is our parent(s) in how they teach us through example in our early formative years when we are all sponges absorbing every little thing we see and hear. And lastly is our environment….our surroundings mold and teach us what we perceive and think is the world and socially desirable ways to interact in it.

It is these 3 factors in which form who each of us are. I like to think of it like we each have our own little “Bubble”. Each of us live in our little bubble, which is made up from our heritage, learned upbringing, and experiences.

As a child my mom always bought my sister, brothers and I, the little bottle of soapy suds with a plastic wand inside. At the end of the wand was a hollowed circle. I remember loving blowing bubbles on a windy day. I was always amazed at these bubbles how no 2 were ever the same. And each time you dipped the wand into the soapy solution, and blew, it would produce dozens of bubbles. The bubbles would float in the wind, carefree, and eventually meet their demise and pop a few feet away. This demise usually came in the form of me running after them and popping them! These are the bubbles I see each of us living in, except maybe a little larger in size.

Human bubbles I see as about 9′ feet tall, most are perfectly round, glistening in the sunlight, and very durable, almost indestructible. We float inside of them effortlessly on our journey as we move around. We can move our bubbles just by thinking about where we want to go. All bubbles start out as beautiful bubbles at birth. Pure, clean, and ready for the world. It is after birth that some bubbles collect dirt on the outside which embed themselves into the bubble wall and are forever there, “a bubble blemish”. And in some people their bubbles don’t form completely due to heritage or things that are introduced to you as you develop during your mothers pregnancy, also called “irregular bubbles”.

When you are inside your “Bubble” you have no choice but to view the world by looking through your bubble walls to the outside. Blemished Bubbles and Irregular Bubbles distort the view of the person looking out which can sometimes cause that persons perception of things to not be always so clear as it could be if they had a clean bubble.

You can not discard your bubble, you can not change or swap your bubble for another, you are stuck with it for better or worse. All bubbles start off as the same size but older bubbles tend to shrink and become more brittle as they age. Some bubbles get stains on them, from abuse or hard lives by the person. The stains are difficult to see though and certainly effect decision making of that bubble owner.

Bubbles are like “looking glasses”, or “windows” to each persons world. We all have to look through our own bubbles to see the world. If our bubbles are dirty, pick up debris that embed into the walls, or are irregular to begin with, stained, or shrunken from age and brittle, this all effects how a bubble travels through life.

So take care of your Bubbles because we all only have one of them!

“The view to the world is seen through our journey to get there” ~ Earth Zebra

Dark and Cold — Are you Crazy?

11 Nov

Unless you have been living in a cave with no access to the general media, you may have heard that I am moving! Yep, it is no rumor. I have packed my bags, loaded the station wagon (with wood on the sides), as a woody station wagon is the only true way to embark on an over the road move. I am now at the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself. It just makes it much more exciting if you believe you are venturing into the wild-blue-yonder to lands of great mystery and adventure. If you don’t believe me, just read my last blog prior to this one!

Except, one thing! IT’S (insert swear word) COLD! And lets not forget (insert swear word) DARK!

Miscalculation on my part? An oversight? A not well thought out plan? Ya right..this is me after all! There is always a plan. Always an outcome before the outcome happens! The game is won before the first pitch. The fat lady doesn’t sing until I tell her too. Ha! You get the idea.

It amazes me how the laws of nature passed down from generation to generation in every species so holds true for the human species as well. And probably more-so in “Man” than any other. For example, in the parts of the world where the weather is the “nicest”, moderate, nice amounts of rain, not harsh, lots of sun, you find the largest amount of animal and plant life. Same with the human population. California, Florida, South of France, Southern Italian coast, Southeast Asia, all the moderate temperature parts of the world are the most desirous to live in. The problem with these areas is that with so much desire to live there, it also attracts the insects, bugs, germs, and viruses. And I’m mainly speaking of the human kind of insects, bugs, germs, and viruses.

The thing about a cool climate, where the air is pure, the trees are plentiful, rivers and game flow and run freely is that you find people who are just simply NICE! They value family values, and they still hold true the values that have long been lost by those who live in the germ infested areas. Helping one another is a daily way of life. It is not about, “what’s in it for me” mentalities. It’s “all for one, and one for all”. Sure, sure, it might get darker a little earlier in the winter, it might be a bit chilly for a few months. But at the same time, it also doesn’t let the germs and viruses grow. When spring comes, the soils have been purified and cultivated under the winter snows. The air is clean, without smog and carcinogens. The food chain has weeded out the weak in a natural selection process proven to be the only true way to keep proper checks and balances in place. Without any intervention from the so called smartest species, nature automatically gives life and takes life as it is meant to be, keeping us all strong, healthy, and with an abundance of “good” opportunity in mind, body, and soul.

So yes yes, I am leaving the contaminated cesspool behind with no regrets and no hesitancy. A better land, a better life, a better mindset, a better environment, a clearer wisdom, a brighter outlook, a kinder heart, and a future full of love and happiness awaits!

“See your future, be your future, and your future shall find you” ~ Earth Zebra