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Kim Kardashian Sues Competition ‘CAT FIGHT’ For Dating Her Ex! It’s all Reggie Bush’s Fault!

22 Jul

I usually don’t blog about dumb a*s stuff like this but no-one in the main stream media is saying it, so I guess I’ll wallow in the gutter of worthless topics for a moment and set the record straight! LOL

The media’s, princess of all man kind, Kim Kardashian has filed a lawsuit against the national retailer Old Navy (Gap, Inc) for running commercials on TV with an actress (Melissa Molinaro) that on a bad hair day could be argued resembles Kim K. Kim’s camp claims it’s an intentional attempt to deceive the public into thinking it is Kim Kardasian, (“misappropriate Kardashian’s likeness”) their official statement says.

But wait, it gets better!

Kim Kardashian was dumped in a public break-up by her boyfriend, NFL running back Reggie Bush not so long ago! What does this have to do with the Old Navy commercial you ask? LOL….good question! And this is where it gets really juicy! Reggie Bush’s current girlfriend is none other than the Kim K “look alike” in the Old Navy commercials, Melissa Molinaro! Ha !

Now it doesn’t take a genius to realize her motivation for suing Old Navy!

Kim Kardashian is suing because this girl took her man, and she is pissed off and will not let Melissa now make any further money off of the commercials. Actors get paid based on the time and quantity a commercial airs on TV.

Lets call it what it is media! It has nothing to with any resemblance. Melissa Molinaro looks like her own person. The commercial in no way tries to imply Melissa is Kim Kardashian. Melissa has a right to look like she does and profit from it! Does Melissa have a nice lawsuit in the making against Kim K for lost wages? I think maybe so!

I suppose it also doesn’t help matters that Kim is now 30 and Melissa is only 29! And that Melissa has an amazing body and well, contrary to when a girl hits 30, things tend to start giving way to gravity!……just saying. lol

Perhaps Melissa Molinaro should sue Kim Kardashian for impersonating her!

You know what….it’s all Reggie’s fault! Way to go Reggie, you trouble maker!

This whole thing is sooooo stupid. I’m ashamed for blogging about it! Ok, not really.


One Can Never Know For Sure Which Way Life Will Take Him!

24 Feb

Today was the most important day of my life thus far.

I’ve decided this morning to start an adventure: Live 3 months in a different part of the world, then 2 months back here, then 3 months in another part of the world, and so on, and so on, and so on! South America first, then Italy or South of France second…

I am so very excited!

I am in a position where I can work from anywhere in the world as long as I have good internet and phone access. In today’s modern times I can use my laptop computer as well as cell phone for email communication! As well as use of Vonage phone system to keep working from any part of the world.

I have never married although close on several occasions, no kids, and would like to “settle down”! Guess it will have to wait once again for my around the world tour! It is OK, I think God has a plan for all of us and perhaps my influence upon some other individual some where out there in this world is needed!

My life has been very strange, indeed. I really thought I’d meet my best friend and marry in my 20’s. But that did not happen. For whatever reason my life has taken a completely different path. Would I trade it for another path now that I am here? I think not. I have been able to experience amazing things, amazing girls, amazing life experiences which none of my so called “successful” brothers and sister have not! I feel as a man you are able to wait and live life to great experiences by not marrying too soon! This is me.

So now I embark on a new plan. I now will see wonderful things and experience things I never thought I could! I will now embrace and learn from so many of Earths people!

The thought is pretty awesome! Ok, now scarred. Jump! Leap! But be smart!

Bon Voyage!