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Don’t Be Mean To Me Mommy I’ll be Good

9 Mar

Parents Don't Love MeDon’t be mean to me Mommy, I’ll be good….are words of a 5 year old, a 12 year old, a 28 year old, a 42 year old, a 62 year old, or an 82 year old!

No matter how much we like to think of ourselves as “independent”, grown up, our own person, the love of our Father or Mother is something that is deep routed into us and we will ALWAYS strive to find their approval, acceptance, and love.

This is not anything new in the world that I’m revealing.  There have been countless movies, and books on the subject.  On Golden Pond is one movie that comes to mind first where Jane Fonda desperately still sought Norman, her fathers love and acceptance even though she was in her 40’s and had her own family.   She had been carrying this hurt within her, all her life.

deepest hurt everThe “hurt” or feeling that a parent doesn’t love you completely is probably the deepest hurt anyone can feel.  Marriages, boyfriends, and girlfriends come and go.  They can be replaced.   But you only have one set of parents and there is never a re-do!    The love and acceptance of a parent is of the deepest and most important relationship all people have.  You can’t change this, it is always there within you!

I only blog about this because someday I hope to be a dad. And I will be an amazing dad! No matter what, some bonds, some love’s, are inseparable and unbreakable!

Please love your children “no matter what”!


How To Implement Fair Gun Control and Stop The Killings!…SOLUTION!

16 Dec

It’s simple….”The EarthZebra Gun Control Public Safety Act”!

1.)  Everyone MUST graduate from a “Gun Safety Course” PRIOR to being approved for gun ownership.

2.)  Everyone MUST sit in front of a 3 person “Gun Approval Council” Interview PRIOR to being approved for gun ownership.

That’s it!  This will weed out 98% of the weirdos, criminals, and people who just plainly have no business owning a gun!


Yesterday, another horrendous mass shooting occurred in a Connecticut school killing almost 20 kindergarten age kids (5 – 6 years old), and several school officials and teachers.

A few weeks ago another “shooter” walked into a shopping mall in Oregon and killed many innocent victims going about their normal everyday lives.

Prior to that by a few months, another crazy walks into a movie theater and opens fire on the crowd…….The guy who killed on a college campus in Virginia…….Let us not forget Colombine High School several years ago.  And it’s not just here in the USA, it’s Scotland, Germany, and many, many, more.   It seems to be an ever increasing tragedy all over the world but especially here in the USA.

What can be done?  As I very simply outline above, just make gun ownership “not so automatic” as it mostly is now.   Right now, the only face to face “examination” of pending gun owners, assault rifle owners, is the kid working behind the Sporting Goods counter at K-Mart, Wal-mart, or anywhere guns are sold.   So basically, there is no-one looking at the person who is buying a gun and saying, “no-way, this guy is a weirdo and has no business owning a gun”!  THIS SHOULD STOP AND CHANGE!!


I’m all for everyone’s rights to bear arms.   And I’d be the first to say, no way in hell should the government be in charge of who gets to own a gun.  If someone is going to use the gun for hunting, or sport shooting, or home defense and is an “upstanding individual” (aka; not obviously weird, bizarre, strange, or can’t say why they want a gun), then they should be able to zip through the process quickly and easily and have their gun in a matter of a months wait.




I remember when I was about 12 years old my Dad enrolled myself and my 2 brothers to a hunting/gun safety course.  This was required by the state in order to get a hunting license.  None of us were actually going to get a hunting license or go hunting but Dad thought it would be a good experience and something we should learn.   It was a wonderful class, and I learned a lot about guns, how to carry them, where to and not to point them, how to handle ammunition and good manners & sportsmanship towards other hunters and people in general.  It was a great life teaching moment in my young life that I have and will never forget.

A class like this needs to be made a mandatory requirement PRIOR to being able to purchase a gun of any size or kind!  This will be the first step of weeding out the crazies and criminals.   If a guy sitting in the back row has a hoodie over his head, or acts in a strange manner, then the instructor can “FLAG” this person for a more extensive flagged “Interview” from part 2 of my solution, a “Gun Approval Council” interview!   The instructor of the class analyzes each of his students in a report and passes on this report to the Gun Approval Council of any oddities he/she might think about a particular student on their personal report.   This is the first STOP SIGN to start waving red flags that a person just doesn’t have any business having a gun.


This is a local council in each of the different counties of each state.   It would be made up of the following retired or currently employed:  1 council member who is/was a Fish and Game Officer……1 council member who is/was a Police Officer…..and 1 council member who is/was a Mental Health professional.   The potential gun owner who has already passed the Gun Safety Course schedules a one on one private interview with this local council.  The interview is video taped for cases that are appealed if they don’t pass the interview.   Appeals can be reviewed by a retired Judge.  The report from the teacher of the Gun Safety course with his observations of the person is given to the council.  Think of it kinda like a Parole Board interview that we’ve all seen on TV.  The inmate sits in front of the Parole Board and they ask the person questions.   A list of questions can be made up asking why the person wants to own a gun.  What they are going to do with it.  How often are they going to shoot it.   Where are they going to shoot it.  Will they buy more guns later in life.  Where will they keep it.  What do they do in life.  Have they had any emotional upset in recent life.   Are they mad at someone.   Are they upset with someone.   Have they thought of suicide.   Are they on medication.  Are they depressed.   Do they need any help in life.  Do they have a Facebook Page (the Council can look at it for any red flags potentially).  And on and on. By the end of the interview, the Fish and Game guy will know if the person really wants to hunt…..the Police Officer will know if the person is going to commit a crime…..and the Mental Health expert will know if the person is mentally stable or planning a mass shooting!

Do you really think any of the below crazies  would be cleared to buy a gun or ammunition under my plan?   NOT A F*CKING CHANCE IN HELL! Just think of all the lives which could have been saved with my plan!Killers

That’s it!   Problem solved……….well almost!

Above I said it would solve 98% of the problem of mass shootings and nut-jobs getting their hands on guns.   It’s the remaining 2% which can get guns from family members who have guns already in the house as was the case with the most recent Connecticut tragedy.

So, while not every plan is 100% perfect, I think my Gun Control Plan as outlined here does a pretty darn good job in seriously reducing a vast majority of these senseless killings!

Thanks for reading!

Please share with your friends and community leaders if you think my “EarthZebra Gun Control Public Safety Act” is a good plan.

Let’s take back our country and not let the crazies force us all to build walls around our entire lives and families!



Josh Powell is NOT to Blame for his 2 Kids Deaths! The “Book Burners” are at it Again!

6 Feb

UPDATE: Tuesday February 7’th, 2012


To start off this blog post I will quote the photo on the right as it might be small and some can’t read it…it says “I can’t believe you Morons actually buy this sh*t!”

To get you up to speed on who Josh Powell is, I will give you the highlights.

These are the facts as we know them:
1. Josh Powell is a USA citizen, just a normal guy (we assume), was/is married to Susan Powell and they had 2 kids together.
2. Josh says he took his kids “night” camping in freezing cold weather the same night his wife Susan disappeared.
3. Josh claims he knows nothing about where Susan went.
4. There is no evidence to support a conclusion of anything, either way if Josh was responsible for Susan’s disappearance or not.
5. Susan’s Powell’s parents have waged a smear campaign against Josh Powell and his father Steve Powell, convincing a court to remove the kids from Josh’s house and give custody to them, the grandparents.
5. Josh’s father Steve Powell was arrested for voyeurism, and child pornography and awaits trial.
7. Josh appealed the custody decision and was ordered to take psychological/sexual evaluations as well as a polygraph test.
8. Josh Powell, on a court supervised visit of his kids, blew up his house killing himself and his kids.

Those are the facts as we know them and any other “facts” are not proven, and only speculation. (Or so as I know them to be).

First, let me say that anytime a child dies or anyone for that matter, it is a very awful and horrible thing. Especially when an innocent child dies it is especially devastating. Furthermore, for an innocent child to be intentionally killed by anyone is just barbaric.

Having said that, I would ask anyone reading this to set all that emotion aside in reading this blog post. This post is not about the senseless loss of 2 beautiful kids at the hands of their father. This post is about how the system, our society, treats people who are “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” as required in the USA’s Bill of Rights.

The USA is suppose-to-be, at least in it’s own citizen’s minds, the most fair society of all. Where we enjoy certain freedoms, rights, and are the most “fair” democracy in the world.

The problem with this arrogance, is that it is not true! The American people, and US “News Media” play “Kangaroo Court” in judging people all the time! There is NO such thing in the USA as “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”!

The USA, some time back was only more than happy to have the Salem Witch Trials where an elite group of women in a Massachusetts city would basically decide on their own who they didn’t like, point their finger at them and yell “Witch”! That person was then not given a fair trial and hung to death.

Mob mentality in the USA and media runs rampant all the time! It’s the old saying that if you tell enough people a lie, or something you only suspect, then in typical wanting to be accepted among your peers, people turn into sheep.

“Where there is smoke, there is not always fire!” ~ EarthZebra

Setting aside, the tragic ending to this horrible event……lets just assume that Josh Powell was innocent and had nothing to do with his wife’s dissapearance! Lets say Susan Powell is alive! Lets say Susan Powell encouraged her oddly acting husband to go camping in the middle of winter night and then took her chance to excape from what appears to be a quite strange person, Josh! Lets assume all this, for this blog post please.

Now what?

Josh is dogged by the police for months and months. Josh is harassed by the media. Josh is looked at by his family, friends, and society as a monster. Josh is forced to change his entire life because of nothing he did. Josh left on a camping trip and returned to his wife missing and having no idea where the mother of his kids is. Josh returns with no knowledge of where his wife is and is faced with going to jail for the rest of his life, and he didn’t do anything. Josh’s in-laws turn on him and try to take away his kids. Josh’s dad is hauled into jail, accusations unproven (as yet). A judge takes his kids away. A judge requires him to take psycological tests, sexual tests, and polygraph tests. His kids are gone, his wife is gone, his dad is gone, everything is just gone, and he has done nothing!

Lets suppose all this. Because these are the facts as we know them, at this time!

Isn’t a person suppose to be “Not Guilty Until Proven Innocent”?

Isn’t a person suppose to be able to remain Father to his kids, until something occurs that warrants the kids to be taken away from him? What did he do, that has been proven, to warrant his kids being taken away, other than his in-laws accusing him of wrongdoing?

Is the USA legal system now “Guilty Because Someone Says So”?

I’d venture to say that Josh Powell is not the real responsible person of the death of his 2 kids. I’d say it’s the “Book Burning”, “Witch Hunting”, “Guilty Because Someone Says So”, American society we live in!

Like it or not, I can see where “the system” had backed Josh into a corner! Like it or not, I can see where “the system” is to blame for the death of 2 beautiful kids, more-so than Josh Powell.

If “EVERYONE” had not yelled “Witch”, and yanked a mans kids, life, and soul away from him…..I’d venture to say, 2 precious souls would still be with us today!

Shame on all of you who hide behind the deaths of these 2 kids, when it is YOU who is to BLAME for their deaths!

Shame on you AMERICAN MEDIA!

Shame on you who are part of “THE SYSTEM”!

Shame on you, all you book burning, witch hunting “SHEEP” who are the real KILLERS!