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Obama White House is Hired as New Editor of Washington Post – Isn’t this Illegal?

13 May

Wake up people! Our President is a Liar and a crook and probably belongs in Jail!

This week the Vice-President, made policy comments that the Obama administration was in favor of Same Sex Marriage. This public declaration forced the President Barock Obama to publicaly come out of the closet and voice his official support for Same Sex Marriage. They did not want to do this at this time!

Why you ask?

Because they had a dirty politics “Plan” to release this news closer to the elections in November!

But wait, it gets better!

Their plan was not only to support Same Sex Marriage, but to try and disgrace their political opponent at the same time!


The Obama White House has direct influence as to what gets published on the Washington Posts front page!

The Washington Post the very next day after Obama came out of the closet publishes a story on their front page about how Romney when he was a High School senior pulled a prank on a fellow gay student. Mind you, they have no facts on the story. No knowledge if the fellow student was gay!

The biggest issue here is whats really happening here! Let me throw out some words:

Isn’t this type of stuff illegal?

Why are their not impeachment hearings? Why are their not supoena’s being issued right and left?

Do you really think the two events are not connected? Obama says I’m for gays, and the next day the newspaper accuses Obama’s competitor Mitt Romney of Gay Hate on their front page!

It’s not the two facts individually that bothers me. It’s that they happened simultaneously, when one of the events wasn’t suppose to happen yet!

It’s an easy conclusion…..the two entities are working together!

This is absolutely disgraceful in my opinion and I sincerely hope Obama loses this election because he is not a truthful and honest person!

Obama is a lier and a crook and probably belongs in Jail!

George Zimmerman Murder Case will be Thrown Out by Judge at “Stand Your Ground” pre-trial hearing!

21 Apr

What a complete waste of time and money! This case will NEVER go to actual trial and will be thrown out by the judge at the “Stand Your Ground” pretrial hearing!

Yesterday, George Zimmerman took the witness stand in the bail hearing part of his trial along with the lead detective in the case and both proved this is a colossal waste of time!

Lets look at the transcript of DALE GILBREATH, INVESTIGATOR, STATE ATTORNEY’S OFFICE testimony!

O’mara is Zimmerman’s attorney. Gilbreath is the police detective.

1. O’MARA: Did you bring any supporting documentation with you to the courtroom on his bond motion at all?

GILBREATH: No, I was not planning on testifying.

LMAO…the defense didn’t tell him he was going to testify and ambushed him! How awesome is that!

2. O’MARA: Zimmerman confronted Martin, those words. Where did you get that from?

GILBREATH: That was from the fact that the two of them obviously ended up together in that dog walk area. According to one of the witnesses that we talked with, there were arguing words going on before this incident occurred. But it was between two people.

O’MARA: Which means they met. I’m just curious with the word confronted and what evidence you have to support an affidavit you want in this judge to rely on that these facts with true and you use the word confronted. And I want to know your evidence to support the word confronted if you have any.

GILBREATH: Well, it’s not that I have one.

This is just laughable! They have NO EVIDENCE whatsoever!

3. O’MARA: Witnesses heard people arguing, sounded like a struggle. During this time, witnesses heard numerous calls for help. Some of this was recorded. Trayvon’s mom reviewed the 911 calls and identified the cry for help and Trayvon Martin’s voice. Did you do any forensic analysis on that voice tape?


O’MARA: Did you or are you aware of anything?

GILBREATH: The “Orlando Sentinel” had someone do it and the FBI has had someone do it.

O’MARA: Is that part of your investigation?


O’MARA: Has that given any insight as to the voice?


Again, no evidence of who’s yelling for help!

4. O’MARA: Do you have any evidence that supports who may have started the fight?


Well hey, lets just lock Zimmerman up! Oh wait, the state of Florida has already done this!

5. O’MARA: So he said before he knew anyone else saw or did not see what had happened, he gave a statement saying he went back to his car, correct?

GILBREATH: No. Towards his car.

They have no case here! Shouldn’t there be laws against charging people with NO EVIDENCE!

6. O’MARA: Did he tell you who started the fight? Did he give you any indication what happened?


O’MARA: Not you. I apologize. Are you aware of any information of the statements that he had given regarding that?


O’MARA: Ok. And in those statements that you’re aware of and were part of your foundation for coming up with this probable cause affidavit, what did he tell the officers?

GILBREATH: That he was the victim in this, and that it was Martin that confronted him and assaulted him.

O’MARA: When did he say that? When was the first in relation to when the event happened. When did he say that?

GILBREATH: The initial interview that was conducted at Sanford Police Department.

O’MARA: How long after the event?

GILBREATH: Within an hour and a half.

7. O’MARA: My question was do you have any evidence to contradict or that conflicts with his contention given before he knew any of the evidence that would conflict with the fact that he stated I walked back to my car?


O’MARA: No evidence. Correct?

GILBREATH: Understanding — are you talking about at that point in time?

O’MARA: Since. Today. Do you have any evidence that conflicts with his suggestion that he had turned around and went back to his car?

GILBREATH: Other than his statement, no.

O’MARA: Any evidence that conflicts with that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He answered it. He said no.

So, why in the hell are we putting this man on trial? Hello! Hello! Someone needs to go to jail here, and it is THE PROSECUTORS AND DETECTIVES!

8. O’MARA: The injuries seem to be consistent with his story, though, don’t they?

Dale; The injuries are consistent with a harder object striking the back of his head than his head was.

O’MARA: Could that be cement?

GILBREATH: Could be.

Sure, George banged his own head into the sidewalk. Come on, this is a joke right? Why is this guy being charged!

9. O’MARA: You know that that was an injury that Mr. Zimmerman sustained, correct?

GILBREATH: I know that that is an injury that is reported to have sustained. I haven’t seen any medical records to indicate that.

O’MARA: Have you asked him for them?

GILBREATH: Have I asked him for them? No.

O’MARA: Do you want a copy of them?


O’MARA: I’ll give them to the state. It’s a more appropriate way to do it. If you haven’t had them yet, I don’t want to cross you on them.

You have to be kidding me! The detectives never asked for George Zimmermans medical records?!!!! Of course not. Why not just send George to the Electric Chair now. Forget the truth of what happened! No need. Hang him from the nearest tree!

What is wrong with our country when crap like this can happen? I swear, this is like the Twilight Zone and the apes have taken over. Absoulute crazyness!

This case will never get past the “Stand Your Ground” pre-trial hearing. It will be thrown out as PoppyCock!


28 Nov

NOTE: This is the first “rough draft” of a New Theory of Relativity I’m working on and needs a little fine tuning in it’s vocabulary. However, the overall Theory is sound and can be reviewed. Tks EZ

The THEORY OF RELATIVITY for about the last 100 years has gone for the most part unchallenged and accepted as fact as outlined by Albert Einstein.

The problem with accepting something as fact is that those facts are only facts for that very brief nanosecond and after that they are not the facts anymore as the world, people, and knowledge is always advancing just as time does. Or does it?

Alas the problem with Einsteins Theory of Relativity. Time does not exist.

Okay, okay, climb back on your chair and let me elaborate and show you the light. Time only exists when two other things are present. Gravity and Speed of Light. Time only exists when Gravity and Speed of Light are accepted as constant Forces of Nature!

Lets start with Gravity. Gravity is best recognized as what keeps everything on Earth from floating away in space. It is unique to the planets in our Solar system which is Sun based. All the planets in our solar system worship the sun as our solar system’s “pimp”. We base our entire existence around the sun. The sun nourishes our plants to sustain life. The sun provides us warmth so that we don’t become a ball of ice. We rotate around the sun and are totally dependent on the sun in everything we are. The sun is the reason we have gravity. For if we were not “required” to worship the sun for our existence, the Earth would not need to spin, as we rotate around the sun. The spinning of the Earth creates the gravity which allows for their to be things, and us, on the Earth. If the Earth did not spin, everything would just slide right off into space as the Earth circles the sun.

It is possible that the Sun is enslaving our Solar System. It is possible we live in an episode of the Twilight Zone TV show where our Solar System is nothing more than a zoo in which it’s “creators” have put in place the Sun to blind us, and made us spin to create Gravity to control our movements! In a sense, yes!

Albert Einstein and previous theorists only focused on our Solar System as it is viewed from within our Solar System. Discounting any further thought for other Dimensions of Realty outside of the Speed of Light.

E=mc2 only exists with the Speed of Light as the measuring mark for true “Time, Distance and Mass”. Of course it does. Do you really think Einstein would have presented or considered any other theory’s outside of his own? It would be like Macy’s sending Christmas shoppers to Gimble’s! Or the Fox inviting you into the chicken coup he controls exposing what’s really happening to the chickens! Not going to happen!

Lets say the current Speed of Light is really only something old Albert made up one night when he was drunk, just for kicks. Could it be possible he was only seeing the small picture of what was right in front of him and not looking at the bigger picture? Yes! Could the Al’ster be only making Relevant that which requires Gravity! You bet!

Well, how about in outer space where there is no Gravity, yet Speed of Light still is a measurable reality? I address this below in more detail but the answer is, as long as the measuring point is within the Sun’s Solar System, Gravity does exist at some level! To think there is no gravity in outer space is to only define gravity on Earth’s necessary definition of it!

To understand the second Dimension you must first eliminate Gravity and Speed of Light from your thoughts as the end all, be all for Relativity! They only exist in our Solar System and only in this Solar Systems Dimension. The Speed of Light and Gravity are the lasso’s that keep us all tethered to the corral. There is a second Dimension!

The second Dimension is a “space” like a slice of bread from the entire loaf where “Time, Distance, and Mass” is not based on the speed of something. In our Solar Systems case, Relativity is based on “Light” and the speed it travels.

In this new Dimension, “Time” happens instantly, without a measure, without having to wait, without waiting to see it, hear it, or comprehend it. But how can this be possible you ask?? A space where time doesn’t exist, things happen instantly! It is not possible! Or is it!

Let’s say old Albert and the rest of us were not dependent on the sun. Lets say that we all got fed up with circling around something else and decided we’d had enough and ventured out on our own. We packed our bags, put on a warm coat, and the Earth left circling the sun. We also bolted everything down and stopped spinning thus eliminating our own gravitational pull. The Earth is now as free as can be to go anywhere we decide! What happens now you ask? What do we see?

E=mc2 ceases to exist! Magnetic attraction (assembly of mass), Gravity (basis for time), Nuclear attraction (birth), and Nuclear decay (death) are no more! Whoa! The “Forces of Nature”, only exist with the existence of Light, and Gravity!

Okay, okay, you say: EarthZebra, you’ve lost your mind now! You are trying to tell us without the sun and gravity, life as we know it does not exist? Exactly, yes, you have it correct!

There is a second dimension of existence and it is real. The Speed of Light is one of the SLOWEST of all measures of time. The Speed of Light is like us all trying to run a 100M race and the track is filled with 1 feet deep of syrup! Old Albert, didn’t do us any favors in strapping us all to a bogus limit on speed.

Time on Earth and within all of the Sun’s Solar System is not “real time” because it is based on the Speed of Light! Everything that happens within the Solar System has already happened and is only realized after the fact! What the heck does that mean you ask? What it means is that all our perceptions of time, space, and mass are based on a speed which is SLOWER than INSTANT speed. It means that the Speed of Light allows us to see things, hear things, AFTER they have actually happened! Further down in this article I’ll reference how a super sonic jet can leave one location and when it arrives at it’s destination the clocks on the plane read time to be later than those on the ground. Einstein correctly attributes this to Gravity differentials. Well, Gravity, and Speed of Light are directly a result of us being dependent on the Sun. Both effect how Time is measured and realized! Therefore, by the time ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, in our Solar System is known, it has already happened and we are late to the party!

What does this imply? It implies all our experiments basically forever before are bogus, worthless conclusions based on things that are DATED! ALREADY HAPPENED! In other words, they don’t mean anything because it’s like doing open heart surgery on a dead, already decaying carcass!

Alright, so what does this all mean then?

It means that everything that we have regarded as scientific fact, is only fact when the sun and gravity are present and even then it’s data from events that already happened and our measurements are not in real time. If I may be so bold to name this gap in missing time: “The EarthZebra Gap”! All of this is the result of the Speed of Light being made up by Einstein on a drunken night! Way to go, Al! At least it was only 100 years you had us as suckers!

So what you ask? We can’t just pack our bags and break up with the Sun, now can we! Besides, we like it here, why would we want to go to a new dimension that we don’t know if it is better than the one we have! We are devoted to this marriage with the Sun and so your so called New Theory is nothing more than blah blah blah, worthless words!

Not true, and here’s why! Once we understand that all our scientific studies are limited by the false acceptance that the Speed of Light is the measuring mark, then we can look beyond that in our hypothesis’s of Relativity. The Speed of Light needs to be looked at as the chains that bound us. The false Forces of Nature needs to be looked at as only within our Solar System which is Sun based.

How about when our astronauts go up in space and are without Gravity? The Forces of Nature still exist! How do you explain that?

No problem. Human exploration of space has not left the Suns comfy control over us. The Forces of Nature tries to explain the creation and destruction of “Mass” in which Gravity is an essential part of according to Einstein and his predecessors. While the space station floats as though it has left all gravitational pull, and we see our astronauts floating around as though there is no gravity, but there IS!

Gravity is one key to all of life in our Solar System as we know it. While “space” appears to have no Gravity, it most certainly does! Everything within the Sun’s reach is influenced by Gravity. To think that only because here on Earth we have not pursued or have the capability to measure Gravity in the outlying reaches of our Sun’s Solar System is naivety and arrogance at it’s best! For example, this reminds me of when we once thought the Speed of Light was the bee’s knee’s of speed! Oh how little we know back then! :)!!

We will find the pathways to other Dimensions by entering the existing doorways of Black Holes. Exiting from the Suns control! Exiting from the Sun’s Gravity Pull, and Speed of Light’s blinding of us!

What happens to Atomic structures once we leave behind the existing Forces of Nature and current Relativity beliefs? Does the physical make-up cease to be alive as we enter this new Dimension? No, it is embedded in the most minuscule atomic structures nucleus and remains as it is programmed.

Does “Time” really exist on Earth and our Solar system? No. It is a man made creation necessary to explain Gravity. How is it, that a supersonic aircraft can leave, lets say Los Angeles, circle the earth and arrive back in Los Angeles and when it does, the wrist watch on the pilot is faster than the clocks at the airport? How is it, that Neutrinos can out-race the Speed of Light at OPERA in Cern, Switzerland and San Grasso, Italy? Einstein says it is because of differences in gravitational pull strength.

Einstein is correct, but what he fails to address the 1,000 lbs monkey in the room!

Conclusions Einstein did not realize or chose to ignore:

** Gravity = Time!
** Without Gravity, there is NO TIME!
** Without Time there is no Theory of Relativity as we know it now!
** Without accepting the current Theory of Relativity there is no Speed of Light
** When accepting the Speed of Light as NOT the limits to speed then we have no choice but to accept an alternative Dimension!
** When accepting an a 2’nd Dimension we have to accept OUR current Dimension is based on certain Forces of Nature.
** When accepting our current Forces of Nature are only viable in our current Dimension then the Theory of Relativity is also only possible under our current Dimension.
** If our current Dimension is dependent on the Sun and it’s Gravitational grip, then we must also accept outside of the Suns influence we will find an entire new set of Forces of Nature and Relativity!

What we will find in the 2’nd Dimension is that time, and space are no more. The ability to have Atomic attraction/decay (birth & death) is still in tact resulting in the possibility of a physical world very much like Earth now with “Mass” (mountains, rivers, animals, air, people) being created just as they are now. Only without the chains of “Gravity”, and “Time” keeping us locked down to “Space”.

In the 2’nd Dimension our bodies will be able to instantly travel to wherever we want. The lights will be on, but it will not be from our Pimp the Sun trying to control us! We will create a new form of Gravity that we can control to keep our rivers, and plants grounded. We will breed our livestock as well as make our products so that they also remain grounded to our new planet. We however, will not be forced to be remain physically on our new planet. We will have shed the lasso and restrictiveness that the “Speed of Light” and “Forced Gravity” has kept us from discovering!

It’s a brand new day! It’s a brand new Dimension! It’s a new ballgame and we are batting in the clean up spot!

Copyright © EarthZebra Blog 2011. All Rights Reserved. Permission for reprint or broadcast in full or in part, is NOT AUTHORIZED without prior written consent!


13 Aug

Interesting concept…”home”! I for one have no “home”. I think. Or do I? Or do I not? I have been a traveler for so very long, a traveler visiting life with no “home”. A skin color, a “history”, a perceived connection to past events makes for a “home”. I don’t know. Or do I? I ask, I wonder, I feel. Awww, but is that it? “Home” is a feeling, not a place. A feeling brought on by feelings. Darn feelings. xoxo

Jesus Is My Half Brother! Dad Certainly Likes the Ladies!

13 Jul

The thing with my Dad is he has a fancy for the ladies!

He just has a way with women and his attention span unfortunately is very short as he has so much on his mind all the time. This is sad to me (as he didn’t have a lot of time for us kids), but I would not be here if Dad were different. So, I accept it as all the family accepts our Dad for what he is. Our Dad!

Why he keeps choosing girls from Earth is beyond me, when he has the choice of all of the World’s finest Hotties! Other Galaxy’s girls live much longer than Earth’s girls. On Earth they are the most stupid mentally of all planets. They poison themselves with their food supply chain, their medical technology is barbaric, and they are mentally the least advanced of all the Galaxy’s. Earth people are the most violent, angry, unhappy. And thus so, they need the most attentions by Dad and saving! My mom is from Earth, and Dad says I must stay here on Earth, against my wishes to leave and go to kinder, less contaminated, intellectually superior Galaxy’s! Dad says no!

Dad is not perfect, he makes mistakes. Although he doesn’t tolerate them when I make them. Typical parent! “Do as I say, not as I do”!…he always says!

My Half-Brother is a pretty famous guy. The Earth calendar, (Except for the Mayans), is based on his birth and death. I’m very proud of this. It’s kinda like he is the first inductie into the Baseball Hall of Fame of Earth!

Both Dad and me are concerned how the “Catholic Church” has claimed my Half-Brother as their spokesperson! When in fact he hated the Catholic Church. He thought they were “political” and “agenda” driven for their own monetary gain and power grab! My brother was not about any of this! They have tarnished his name, the things he did, and the truth! Dad, me, and all the family is very upset for this organization to profit, and the disparage of the character of my brother.

The hard part with being “in the family”, and I’m not complaining by any means, is we are all expected to follow in Dads footsteps. Well, sorry Dad, I’d like to do things my own way! I want to follow in your footsteps and master of MY OWN UNIVERSE!

I can do it, you have taught me well all these years!

You birthed me hear on Earth, and I have saved and effected many lives in my time here, but now I am ready to take my rightful place in helping others in other Galaxy’s Dad!

What do you have to say about that? I want your support Dad!

DISTURBING WITNESS! – “Dr G” ~ Medical Examiner – Yikes! Have you seen the movie ‘Basic Instinct’? ~ CASEY ANTHONY TRIAL

14 Jun

The Medical Examiner in the Casey Anthony Trial took the witness stand a few days ago. If there was ever a witness that should be cross examined on her “true motivation” of her analysis, and testimony, this would be the one!

This girl, Dr Jan Garavaglia was prepped and ready (nothing like the preparing of a witness)! She rehearsed her testimony for 3 years. Gotta give props to the prosecution in getting her ready. However, did she show her cards in leaving the stand?!

Look at the video of her creepy “Giddy” smile just after she testified? Her giddy smile as she walked out of the court room? The head bob to the prosecutor on her way out?


Holy Molly, we have a crazy girl on our hands! Unfortunately she is a witness and supposed to be credible witness on a death penalty trial. Yikes again!

Did you see the movie ‘Basic Instinct’ with Sharon Stone! Dr. G reminds me of the crazy psychologist in ‘Basic Instinct’ who was the killer!

Dr. Jan Garavaglia smiling and head bob walking off the witness stand is BIZARRE and REASONABLE DOUBT.


Casey Anthony Not Guilty on 3 Largest Counts! – Prosecution Burden Not Met!

8 Jun

Count #1: First Degree Murder
Count #2: Aggravated manslaughter of a child
Count #3: Aggravated child abuse
Count #4: Four counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer

Ok, boys and girls, lets not lose focus on what we are doing here!

    Count #1: First Degree Murder

Cause of death = Unknown
Person or persons responsible for death = Unknown if there were any

    Count #2: Aggravated manslaughter of a child

Cause of death = Unknown
Person or persons responsible for death = Unknown if there were any

    Count #3: Aggravated child abuse

Probably person responsible for death = Casey Anthony
Reason = Lies and cover up

    Count #4: Four counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer

Did she lie to law enforcement = Yes

Ok, there you have it! This is how this trial should play out. With time served, she walks out of the courthouse a free woman to find her way in life.

The prosecution over-charged this case. Why did they do this? Because when you lie to the Police they get pissed off! Then the media got a hold of this tragedy and District Attorney’s Ego became involved! Silliness on his/her/their part!

Casey walks out of courthouse a free woman! Makes millions in interview fee’s, book deals, movie deal.

And I’m fine with all this! This is how our legal system should work!

You can’t haul people into jail with NO EVIDENCE! But apparently our society ASSUMES guilty before EVIDENCE! We are not a society who burns books, or goes on witch hunts! Or are we? Brainwashing of the emotional public by the prosecution to “build it’s case to their theory” released to the media, and the media repeats the prosecutions AGENDA for ratings, and repeats?!

I’d say we are a society of book burners and witch hunters. So many are so quick to be so emotionally convinced she is guilty without any facts of the case. Well “facts”, only leaked to the news media as so called “facts” by the prosecution (hello AGENDA), which we are now learning are NOT so much facts at all!

* Chloroform – photo posted on boyfriends MySpace page
* Chloroform not abnormal in trunk – Chemist expert discredits Air so called expert
* Casey a good mother by all accounts
* No motive
* No logical reason for this
* No Evidence at all

When did we start killing each other, imprisoning each other, with no PROOF OF ANYTHING!

This is not the way the USA should be! Are we “animals”?