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5 Years and 5 Days! On the Other Side of HELL!

20 Jan

Pigeon King of the WorldOnce upon a time there was a guy who “had it all” and was “king of the world”…..or so he thought!

This very arrogant chap lived on the most expensive block of the most expensive neighborhood of New York City. The city where dreams come true!

Dreams did come true! In hindsight, they were bad dreams of “How not to live life”, taking control of a very nice young man with wide eyes, and a grand future in front of himself. There was fabulous black tie gala’s, partying with models and the so called “fabulous people” until the early hours of the morning. Elaborate diners out every night were paid for with the sound of a platinum Black Amex Card and the giggles of some brainless twit who was just fed like a back-street whore who didn’t make enough for lunch on her morning shift. The alcohol flowed freely and paying for a $20 dirty martini which was put on a tab, and downed without the slightest flinch followed by 3 or 4 more ordered! Man In The MirrorThis young chaps clothes were all designer made in Italy, freshly polished shoes was mandatory, and shirts never worn more than once before laundering was the way of normal life. His vehicle was a Range Rover, replaced every 2 years with a new one, and his parking garage cost more than most people’s apartments cost or a persons yearly income in many parts of the world. Trips across the country in First Class were a monthly thing, with town cars, the best hotels, and tipping door men and maitre d’s made him feel powerful. It was a life of over-excess, over-indulging, and thinking of himself in a ways only to justify what was ultimately a self-destructing life.

That guy was me!

What happened next was the snowball that had been rolling down the deep snowed mountain for a very long time had finally reached the valley floor. As everyone knows, temperatures in the valley are never as cold as higher up on the mountainside. My snowball began to melt. Like in Frosty the Snowman, first my button nose broke off, then my eyes made out of coal fell out, and finally I could no longer support the weight of my corn cob pipe! I lost it all!

Fair Weather Friend HorseThe apartment was gone, the black card was gone, the fancy dinners were no longer, the models were gone, no longer were my shoes polished, and even the giggling hungry floozies wanted nothing to do with me anymore. I was all alone.

The next 5 years and 5 days had me bouncing from city to city. It started out with paying for a new apartment rental that was half of what I was paying in New York City. The next year it was half of that, and a new city. The following years rent was again, half once more of the previous place and on it went like that for years. Until finally I was homeless living with family and depending on a family members Social Security check to feed me. (Note: You are not “homeless” when living with family….in fact you are “Home”!). I only came to realize this in the last 8 weeks.

God Kill Me PleaseFor 5 years and 5 days, I prayed to God to die each and every night. “Dear God please take me, I have no purpose here and someone else is much more deserving to be on this Earth than I”, I’d say quietly to myself in bed.

For 5 years and 5 days, I attempted a slow self-suicide by eating and drinking myself into a “Pitiful” person. Thanks to my sister for voicing this out-loud one day by the way. While I didn’t appreciate the insult, in hindsight, it was true. I was a pitiful person….285 lbs, black-out drunk every night, binge eating in a drunken stupor, so fat I couldn’t reach my ass to wipe it or tie my shoes.

For 5 years and 5 days, I wore the same 2 pair of jeans, the same 3 black t-shirts, the same pairs of 4 boxers that had become ripped in multiple directions from years of not being able to afford to buy new ones. Food, gas, shelter came first.

For 5 years and 5 days, I wore the same pair of Nike running shoes. I had purchased these shoes at the Nike flagship store in NYC some years earlier even though I really didn’t need them. They cost about $150 and just sat in my closet. The shoes after 5 years, had holes in them by this time, and were worn thin and very dirty looking. The soles had given way to cracks that let the water in when it rained. My grandfather once said, you can tell everything you need to know about a man by looking at his shoes. Mine were the shoes of a Pitiful person.

For 5 years and 5 days, I existed. Nothing more. I did not count in this world or to myself. I wanted to die.

Man of LedgeAs with every fairytale, there is a turning point or crossroads where the hero has to make a choice. It is not a choice that anyone can make for the hero of the story. It is not a choice the hero can make on his own because it is not actually a choice at all. It has to come from within the heart, not the mind. It just happens when you are truly ready. I woke up one day and didn’t buy that new bottle of gut-rot Vodka. I don’t know why not on that day. I woke up one day and didn’t want to gorge myself with food. Oh believe me, the inner voice each day of the last few years said, STOP, but I could not. Each morning I woke up alive and was disappointed God did not take me in the night. I don’t know why that day was different. It just happened. I woke up alive, having not been taken by God in the night, and I wanted to be alive. I didn’t want to be that pitiful person for one day longer!

On the other side of Hell is a new guy….a new me! The 5 years and 5 day journey was a rough one.

I have not had a drop of alcohol in my body since the day before Thanksgiving Day, November 2012. Unless you count the 48 hours it takes to clear your blood system, then I suppose it’s been since the 3’rd day after Thanksgiving! HA!

Since the day after Thanksgiving, November 2012 I implemented an eating plan which consists of eating only things that a person can kill, grow, or dig for. Which means, meat and fish, leafy or root vegetables, and lots of water. Anything that is man made is off limits! In almost 2 months I have lost 26 lbs!

This is me today. 26lbs down, 60lbs more to go to reach my goal of 200lbs. Today I was at 259lbs, and god willing I will be at 258 1/2 lbs tomorrow morning. I think I look pretty good for almost being a dead person just 8 weeks ago!

After so many, many years of struggling to afford even the most basic of life’s needs, aka food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, I received word this morning that I’m about to get something that I’ve worked hard for the last month! It will produce enough money so I can afford to not have to worry about if I can afford to eat tonight as was the case for the last 5 years.

It is in the last 5 years and 5 days I have discovered who I really am. It is in this time of despair, my time of despair that I discovered and learned so much about people, life, and what’s important.

What is HappyI’m going help others who are asking God to die, because I’ve been there. Unless you’ve gone to hell and come back, you can never know about how truly beautiful being alive can be.

Thank you God for not taking me! Perhaps prayers do come true! Just not always how we pray for them, but rather in a way that nudges us towards what our true destiny is.


Am I Better Suited to Have Lived in the 40’s and 50’s?

5 Nov

Am I better suited to have lived in the 1940’s and 1950’s?

I was talking to a friend about this earlier today. Well, actually my future wife and soulmate, but she doesn’t know that yet. Ha!

Having not lived in the 40’s and 50’s personally I have to go off of what I see in Alfred Hitchcock movies. You know, ‘North by Northwest’, ‘To Catch A Thief’, ‘Rear Window’ and many more masterpieces! Or maybe I just have the hots for Grace Kelly when she was in her 20’s and single!! Probably a bit of all of the above! lol

In this time period all the men wore suits, or at least slacks. All the women were mostly in dresses and so elegantly dressed! People had manners, class, sophistication, and most of all kindness for each other!

What happened to society where it slowly decided to forget all of these wonderful parts of life! What happened to the elegance of our everyday clothes we wear? What happened to the kindness to each other? When did we go from being happy in life to making our lives only about the pursuit of money and things?

Don’t get me wrong, I like the feel of denim as my everyday pant garment, but in no way does a pair of jeans compare with the elegance, flow, style of a nice pair of slacks! Pair it with a nice jacket and cuffed/collared shirt and as in the 40’s/50/s where everyone looks like a million bucks!

I sometimes am described by my friends as “quiet”. Well, it is because I see so much in life that should not be. I’ve pondered the thought of moving to a very ancient city in Europe, or a uncontaminated South American country. I hear Cuba has cars from this time period. Perhaps their isolation from the bad influences of the culture of the USA for the last 30+ years has kept them in a time bubble? I traveled to Colombia a few years back and I can guarantee it IS in this time bubble. But the USA is my home, where my family is, and to leave all the many things I love here would be something I’d need to consider very carefully, indeed!

The life that I see in the Alfred Hitchcock movies, might be just that! A movie made to take people to a better place for a few hours in the theater. Perhaps, life is life no matter what decade or location?

I suppose the answer is to find a like minded person in life and create that ideal life for your own family!

Oh god, I’m a future cult leader!

Lara Logan Talks About Egypt Assault Details – American News Media to Blame!

22 Feb

“I sadly now say that I have been for all my career in reporting the “news”, a puppet delivering the “masters” messages! My CBS News bosses used and betrayed me! I should have been not sent there or been there! This is where the blame for my rape should be placed!”

“If a culture like this is to exist in the year 2011 a fence needs to be built encircling it and it should only be observed from outside the bars like wild animals in a zoo!”


Hello to my fans, supporters, and loved ones,

An especial thank you to all those that have been so supportive of me, and those who have wished me well in my recent life’s struggles.

My name is Lara Logan. Up until today, I was a CBS News Foreign Correspondent. Effective immediately I am resigning this position. Before I give my reasons why I am leaving a job that I so love dearly for many years I think it is important for everyone to understand the details of my assault.

In the past I have always been a firm believer in the right for free speech and peaceful protest. I think it is the right of every human being on this wonderful and sometimes cruel planet. The right to assemble and peacefully voice an opinion is cornerstone for all free societies. Having said this, there are times when “we” western societies misguidedly try to place our own value systems upon other societies, countries and peoples. A good example of this is taking a wild animal out of the wild and domesticating it. Asking it to have human habits and thought patterns. It will always be a wild animal and eventually will harm you.

My tragic event started out with this mindset. My film crew, producer, and security were witnessing what we thought to be jubilant, peaceful, celebration of society taking its first breaths of fresh air in perhaps thousands of years. We could not have been more wrong!

I was just finishing up taping a report when the “mob” seemed to swell to hundreds. What began as a manageable situation soon became apparent we all were in danger. In our time here in Egypt we have all along been called Jew’s and Spy’s from the crowd. Egypt has such an intense hatred for Israel that anyone with western features is looked at as a threat. My entire team was now completely engulfed within the crowd. There was no room to move. Everyone was body to body and the screaming of the mob made it nearly impossible to call out to my team. I don’t know for sure if the mob deliberately planned to separate me from my colleagues and security. I think it just happened. Similar to a lava flow. There were so many people, body to body, any movement was wherever the flow of the crowd took you.

I could sense the crowd was growing more and more agitated that we were in “their space” and not welcome. My film crew was being shoved, pushed, hit, and the camera equipment was being tugged and pulled on. We were totally defensive. My security was trying to keep an eye on me all the while trying to protect my crew at the same time. The men were being especially aggressive to my male crew. In the chaos before I knew it, I was trapped within the crowd and my crew was slowly being pulled further and further away from me. I was in an ocean rip current being pulled out to sea. I found myself in a very quick time span alone to deal with the mob on my own. There was no one there to help me.

All eyes were upon me. Hands on my back, shoulders, and there were so many men all facing my direction that we were all bodies to bodies. I had my arms up, saying to them, “Friend”, “Friend”, “Journalist Friend”. I could see this was of no use. The fierceness in the men’s eyes were that of a wolf pack and I was the one they were hunting. In only a matter of a minute my jacket was pulled off me. My arms flung down to my side creating being almost handcuffed. I was being slapped in the face, dozens of hands grabbing at every part of my body. Within seconds my top was violently ripped from my body, my bra was ripped off, and jacket now gone freeing my hands. I tried my very best to cry out for help. I covered my now exposed breasts to no avail. There were just too many men, too many hands pulling and holding my arms down from protecting myself . My breasts were being slapped, nipples gripped and pulled at, my face was being hit, my arms were being held back behind me. I was defenseless but still pleaded to let me go. The mob seem to only grow louder and louder, “Jew”, “Jew”, “Jew”, “Spy”, “Spy Whore”, “Western Whore” was being chanted. At this time my pants and panties were yanked to around my ankles. I was now fully exposed and naked to hundreds of hands grabbing at me. There was nothing I could do at this point. Too many hands, too many men. Fingers were being inserted into my vagina, and anal. My breast were being slapped, and grabbed from every direction. I was still at the mercy of the mob flow but my pants and panties were around my ankles causing me to trip. In my falling I was picked up off the ground by the mob. I was in their arms face up, legs up in the air. My pants, panties, and shoes were ripped off. I was lowered to my feet and forcefully bent over. I was being raped anal. This assault lasted only a few seconds as the crowd was pulling on me in every direction like children fighting over a favorite stuffed animal. From behind I was entered in my vagina this time. At the same time hands and fingers pummeled every part of my body. I can’t remember at what point my will to fight was lost. I was picked up and raped from the front being held by all fours, over and over. I was bent over and entered over and over from behind. I had flag poles and other objects forced into me. I was at their mercy.

My separation from my crew, assault and rape I was told later, lasted about 30 minutes. In times of extreme situations, time slows down. 30 seconds in a time of incredible intensity seems like 30 minutes in itself. My horror lasted in slow motion 1,800 minutes, or 30 hours if you take it from my perspective.

At a certain point, the human body shuts down. Goes into a protective Coma like trance. Mine was no different. I think after the 10’th minute and god only knows how many rapes, everything became quiet. If you recall the end of the movie Gladiator, where Maximus is floating on his back, aware of whats happening, but it is silent, and he is seeing the gates of heaven, his past, and feels nothing, is an accurate description of what I felt for the last 20 minutes of my assault before I was finally rescued.

I read in the media reports the word “Assault” being used. This is a pretty flimsy word for what I went through. I was brutally attacked, raped, and I wish people would not sugar coat things for this happened in real life. It as not a movie. I can not walk out of the theater and go back to my normal life. Like some can do!

Which brings me to why this happened and who is to blame! Yes, there is blame to be had!

You must first understand as I do now what many parts of the world are like and the mindset of those in those areas.

Lets take the American and Western News news media executives first. They sit in their ivory towers in New York, Atlanta, or London and have no concept as to what real life is. They think the news is a movie. A movie they can twist reality into what they think the viewer want to hear. The people of western societies are being brainwashed, lied to, as to what the reality is around the world! All Americans know about this region is how a news executive dreams up will be the best narrative and get the most viewers. It serves no other purpose than to increase ratings, increase advertising revenue, ultimately power, and money in their pockets. I sadly now say that I have been the for all my career in reporting the “news”, a puppet delivering the masters messages! CBS News used and betrayed me! I should have been not sent there and been there! This is where the blame for my rape should be placed!

This “freeing” of Egypt was nothing of the such. I compare what just happened in Egypt to be the same as a pack of wolves fighting to decide the hierarchy of the packs ranks. It happens often when the Alpha wolf grows old and younger stronger wolves accept the dominant role.

What is not known by the News Media executives is that we are not welcome in the wolf pack private area while they fight among themselves. “We” are seen as a threat to the whole wolf pack. They stop their natural fighting, and then band together to all together fight the foreign intruder.

We never should have been there! The blame for what happened to me lays directly with my superiors at CBS News, the American and Western News Media’s, and ultimately the viewers who have been lulled into a trance by story tellers in ivory towers.

It makes me sick to think about how the coverage of my rape has been tried to be kept quiet by CBS News and hushed up by other main stream media. We do not live in a free society. We in the western world live in a Big Brother, mind controlling, information controlling, dictating soceity!

The people of Egypt while taking my heart away from me, will not take my spirit! The people of Egypt and most in that region do not have the mental capacity to rule their own country. They might get a democracy, but that democracy will be controlled by the “organizers” of people. “One vote, one man” only works when each man or woman is freely able to cast their vote according to their own will. This will not happen in Egypt and no longer happens in the USA. If a group, such as in unions here in the USA, or the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, can convince, or threaten enough people to vote in like minded ways, then the individual’s vote does not have an impact on elections. The society is not free.

I do not feel sorry for Egypt or it’s people. It is a backwards people, and country left back in time. They can not be domesticated. They are beasts, and wild animals and should be thought of and treated as such. The attack on me was not the work of a “bad element” as news has reported. The attack on me was done by the entire Muslim culture! If a culture like this is to exist in the year 2011 a fence needs to be built encircling it and it should only be observed from outside the bars like wild animals in a zoo! The world would be a better place without the people of Egypt, the Muslim culture, and the world would be a better place without News Executives! Shame on you both!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me. I will thrive once again very soon.

Lara Logan

“No Matter What!”

22 Nov


Other than myself, I have never found anyone to exhibit a “No Matter What” characteristic and way about life! Better known as “NMW” for those of us who are cool and know about LOL, OMG, BFF’s, and all the lingo of modern coolness. OMG did I JST, NW, WTF has come over me!

Best to define it first:
* To be true to another “No Matter What!”
What this means is not just the obvious of a romantic partner. It is for any relationship, a way of life, family, a code, a badge earned, best friends, a trusted way of interacting in life with everything we come in contact with. It is about anything other than ourselves. It is the most unselfish (insert anything) way of approaching something other than ourselves!

Trust me, I’ve looked and looked!! I’ve posted bat signals in the sky, personal ads in newspapers personal sections for “Man seeks Pina Colada’s, Getting Caught in the Rain and a NMW’s Character”. I’ve written graffiti on bus stop benches with my personal email address and even once wrote a letter to Santa Claus one year not so long ago, to no avail. “No Matter What”, only I possess it, I have concluded. Not even Santa could find another but me, for on Christmas morning I discovered my letter with return personal penmanship from Santa on the bottom, next to a half eaten cookie and half drank milk glass saying “look in the mirror pal, what do you expect of me, miracles?”! Geee, thanks Santa, appreciate the advice! I guess maybe I will have to write Mother Nature next for an answer!

I see in the movies, relationships with NMW (No Matter What!) characteristics of it’s stars, happening all the time on the screen and TV. Is this where my “expectations” have gone awry, for the movies are not real life and I’ve twisted what I expect of real life into something that doesn’t exist? But that can’t be true, as I am here! I am not a movie script. I have not been invented by fantasy of a screen writer!

Sometimes I think I am part of a leper colony when I do bring it up….a 3 legged centipede who resides at a rocking chair factory! Why is that? Well, it is because the society we live in accepts less worthy characteristics that 99.9999999999999999999991 % of the people in this world have and if you ask a lump of coal why all rocks are can’t be the Star of Africa, you can be sure it is going to say something to legitimize it’s own worthiness in this world. You can’t ask the fox, in this world, if the chickens are safe.

I will keep searching for another person in life who also has the “No Matter What” gene within them but I’m skeptical about the chances of finding them. It’s ok, the Star of Africa shines brightly enough to light up so much, and so do I!

“To find another who cares about you ‘No Matter What’ is a rare thing indeed” ~ Earth Zebra

My Princess is a Wine-O! Keeping the Faith Can be Hard

21 Nov

It isn’t so much in keeping one’s faith that is hard but it is being able to look past the immediate life experiences which causes us to lose focus on the core values and faith we hold dear to us!

Faith is easy. It is something we find when times are tough, it is something we find when times are good! Identifying our dreams is easy. It’s living daily life and “keeping our eye on the ball, the prize, the dream” as they say which is not so easy.

For example (and this is not a good one as I don’t have any major drama right now in my life to illustrate with, but here you go in my small way that I experienced tonight.),…… …….tonight I was invited to a wine tasting party at a local wine shop. Pretty much your basic invite to sample different wines and then buy a bottle expectation. Well, not exactly an “invite”, as if you read this blog then you know I just moved to this area (“heaven on earth”), and don’t know anyone or get invites to social gatherings! Pretty much your basic “new kid” loser which is entirely another story from 8’th grade which still haunts me! But I’ll save that for another blog!

Ok, so the woman in front of me at the grocery store, which has a post office in it (who knew this was possible!) told me about the wine shop below where I live was having a wine tasting “party” this Saturday (tonight)! She was a very nice woman, perhaps 80 years old (lush I think to myself at the time), and let me be totally honest, she told me that the owner of the wine shop was an awesome girl and she raved about her.

So, I’m thinking, okay “hot girl”….wait, did she say “hot” or something else? Ha ha..Earth Zebra LOL, no she said something to the effect of nice girl. Guess I got confused!

So, I’m doing weekend work upstairs on my cloud that god has created for me and I start thinking that staying home with mom, (yes my mom is staying with me for a bit, read prior blogs), is not exactly what I should be doing on a Saturday night, especially since there is a “hot girl” downstairs waiting for my charm and wit to sweep her offer her feet. And to boot she is a business owner which always ads to the hotness factor!

So, away from the computer I go, to change jeans, put on one of my NYC expensive sweaters (I used to live there for about 12 years), an off I go downstairs to meet my “hot girl” business owner. Even though it is only 4F degree’s out, I choose not to put on a jacket and “tuke (hat)”, as I want to enter as the cool guy with no jacket, looking hot and it might create some conversation. After all, this is the purpose!

My out of the elevator, out of the building, 4F degree bone chilling coldness journey only lasts for about 30′ feet, as I enter the wine shop! Pretty much everyone ignores my entrance….Yikes! Not exactly what I’m used to, as the one who is destined and recognized to save the world upon it’s brink of demise! Go me! It’s okay, it looks like a small crowd anyway. A few couples and a few solo’s, mostly guys.

I slide into the store, unnoticed so I pretend, although in reality everyone knows I came in, and I analyze the room. In the corner is couple with marriage problems and she is forcing him to come out and fulfill her desire to part of the “in crowd”. Behind the wine “bar”/serving bar is the owner who is suffering from anxiety because not enough people showed up to her “Hollywood party” she envisioned in her wine tasting party. To the right is 2 girls, one with her back to me and the other might be a server at the party, can’t tell. The far side of the room seems to be 2 or 3 groups, can’t tell as they have elephant herd mentality at a watering hole and divide into non distinguishable groups of the same herd.

Looks like this is going to be a short adventure I say to myself. I make a quick and low key once around the room sizing up the group, and taking in the wine selections. Looks like my “hot girl” wine shop owner offers nothing out of the ordinary.

I resign myself to the conclusion that this will not be a fruitful adventure as I hoped. My days of going to amazing NYC parties is a thing of the past. Well, that is all good with me because while those parties were and seemed to be amazing on the surface, they in hindsight (which we all know is 20/20 perfect vision) were not full of anything of lasting substance. They were pretty much a waste of time in hindsight.

Will, this be a waste of time too? Perhaps! But then “she” turns around, the gem in the corner with her back to me prior is the gem I hoped to meet! Woo-Hoo! Blond, 5’9″, sexy little glasses saying, “I’m smart”, but I like dumb guys glasses! (Okay again, I might be getting ahead of myself in this story)! She would definitely be a good first conquest in my new land I call home. Let’s test my former dating skills that I used to have such a great command over before my exile to Hell the last few years!

So far most everything on my trip to my new “home” has been pretty lucky, amazing, and god destined! So, I hope so, because it has been pretty much all GOOD! I’d hate to have to blog that god’s destiny is for a bad things, so yes it is God Destined.

I make my move to first approach her friend, the non-hot girl, as this has proven to be an incredible “line”/”move” in my successful dating tactics and proves to be once again successful. After, a moment of ignoring the hot girl girl and talking with her less than hot friend, the hot girls can’t help herself but to show her insecurity and engage me directly. Pretty much she is saying, pay attention to me, I’m hot.

But, what is different this time is this is not your usual girl from my old home land, in that she is nice. Can my previous jaded bias opinion of women now not have any substance to it?

Well, after 20 minutes of talking to her, (her friend went to the other side of the room), she was a nice person, hot, seems to be of substance and a good person.

Time is dwindling and the crowd is now down to 6 people. Time to make the move or move on. After picking up a bottle of wine to buy, since this was really an invite to buy and not taste wine, I ask her to see her again. She is flushed and politely says “I’m not in a position to accept”. Good answer, although not the one I was hoping for.

Point being … tonight I was not given the result to the “faith” that I believe in. Do I feel bad? Sure, a little. But, this was just one moment in time, one person in life of thousands I will meet. We all can not lose focus of the big picture or get bogged down in individual moments of life and time. The clock keeps ticking, one experience leads to another and our faith in who we are and where we are headed is and always will be woven together by many many different moments of life.

“Life, is not about the immediate moment, but the moments that stack together creating the big picture!” ~ Earth Zebra

Bubbles Bubbles and more Bubbles Bouncing Off Of Bubbles

15 Nov

Have you ever wondered how this world works? Why some people see the identical thing in a different way? How come some people just don’t get it while others do? Well I have and I think I have a pretty clear idea of why things and people can be the same yet so different.

The way I see is it, is that each of us come into this world wired with a specific set of pre-programmed guidelines for our mind and body which form our foundation in who each of us are. From there, the next most important factor in forming our individuality is our parent(s) in how they teach us through example in our early formative years when we are all sponges absorbing every little thing we see and hear. And lastly is our environment….our surroundings mold and teach us what we perceive and think is the world and socially desirable ways to interact in it.

It is these 3 factors in which form who each of us are. I like to think of it like we each have our own little “Bubble”. Each of us live in our little bubble, which is made up from our heritage, learned upbringing, and experiences.

As a child my mom always bought my sister, brothers and I, the little bottle of soapy suds with a plastic wand inside. At the end of the wand was a hollowed circle. I remember loving blowing bubbles on a windy day. I was always amazed at these bubbles how no 2 were ever the same. And each time you dipped the wand into the soapy solution, and blew, it would produce dozens of bubbles. The bubbles would float in the wind, carefree, and eventually meet their demise and pop a few feet away. This demise usually came in the form of me running after them and popping them! These are the bubbles I see each of us living in, except maybe a little larger in size.

Human bubbles I see as about 9′ feet tall, most are perfectly round, glistening in the sunlight, and very durable, almost indestructible. We float inside of them effortlessly on our journey as we move around. We can move our bubbles just by thinking about where we want to go. All bubbles start out as beautiful bubbles at birth. Pure, clean, and ready for the world. It is after birth that some bubbles collect dirt on the outside which embed themselves into the bubble wall and are forever there, “a bubble blemish”. And in some people their bubbles don’t form completely due to heritage or things that are introduced to you as you develop during your mothers pregnancy, also called “irregular bubbles”.

When you are inside your “Bubble” you have no choice but to view the world by looking through your bubble walls to the outside. Blemished Bubbles and Irregular Bubbles distort the view of the person looking out which can sometimes cause that persons perception of things to not be always so clear as it could be if they had a clean bubble.

You can not discard your bubble, you can not change or swap your bubble for another, you are stuck with it for better or worse. All bubbles start off as the same size but older bubbles tend to shrink and become more brittle as they age. Some bubbles get stains on them, from abuse or hard lives by the person. The stains are difficult to see though and certainly effect decision making of that bubble owner.

Bubbles are like “looking glasses”, or “windows” to each persons world. We all have to look through our own bubbles to see the world. If our bubbles are dirty, pick up debris that embed into the walls, or are irregular to begin with, stained, or shrunken from age and brittle, this all effects how a bubble travels through life.

So take care of your Bubbles because we all only have one of them!

“The view to the world is seen through our journey to get there” ~ Earth Zebra


12 Nov

EathZebra Blog has now reached stratospheric heights and readers so there is now an easy way to get here to tantalize your mental daily cravings!