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EXCLUSIVE: Chris Brown Now On Rihanna’s Yacht Off Italian Coast

22 Jul

A picture is worth a thousand words…..

This first photo was posted on Twitter by Chris Brown saying “Landed on the boat!”

And here are photos posted by Rihanna of the Yacht she is vacationing on with friends off the Italy coast.
Now call me crazy, but that is the EXACT SAME RAILING!!!

Someone please tell me this isn’t true!  #WhatAShame  #CrazyGirl  #GirlBeater

** Not exactly the type of story I prefer to blog about but what the heck.

A Yearning Heart…..”Once Upon A Time…..”

12 Jun

Once upon a time, in a land far far away lived a princess.

A princess like none other, for her heart was full of love and kindness equal only to her amazing beauty.

She was smart beyond her years, wise, with an outlook on life that warms your heart, and puts a smile on your face.

On the other side of the universe lived a prince.

Handsome and strong with broad shoulders his presence was welcomed with respect and high regard everywhere he went.

His mind was sharp, quick, and he could see the world in a refreshing positive light.

The prince and the princess connected mentally as their minds and hearts were a perfect match, completing the other. Powerful as individuals, super powerful together.

Their attraction to each other was different from any other relationship, for the prince and princess connected on a soul level. Souls wrapped around the others, hearts that beat as one. Minds that bond like no others.

Their love was a pure love, like 2 kids playing on a warm summers day, happy, fun, not a care in the world. For when the prince and princess were together, time stood still, happiness, and laughter, and a content, warming love was within them.

This was a union on the deepest level which was unbreakable. Forever, and No Matter What, they had found their soulmate in the other.

Once upon a time it happened! Dreams do come true! The fairy tale does exist! Once upon a time……