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EXCLUSIVE: Prince Harry to possibly face RAPE Charges from Vegas Romp!

23 Aug

Unless you have been living in a cave for the past few days, you probably have seen the photos that have surfaced of Prince Harry naked with a naked female from last Friday night.

The media and public is portraying the photos as clean innocent royal fun during a Las Vegas vacation.

But is this the truth? Looks like Harry is forcing himself from behind into his victim. If I’m not mistaken, this is RAPE!

Here is the photo:

Is there a “Victim” out there who is sick to her stomach that everyone is glorifying what was a horrible, horrible attack on her?

Was the real reason the photos were released was because it is very clear that a Rape occurred?

Has TMZ, the media, and public decided to glorify the photos as a snicker, snicker, bad boy Prince is just being horny Harry?! He’s just being Harry, soiling his royal oats?! (Yes, we know it’s “sew your royal oats” but Rape is Hell, and “soil” is one step closer to Hell)!

Why is there no investigation? Why does the Prince get a pass?

Lets suppose what could have happened:

1.) His royalness invites some girls back to the room. Everyone is drunk.

2.) Harry and another girl head to the Pool room where they find a way to get naked. Perhaps a game of strip pool, perhaps just on their own.

3. Harry won’t take NO as NO.

4. Harry grabs her from behind, holding her arms to her stomach and RAPES her!

5. Her friend who is watching, snaps the photos and releases them to the public for the purpose of exposing Prince Harry for Rape.

6. However instead of the world being up in arms about a Rape, they glorify the rapist as a stud.