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I’m Getting Married!

1 Nov

Well, at least according to my mom that is!

Apparently she has this secret plan to get me hitched with her favorite girl in town! A good old fashioned arranged marriage! Oh god, shoot me now! BANG!!….(Thank you)!

Ok, ok, so maybe this isn’t her photo to the left, but when I took a quick look today at my future arranged marriage wife to be’s Facebook page, it turns out that she is really beautiful, early 20’s, and according to mom one of the sweetest human beings on the planet.

It’s tempting. But I am within hours of moving my very skilled dating and more than capable to find my own wife body to the other side of the universe (not that I’m looking mind you!). I’m incredibly enthusiastic to dip my toes into a new lake where the fish grow to be spectacular trophy fish. Could I possibly entertain such an idea of my mother picking out the one I’m meant to be with forever after? Could I possibly entertain such an idea that the one girl that god has chosen for me, is to be discovered by someone other than me? How about the hunt? The chase? Am I to forgo my primal manly instincts to sleigh the dragon, jump over the mote, scale the castle walls and rescue my princess? All to be exchanged for a “thanks for the wife mom” courtship?

Nawwww….can’t be. I shall move to utopia and pick my own low hanging fruit. I’m sure they will be very tasty. :)!