Man Up!

8 Nov

My Dad’s death has been an unbelievable range of emotions for me! My emotions have been… Stay strong. Cry. Stay strong. Cry.

I have an outlet in this blog, that my other family members don’t have. When writing my blog a few days ago about my dad dying I was completely in tears all the way through. It was the release that I needed and I am at peace with dad and his passing. Then I became angry. Angry at dad, angry at his wife. Angry at the doctors. Angry at my siblings.

This has passed as well and I am at peace once again. I wonder how long this phase of peace will last?!

A memorial is now planned and at first I said, I’m not going! But, that was just not wanting to accept the facts of life as they are and my dad is gone and all the things I should have done with him.

We all die at some point and I’m miss you dad. I will come to the memorial.

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