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Time Continues Daily. Porn Always the Truth of Civilization!

15 Aug

Jesus Two WivesI just don’t have time anymore to blog and talk about what I see in the world as injustices or interesting things to me.

Which is going to be my biggest failure in life. Perhaps for many of us!

We are all so torn between the explosion of “directions” in the last 4 years…2008 – 2013 AD. Just look what has happened?! Twitter is a mainstay for everyone just about (for now). Facebook had it’s time and is now on it’s way out. MySpace was the innovator and is basically gone now. Everyone has a “Blog” and thinks their opinion is somehow now important to the world, ut um.

Anyone can create a “news media” information outlet with just a few clicks (Snowden, WikiLeaks). There are “Forums” on just about every topic and every topic for every topic. Television, has divided into a few “Networks” which are corrupted by big money, a mass of Cable channels that seen to broadcast biased crap directed by the choices of biased “corporations”. And “side” offerings from so many directions that it’s impossible to keep track of all this!

Lets put this in perspective and don’t hold me to the exact dates as it's from my perspective. The internet began in about 1996, although it was pretty lame. I got my first computer about 2003 and internet Porn was raging by then. It was a huge as old tube TV style MAC which I paid $3,500 for and sent it back within the first week because I couldn't figure out how to use it! Stupid me! Now in 2013 I'm only on my 3'rd computer since. Now it's Va Va Voom with Porn as easy as a few clicks and you don't even have to be scarred to watch it. No one cares! But, aside from that, there has been a transformation in our society in the last 5 years or so.

I guess the moral of this post is that Porn lives strong but ideas of society are subject to technology!