Has Olympic Gold Medalist Tianna Madison Been Kidnapped And Brainwashed??

12 Sep

Two days ago, Tianna Madison’s parent’s filed a lawsuit claiming “defamation”. A very bizarre turn of events indeed!

Or is it?

Here is a link to describe what is the latest:

Some things you need to know to decide what the heck is going on with “our” proud 2012 Olympian Gold medalist? Yes, she belongs to all of us and if someone is possibly taking advantage of her, we Americans step in (or at least blog about it). :)!!

Tianna Madison was part of the London 2012 Olympics competing as part of the women’s 4x100m relay team which won the event setting a new World Record. She performed brilliantly as the first leg runner, followed up by Bianca Knight, Allyson Felix, and Carmelita Jeter.

I “know” Tianna only from tweeting with her on Twitter for several years prior. That is if you can ever really know someone just on Twitter? Probably not, but I think I got a pretty good sense of her character from our exchanges. I also got to know her sister a little, Chris Madison who is also a very, very nice person as I got to know Tianna to be too. Exceptional people, exceptional family as both portrayed on Twitter and their personal blogs. Tianna wrote some of the most amazing heartfelt blogs I’ve ever read. I was certainly impressed.

The Tianna Madison that I got to “know” was a very happy person, incredibly smart studying something like Biological Medicine. I might not have that completely right but whatever she was studying it was extremely difficult and was leading up to her attending Stanford Medical School if she could get in. She tweeted all the time about how she would get every question correct on an exam and how difficult her studies were but it would be all worth it when she gets into Stanford and became a doctor! The Tianna I got to know was a very, very smart girl. She’d tweet about how proud she was of her father, a mixed martial arts instructor, and how much she loved her mother and how beautiful and young looking her mom is. And let’s not forget that she was training for the Olympics to compete in the 100 meters for her country all at the same time as getting straight A’s in her classes. Needless to say the Tianna Madison I got to know, was super human and an exceptional person!! Very impressive person with all cylinders firing!

Then something changed with her about last August/September. She suddenly stopped posting on Twitter! Cold turkey. Where did my Twitter friend go I thought? That’s strange I said to myself. I dismissed it, as she was going to dedicate herself to her training for the USA Olympic Trials and didn’t want any distractions. Especially from anonymous people like me who are “Twitter Friends”. Tianna’s personal blog was shut down too. In fact, deleted!

CLUE #1:
Let me back up in the timeline of this mystery, for a big CLUE to what might have happened to Tianna. Just prior to stopping tweeting on her Twitter account, she posted a tweet something to the effect of saying “we are going to start posting on http://www.UNation.com” and that everyone should join that social site. I tried to take a look at the site but for some reason couldn’t get it to work.

Did Tianna simply leave Twitter, her sister on Twitter, and the hundreds of other track athlete friends she had for some new social website? Deleted her personal blog with I don’t know how many personal diary blog entries about her life, struggles, and dreams? Not likely!!!!! She wouldn’t ditch all her friends, Olympians, for a website that few of her friends used. Not going to happen. There has to be more to the story. I wonder what it could be? Hmmmmm….wait for it…wait for it….

So, September – May passed without my Twitter friend even posting one single Tweet, even though many of her fellow track stars would send her Tweets. She was silent on Twitter.

CLUE #2:
About May just prior to the USA Olympic trials, I learned in an interview with one of Tianna’s trackmates, when asked why the official USA Trials start list had a girl named Tianna Bartoletta qualified? Her track teammate confirmed Tianna had gotten married earlier in the year during “Indoors” and that is her husbands last name. She used Madison on her bib while running in the Olympic Trials but registered with her legal married name.

WHAT? WHO? WHERE? HOW? WHEN? I thought she was focused on her Olympic training and didn’t want any distractions! How could this have happened in such an important time of her life that requires 100% dedication to your sport and training? Who in their right mind gets married just prior to your Olympic trials where you only get one shot at it? No-One! No-One of sound mind that is! There has to be more to this. This makes no sense I thought to myself.

Apparently earlier in the year she married an almost 50 year old gentleman from Tampa, FL. AS I FALL OFF MY CHAIR AGAIN!! This brilliant girl, who is about to become an Olympian, about to win a Gold medal, about to go to Stanford University and study medicine, about to become a Doctor…….marries a 50 year old guy?!!

No way ladies and gentleman. Something stinks in Denmark as they say!!

Well, who is this John Bartoletta? Trusty Google says he is a financial adviser of some sort in the Tampa area. It says he owns a large home and appears to have some wealth. It says he is or was being sued for Fraud by one of his clients who gave him money to invest and grow. I don’t want to slander anyone myself by getting it wrong, so you can read the lawsuit at this link below and decide for yourself, but that is how I interpret the lawsuit. I don’t know the status of it. Google also reveled Tianna’s new husband is the founder of UNation. The website that Tianna supposedly ditched all her friends on Twitter for. Well, we know why now.

Link to lawsuit against John Bartoletta:

Hemenway v. Bartoletta
The Hemenways assert six causes of action in their amended complaint:

(1) Count one for a violation of both § 10(b) of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, 48 Stat. 891, as amended, 15 U.S.C. § 78j(b), and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Rule 10b-5, 17 C.F.R. § 240.10b-5 (2011),

(2) Count two for a violation of Florida Statute § 517.301,

(3) Count three for breach of a fiduciary duty,

(4) Count four for fraud,

(5) Count five for negligence, and

(6) Count six for aiding and abetting a breach of a fiduciary duty.

Link to a home John Bartoletta owns or owned in the past as reported by Tampa Bay News – (Is Tianna Madison being held against her will here? Brainwashed by her new husband?):

So what is the conclusion???????

Perhaps only Tianna knows the real answers but here are some good questions that someone could wonder about or ask:

* Has 27 year old Tianna Madison been Kidnapped by 50 year old John Bartoletta?

* Do we have a Patty Hearst situation on our hands here and Tianna Madison, Olympic gold medalist been Brainwashed?

* Why would Tianna Madison ditch all her Twitter friends for John Bartoletta’s website?

* Why would Tianna Madison allegedly as reported by numerous News organizations and Sports networks say or make threats/ warnings to her parents?

* Why the estrangement (I assume) from her parents not too long after meeting and marrying John Bartoletta?

* Did Tianna or does she now, even know about the John Bartoletta Fraud lawsuit?

* Is Tianna still pursuing her schooling? Medical doctor aspirations? Or has John Bartoletta crushed those dreams?

What’s the story here? Usually when there is smoke there is fire and Tianna Madison’s entire life has been very bizarre ever since meeting her 50 year old husband John Bartoletta!

Tianna Madison’s life was on the path for brilliance prior to meeting John Bartoletta in my opinion. She would have been an Olympian and won Gold, on her way to Stanford to study Medicine, still have parents and a sister who loves her without all this “hate”. An entire amazing life ahead of her!! But it seems on the surface, and I don’t know any of the real facts but only ask questions, do we have a Patty Hurst situation on your hands in an older guy, 50 years, who was or is being accused of Fraud in a court of law, now making all the decisions for an impressionable 27 year old?

I don’t know, full of questions like everyone else. Exercism to take the old, happy, aspiring, great future ahead of her, Tianna back from the grips of the devil?

#justsaying #verysad #SaveTianna

44 Responses to “Has Olympic Gold Medalist Tianna Madison Been Kidnapped And Brainwashed??”

  1. kevinfortruth September 12, 2012 at 10:03 PM #

    Thanks for providing us a very interesting blog. I like how you tied Tianna’s possible situation to the Patty Hurst story – a story I followed for quite a while. Please keep your ear to the ground as you have already and keep us informed if any new information surfaces. Kudo’s to you on some level headed reporting.

    By the way, it sure sounds like you became twitter friends with Tianna and got to know her in your special way. Take a bow for being there for her – and being concerned enough to poke around to put together a highly informative blog. There is value in virtual friendships.

  2. EarthZebra September 12, 2012 at 11:18 PM #

    “Twitter Friends” is not real life. But, I recognize stink when it smells.


  3. alex September 16, 2012 at 2:37 PM #

    Her husband did not kidnap her. He is a control freak. He treats even his close friends very poorly. Talks crap about them. My guess is he called her parents and spewed horrible threats to them. That is his style. Basically thinks he can get away with saying anything. When this all comes out, no one will be saying they are bad parents. They are standing up to him. The only people who can even stand him are on his payroll. I feel bad for Tianna. I’m sure she is a nice girl who feels she owes her life to him. We can only hope he doesn’t turn on her too. She had to chose between her parents and the man in the big house…pulling her puppet strings. Bad choice.

    • Cheryl K. November 28, 2015 at 8:56 AM #

      Very BAD CHOICE !!!!…You pegged him right….

    • Bobby P August 21, 2016 at 1:21 PM #

      I do believe you’re right. I seen him cheer for her in a very aggressive manner and also expressed dissatisfaction from a bad jump. He does appear to be a control freak.She is half his age, it appearsr as though his intentions on marrying a woman that would be his daughter’s age, could be about financial worth. I’m sure as her endorsements start to pour, only time will tell.

  4. EarthZebra September 16, 2012 at 2:52 PM #


    Thanks for the comment.

    That’s my take on the situation too.

    It happens all the time to young girls who marry much older men. Tianna is 23 years younger than her husband. I’d say that Tianna’s Dad is the same age as her new husband. I’m sure that didn’t go over very well with Dad when Tianna introduced her husband to be.

    When a guy is so controlling over a girl, or very jealous for example, it is a sign that they are insecure in themselves. I just can’t believe Tianna would turn on her parents. I suspect her new husband has driven the wedge between so he can have complete control over Tianna.

    Then you throw in the lawsuit against him and you never know, maybe he is having financial troubles and saw Tianna as his meal ticket if she won Gold. I’ll be curious to watch and see how he tries to exploit Tianna.

    All the signs are there!

    • Alex September 16, 2012 at 4:30 PM #

      Ya, I was invited to one of his parties promoting his new, or at this point not so new social media site. At that time, I met his girlfriend. She is also a black girl. My wife and I found her to be very nice but the only interaction they had was more boss and employee. My wife said if I ever talk to her that way, it would end in divorce. Tianna’s parents are in for a big battle. I smell a counter suit . But to bartoletta, it is just more publicity for his site that is in trouble. He saw a chance to get an Olympic athlete onboard, in hopes of saving it.
      I saw on the news that she received a key to the city of Tampa for her win. She’s not a resident of Tampa. No one here even knows who she is. She is just shacking up with some guy here. Elyria should have been where she got the key. Those are her peeps.

      In the end, that town will have nothing to do with her and being his wife here does nothing for her personally. When he turns on her, she will be left with nothing.

      Btw. His house is nice, but I wasn’t impressed. There has been some chatter that he is going bankrupt and it may take that for her to see the man behind the curtain.

      • Arielle October 16, 2012 at 8:15 PM #

        Oh yeah, he loves Black women. Unfortunately, for them!!! LOL!!

  5. EarthZebra September 16, 2012 at 5:14 PM #


    Interesting. Thanks for sharing the 411. Tampa seems like a little clique town. This is why I prefer NYC over any city in the world.

    I don’t think it will be a fight at all. Tianna’s parents only want to see and talk to their daughter. They didn’t file the suit for money or to “win”. As part of the pretrial procedures they get to have a “deposition” with any witnesses and you know who that is going to be with…..Tianna! She has to show up, and they are entitled to be there and they get to see her. That is what this is all about. Regaining some access to their daughter from the grips of whoever is keeping her from them. I suspect after the deposition is taken and they get to see her, they will dismiss the lawsuit.

    Unfortunately though, I don’t think being forced to see her parents at the deposition is going to change anything. She is under the control now of another, and the only way to reverse that is for her to realize it.

    This is like one of those Lifetime channel movies where a teen age girl thinks she’s in love with a really bad guy, has blinders on, and she doesn’t want to listen to her parents teller her anything.

    It’s a sad situation all the way around. I hope it turns out okay though for the parents and Tianna. It’s a shame this John dude had to get his meat hooks into her.


    • Arielle October 16, 2012 at 8:18 PM #

      Omg!! Lifetime movie? I feel a “Dateline: To Catch a Predator” episode coming on with Chris Hansen!! I’m sorry … That was not nice, huh?

  6. Debbie September 20, 2012 at 7:44 PM #

    John Bartoletta has so many lawsuits against him for various bad deeds it would make your head spin

  7. Debbie September 20, 2012 at 7:50 PM #

    He basically lived with another girl and seems to have thrown her to the curb for Tianna. Could have something to do with his impending bankruptcy for himself.

  8. Arielle October 16, 2012 at 7:34 PM #

    You have every right to be concerned about this young lady. People making comments on the news articles blame her family. They have no idea. I blame John Bartoletta. I live in the Tampa area and have met him. What can you say about a man who asked me several times if I was impressed by him? Uh no!! He is an ego-maniac, bragger, name dropping, control freak who has obviously brainwashed and alienated this young woman from her family and friends. He gets pleasure from bragging about some waiter he got fired from a local steakhouse because “he knows people.” What person do you know, who within the first few minutes of meeting you, starts to tell you about everything that you need fixed or changed? Hmm, just saying….lol! There is more I could say about his house (a tomb is more appealing) and an alleged ex wife and estranged child who he claimed have no contact with him, but it’s all just too weird, like him. I gladly stopped dealing with him because he is “slicker than snot.” I feel sorry for Tianna and pray that she can reconcile with her family and see this man for what he really is, before its too late.

    • Debbie October 16, 2012 at 8:16 PM #

      Great comment and very true. Very ugly divorce from that ex-wife and hasn’t seen his child in years. Not even sure he is allowed. Thinks nothing of abusing his employees especially if you are female

      • Arielle October 16, 2012 at 8:30 PM #

        Debbie, Thank you. I am not trying to hate, but I know how my interaction with him went down. I really feel sorry for this young lady. She is young, beautiful, intelligent and obviously a very talented athlete. Yes, I’m sure he had the means to help get her to Olympic gold, but I am sure he doesn’t hesitate to remind her daily of this either! She knows how to run – NOW might be a good time to start. Make a run to the store and head home to Elyria!!! LOL!! But, seriously… I just really pray that her family doesn’t give up on her.

      • Debbie October 16, 2012 at 9:25 PM #

        I feel very sorry also. Knowing him she is not allowed to do anything without his approval. If she does there is hell to pay. If you go against him he looks at you as an enemy

  9. Christina Madison October 17, 2012 at 9:38 PM #

    Earth Zebra I remember you!! We did get to now each other as well through twitter! (Tianna’s little sister) I like your blog…I wont go into detail but thank you for being concerned about her!

    • EarthZebra October 20, 2012 at 1:01 PM #


      Hi Christina! Nice to hear from you again! How are you doing? Love ur hair by the way that I saw in some recent pics from this summer…..so beautiful, and cool looking!

      That’s okay. None of my business. I just found the whole thing so bizarre that I decided to blog about it from my perspective.

      I hope you and all of your family are doing well. Stay in touch!

      I’ll try to find you again on Twitter if you’re still on it.



  10. Christina Madison November 9, 2012 at 9:34 AM #

    yes i’m still on twitter @aleahchris

  11. tony January 22, 2013 at 6:44 PM #

    Man this some crazy sh@t! a fat hairly old twice divorce 50 yro man! damn tianna i would had sponsored your a@@ while training with out the marriage, gut , age and hairyness and uglyness. damn i know its a shortage of brothers but damn?

  12. Goerge White December 28, 2013 at 4:47 PM #

    Hello EZ I like your blog… I knew John Bartoletta on a personal level for about ten years… The first time I met him I caught him in a lie… Needless to say I scan the interwebs every few months to see if John Bartoletta has been sued, committed to a mental institution or arrested for securities fraud… He made my skin crawl like no other human on earth… Are there any updates on this “ringmaster’s” circus? What was the outcome of Hemenway Vs. Bartoletta? Has he completely destroyed this poor young woman yet?

  13. Jay T. January 20, 2014 at 10:27 PM #

    To say he’s a control freak is an understatement. He once threatened to kill me over something really innocuous. Also I saw that he was willing to launder large amounts of drug money but I’m not sure he ever did.

    • Debbie January 26, 2014 at 12:07 PM #

      He is always threatening people and judging by his extremely scary rage that he gets into who knows what he is capable of, I decided a long time ago to stay far away from him for my own safety

  14. nurse January 28, 2014 at 5:22 PM #

    oh my god! I dated him and everything that’s being said is true in the posts below he threatened me on my graduation day and always had some far fetched lie he cruises on dating sites looking for black girls promises Them the moon and the stars poor girl I almost fell for him it really scares me that my intuition was this poor I pride myself on being able to read people! something was fishy when it came to him. I too am a medical student.

  15. Stina Madison June 14, 2014 at 8:08 PM #

    Hey Guys, Tianna’s sister here…as of now Tianna still doesn’t speak to us it has been roughly more than 2 years now. I am not 100% sure it is all by her own will, but you never know. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to keep Tianna close in our hearts.

    • Momma 4 April 14, 2016 at 1:16 PM #

      So sad. I’m sorry. I had the displeasure of knowing him too. He told.me he had a wife in another country that the US didn’t acknowledge as a marriage so he could hide $$. He’s a piece of work. Definitely not someone to trust in ANY way.

  16. Disappointed June 28, 2014 at 7:23 PM #

    So disappointing to hear. I really admire her (knew she was fantastic academically in college) and just saw that she had changed her name so I googled her and this is where I ended up. Tragic. Hopefully she will come to her senses soon.

  17. EarthZebra June 28, 2014 at 10:22 PM #


    Well, it’s not a bad place to end up!

    Thanks for your comment!




    Hey girl! Long time no see on Twitter. How have you been? How is mom and dad? Looks like the sis won a USA Championship today! Pretty awesome! While she probably will name drop credit to the hubster to give him validity, we all know your sis is a special person who will succeed at anything she sets her mind too and doesn’t require a hanger on’er sponge to be successful! Don’t worry, she’ll speak with you again someday. Love, brainwashing, or whatever it is, only lasts so long. She’ll snap out of it! We only have one family and nothing can take the place of our own blood loved ones. Hope you are doing well, and feel free to post some more pics on Twitter….Geeesh! :)!



    • Debbie June 30, 2014 at 7:40 PM #

      Keep looking for news that they are divorcing. Shocked that it is going on as long as it has with her hubby. Don’t worry, he is in so much legal trouble right now its only a matter of time

      • Stina Madison July 7, 2014 at 3:24 PM #

        Debbie, My fear is he will only divorce her when she is “no longer useful” to him. But I will be there for her when the time comes. I’m not sure if she is aware of the legal trouble but I pray it doesn’t follow her since she is legally married to him now.

    • Stina Madison July 7, 2014 at 3:22 PM #

      Hey you! I’ll get on twitter again soon…no Instagram for you? Yes Tianna has always been extremely talented, sooner or later she will not need any validation from anyone to understand that. It sucks as our family continues to grow, find success, and enjoy each other she is not a part of it. But we are all okay, we stay hopeful. If you are on instagram find me my IG is stina_aleah

  18. Cheryl K. November 28, 2015 at 8:55 AM #

    WOW !!!…I’m just seeing this …sorry so late, but this man is a BEAST !!!…I have know him for quite sometime….I have been to his home on more than one occasion, parties and just to have small chat. From the first time meeting him….I always knew something was very sinister about him….I even knew his former girlfriend, and my heart goes out to her, As for this new young girl he has married, her family has ever right to get her from this evil man…..His motivation is $$$$$$……his intentions for her are NO GOOD !!!…..I have a very personal story on his history…..None is good…..My heart goes out to this girls family….Maybe one day she will see the light on him……in plain talk…..NO penis or the flash of stolen money from people who worked hard for what they have, is worth your on self esteem……Good luck to her family…..Sometimes the devil is hard, but with lots of prayer…..EVEN the devil will flee…..Keep praying….

    • Jessi May 11, 2020 at 11:34 PM #

      Hey can u send me private message about what kind of man he is ?

      • Red January 22, 2021 at 8:23 PM #

        I can give you more information about him!

      • EarthZebra January 22, 2021 at 9:47 PM #

        No. I don’t care about him. My post was about Tianna and my relationship.

    • Neicy May 24, 2021 at 12:51 AM #

      Looking for any information about John Bartoletta.

  19. Jessica J January 14, 2016 at 11:59 PM #

    WOW!! this is so crazy. I just said yes to an option on facebook to link my contacts to FB and this crazy name came up. I pride myself on having an over active vivid intuition… which makes me even arriving at this blog soooooo eerie because I have never met John in person, but was contacted by him years ago on a dating site. this was like 2005-2007. For some reason He made my skin crawl and I would feel something really strong and off about him. He came across as someone with an insane ego and need for control. I described him to my mom and believed he showed characterestics of a megomaniac and a sociopath. He tried to wow me with pics of his home etc. He called me several times and and once I heard his voice, my physical reaction to it was in synch with what I perceived. There was something fowl about this man. He began telling me that he wanted to marry me and promising me the world and talking as if we knew each other intimately for years, yet we had never met and this was one of our first phone conversations. I was in the car with my mom and I told him I couldn’t really talk because she was there and he even wanted me to put her on the phone because he was dead serious. Then I did something that set him off in a bizarre rage, I laughed at him. When he heard me laughing at him he freaked out. This made me realize that I may be dealing with a mentally ill person and became afraid of interacting with him. This did not stop me from snooping around to confirm my intuition that something was seriously off with this man and then…. 16 years later I stumble upon this. I agree and support your intuition. You and her family are 100% correct. Tiana turning on her family and dropping out of site far away from her friends and fans is typical text book behavior by an emotionally abused woman that is with a controlling man. There is something wring here for sure. One other thing that I remember was his strong macho personality that was very aggressive. I can only imagine what this veteran shit talker said to her to convince her that he is a dream maker. He did not technically do anything to me but he made me feel he was unstable and dangerous due to the extreme reaction he had to me laughing at him. It was scary. I really feel for her. I was in a similar situation with this same personality type.. he will isolate her and make her feel that everything she is and does is because of him and he will tell her that everyone else is only going to fill her head with lies and that they want to tear them apart because they are jealous and don’t really love her or have her best interests in mind. . He may even threaten her not to
    leave him. He will convince her that he knows best. it is a form of brainwashing he will stripper of her self-esteem and re-create it making him as her king and provider and make her believe that she owes it all to him. I survived this drama before. The important thing are people like you who have intuition and speak up and use this means and social media to speak your mind. It is also important for family and friends NOT to give up on her. They need to be just as aggressive and clever as he is to get her to see her family. God Bless

    • Arielle June 21, 2016 at 1:56 PM #

      Wow! I just read some more of the comments and they are all accurate! Especially the dating website. I met him on dating site, years ago and he attached a link to company video of him in the email. I met him in person for lunch and needless to say, my inner bell was ringing the entire time. He said didn’t like my fingernail color. He was bragging and name dropping. He kept asking me if I was “blown away by him.” No, I wasn’t and I left him alone after that. All I can say is: notice she credits him with her success in every interview. Hmmm!? I hope that she reconciles with her family one day.

  20. Glamazon July 4, 2016 at 5:53 AM #

    Found this blog because I’ve been wondering what was up with the name change after watching her at trials, and her general disposition yesterday just gave off a different vibe than what I saw in London! Well wishes for her and her family.

    • Tony August 22, 2016 at 3:11 AM #

      Classic example of isolate and abuse. This guy is destroying her mentally…and by the sounds of his character…he soon will destroy her physically.

  21. STACY HUTTON August 18, 2016 at 12:21 AM #

    Joanne us the kindest, most genuine woman I have ever met. God gave her two amazing daughters. I hope someday Tianna will remember where she came from.

  22. STACY HUTTON August 18, 2016 at 12:23 AM #

    Joanne is the kindest, most genuine woman I have ever met. God gave her two amazing daughters. I hope someday Tianna will remember where she came from.

  23. Tony August 22, 2016 at 3:07 AM #

    I was shocked when I saw the name change also. She didn’t even hyphenate and keep her maiden name like most of the other married female athletes do. He has totally disconnected her from her family and identity. And I know I may offend some people but this is (racist) America and I’m trying to figure out what an old,mean,bitter ass,white man born in the 60’s has in common with a young ,vibrant African American woman who has her whole life ahead of her? As a black man, I could understand a little more if it was a young white male, closer to her age who, lets admit may be quite more cultured and has experienced interacting with blacks via school,college etc. But this is an old ass, 1960’s segregation era white man!!..I’m having a hard time understanding the connection here. Him being a bad apple and seemingly a complete asshole and ticking time-bomb just irks me even more as to how she fell for his ass. I’m going to keep it real and honest here. Sad to say but I’m afraid this wont end well. Unstable,blowhard,pompous,most likely insanely jealous and possessive. Is in and out of financial trouble, a seemingly out of control,self centered control freak by the repeated testimony from the women who commented here…He’s abusing her mentally right now..which will soon progress into physical abuse if she dares try to speak up or voice her opinion. Her only way out is when she gets time alone away from him is to call the police or her parents and tell them she is afraid to leave and afraid for her life, so they can have someone come meet her. If she tries to leave in his presence….99.5% chance he will kill her…and in typical coward fashion..take his own life as well. This is a classic example of manipulate,isolate,use, abuse then kill. I’ve seen this happen a couple of times in my life. She may try to pretend as if everything is all good on the outside and even still be successful in the Olympics.. but thats because shes physically gifted and athletics come easy to her. But I have a bad feeling about this guy… pray for her….EVERYBODY!!!

  24. Scatman August 20, 2017 at 11:55 AM #

    The way folk describe Bartoletta sounds like a John DuPont/ Dave Schultz relationship…. thankfully without the tragic ending!

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