Casey Anthony Off Probation Hooks Up With Prince Harry In Las Vages In Epic Party!

21 Aug

To post or not?! Casey said, go ahead it’s out already.

I spoke with Casey and she doesn’t want to talk about or comment on her release from probation and ties to Florida! But…CASEY ANTHONY IS FREE!

The pics of Casey and Harry speak for themselves.

2 Responses to “Casey Anthony Off Probation Hooks Up With Prince Harry In Las Vages In Epic Party!”

  1. JanCorey August 23, 2012 at 8:01 PM #

    Good for Harry!

  2. JanCorey August 23, 2012 at 8:03 PM #

    Cogratulations Casey Anthony as you proved all those disbelievers wrong as they repeatedly claimed you would be convicted of the most serious charges against you, which was totally wrong, and then they claimed you would never complete your probation without a conviction against you. You proved them all to be idiots. And, thank you Casey, educated viewers always knew you could do this. Again, Congratulations. Can’t wait till you start popping out some more little-Caylees. I only hope some person threatens you and gets gunned down to prove noone should never threaten innocent people like you and they should have learned their lesson by your gracious actions. Educated-people love you Casey! Now, it’s time to go after those that posted threatening and negative comments about you on the internet, Internet regulations have changed and you’re in for a boat-load of money against those idiot bloggers for sure, Baez kept records of all of that from Day-One. Time for some prison time for some commentors, imo.

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