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EarthZebra’s Theory of The Meaning of Life and Creation!

27 Aug

Is there life after death?
Are there other forms of life other than on Earth?
Do other Universes exist?
What is the Meaning of Life?

All questions asked for thousands of years by human beings on Earth. A search for answers to “How did we get here?”

Well, I’ve figured it out and the answer is Yes!! to all those questions!

Inside each human body is a “Soul”. Not a human body soul but “your Soul” placed in that human body. You know, that inner voice that talks to you all day long. The inner voice that we have come to know as our thoughts. That inner voice who is the real us, versus the us everyone sees on our exterior bodies! This voice is our “Soul” and the real “Us”.

The human body is only a carrier to our Souls. Nothing more than a borrowed body that we are assigned prior to coming to Earth.

Think of it this way. Let’s say an entire Universe exists way far, far away behind the 12’th black hole, next to the 3’rd Milky Way. This is where all “The Souls” live. It’s a very happy place based on knowledge and learning. A kind place where there are no such things as wars, guns, or mean people. There are no physical bodies like here on Earth. we are all like floating balloons that glow. Or if you ever saw the movie Cocoon, I’d even be willing to go with glowing bodies. #greatmovie Basically we can take whatever form we want.

And as part of our schooling in this far off universe, each of “Us/Souls” are required to come to earth and live here so that we can learn all the things that “We” should not be. Greed. Jealousy. Meanness. Bullying. Spite. Hate. Lust. Lying. And on and on that people on Earth so easily display to one another.

When we are about to come to Earth we are all assigned a body to host our soul. We don’t get to choose the body we get, it is assigned to us by our elders. Sometimes they screw up and get the body genders wrong and that is how people can be Gay on Earth. They are really the opposite sex Soul, just given the wrong Earth gender body. It’s not really considered a problem as the lessons that are too be leaned by our Souls being in an Earth Human body doesn’t have anything to do with sexual gender preference. Gay humans are just as cruel as all other humans.

“Souls” live for a very long time time. Thousands of years. There are new souls and old souls. Sometimes a “Soul” can choose to come back to Earth and be put into a body just as a refresher experience. It has almost become a sporting event or amusement park for “Souls” to come to Earth because it is so funny to “Souls” how stupid humans are. And 70 – 100 years on Earth is nothing when you live as a “Soul” for thousands of years. Many “Souls” choose to keep coming back to Earth frequently to see if they can try to help the bodies here. Other “Souls” don’t want to come back ever, as what they saw on their first visit to Earth was sickening!

I think that when people talk about Heaven, they are really talking about when their “host human body” dies, “We” go somewhere. Well, “We” do! Our “Soul” leaves our temporary host body, and goes back to behind the 12’th black hole, next to the 3’rd Milky Way with the knowledge of what not to be from our time on Earth. It’s not Heaven. It’s not God. It’s home. It is the home where we all live. All the souls.

Earth is not a good place. It’s population of bodies are a very good place for “Souls” to come and learn about the darker side of existence.

I am happy to know that the “Body” that I have been assigned here on Earth is not the real me!

I am happy to know that “That little Voice Inside of this Body” is the real me!


EXCLUSIVE: Prince Harry to possibly face RAPE Charges from Vegas Romp!

23 Aug

Unless you have been living in a cave for the past few days, you probably have seen the photos that have surfaced of Prince Harry naked with a naked female from last Friday night.

The media and public is portraying the photos as clean innocent royal fun during a Las Vegas vacation.

But is this the truth? Looks like Harry is forcing himself from behind into his victim. If I’m not mistaken, this is RAPE!

Here is the photo:

Is there a “Victim” out there who is sick to her stomach that everyone is glorifying what was a horrible, horrible attack on her?

Was the real reason the photos were released was because it is very clear that a Rape occurred?

Has TMZ, the media, and public decided to glorify the photos as a snicker, snicker, bad boy Prince is just being horny Harry?! He’s just being Harry, soiling his royal oats?! (Yes, we know it’s “sew your royal oats” but Rape is Hell, and “soil” is one step closer to Hell)!

Why is there no investigation? Why does the Prince get a pass?

Lets suppose what could have happened:

1.) His royalness invites some girls back to the room. Everyone is drunk.

2.) Harry and another girl head to the Pool room where they find a way to get naked. Perhaps a game of strip pool, perhaps just on their own.

3. Harry won’t take NO as NO.

4. Harry grabs her from behind, holding her arms to her stomach and RAPES her!

5. Her friend who is watching, snaps the photos and releases them to the public for the purpose of exposing Prince Harry for Rape.

6. However instead of the world being up in arms about a Rape, they glorify the rapist as a stud.


Casey Anthony Off Probation Hooks Up With Prince Harry In Las Vages In Epic Party!

21 Aug

To post or not?! Casey said, go ahead it’s out already.

I spoke with Casey and she doesn’t want to talk about or comment on her release from probation and ties to Florida! But…CASEY ANTHONY IS FREE!

The pics of Casey and Harry speak for themselves.