UPDATE: PROOF! USATF Ignores It’s Own 2012 “Timing Rules” For $$$$$$$$$!

26 Jun

My post a few days ago about how the USATF is letting “corporate greed” decide who places 3’rd in the Women’s 100m race and goes on to compete at the 2012 London Olympics for the USA was met with a lot of controversy and some people saying I am crazy.

You can read the blog here and decide for yourself:  https://earthzebra.com/2012/06/24/corporate-greed-decides-2012-usa-olympic-trials-womens-100m-finals-race/


In the 2012 USATF Rules they clearly spell out how “Timing” is suppose to go down!

****  Page 89, Rule #165 Timing ****

What you are seeing above is Rule #165, 2.0, clearing stating that “automated timing” should be used as the official timing.

So, how do you define “automated timing”.    There are two parts to it.

A.)   The first part basically clocks the time component.   This is the most precise Timing System we have and is very precise and is considered the most accurate of all ways to time a Track & Field race event.   It’s so accurate it can clock to 0.001 (a thousandth of a second) of a difference between competitors!   This is the reason the USATF has NEVER HAD A TIE!!!


Here is the USATF Rule on how this version of this to happen:

Well, it recorded the two times correctly between Jeneba Tarmoh and Allyson Felix to .001 of a second as it does at every major meet in the world and as the meet Official Timer Person(s) posted on the Scoreboard, and USATF.org posted on their results page on the internet.    That should have been it.  Race decided.  That’s it, done. The USA Women’s 100M Olympic Trials event should have been over.  Why anyone would further inspect it is ….obvious!   The “sugar runner” did not qualify and $$$$$$$ panics all the track “big wigs”! This involves big money for the USATF and many others.

(I can’t find the image of the scoreboard or USATF.org Live Results page – conveniently erased!)…. but there was a .001 one thousandths difference between Allyson and Jeneba, thus at the time Jeneba Tarmoh was declared the third place winner based on the “Automated Timing clock component which measures to .001 of an second.

****  Now lets move onto Page 92 of the USATF Rules and Video Timing! ****

This is where the USATF is trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and commit FRAUD so that the greedy money hungry entities will still support the sport!

The second part of “electronic timing” is Video Timing.   This is where the camera takes something like 3,000 frames a second (on good camera’s) and pieces them together drawing a line as each athletes torso crosses the finish line.   The problem with the Video Timing is it’s only good for 0.01 (a hundredth of a second).  Compared to .001 (a thousandth of second) with the time clock.

Here is the rule and a photo to help make all Video Timing clear:

Two things noteworthy in the USATF Video Timing Rules…..

A.)   It only measures to .01 (a hundredth of a second), compared to the more accurate Automated clock time which is accurate to .001 (a thousandth of a second).

B.)  According to the USATF own rules they clearly state that the Video is “intended to be a backup” to the Automated clock timing.

****  CONCLUSIONS ****

Well it leads to many questions which I’m the only one asking and have the balls to ask them!!!!!!!!!

1.)   The official “field” timer declared Jeneba the winner clearly because the Automated clock time said she won 3’rd by .001 second.    #FACT

2.)  The UATF.org website updated their Live Results to  Jeneba won 3’rd on their website posting the same time difference between Jeneba and Allyson by .001 seconds as on the stadium scoreboard.    #FACT

3.)   Jeneba was allowed to go through the celebrations of winning 3’rd and take part in the Press conference as the 3’rd place finisher headed to the Olympics!   This had to be at least an hours time.  #FACT

4.)  The USATF Rules clearly say the Automated clock time will take precedence over all other times including Video times which should only be used as a back up, unless the official timer can prove the equipment failed.   #ItDidNotFail   The Automated time clock which can measure to .001 (one thousandth of a second), posted the real times and Jenabe won 3’rd by .001 of a second!  #LiveWithIt  The Video timing system can not match the same level of time measurement as the clock can.

5.)   Who is the person(s) who decided to change the time to a tie?  Compared to the “On the field ruling” that Jeneba won 3’rd?????????????????????   This person needs to be prosecuted by law enforcement or certainly questioned.   This is possibly Fraud.   This is possibly Conspiracy.   This is possibly Collusion.

6.)  If Allyson had been the athlete who was .001 ahead, would the same “Reversal of Accurate Results” been done?   I say, no way!   This is only happening because the Corporate Cash Cow didn’t make the team in this event!

7.)  It clearly says in the rules that the Automated Timing should be recorded to .001 of a second!  Period!   What the USATF is doing, is IGNORING this Rule.   They are completely dismissing this rule and relying only on the Video Rule of .01 time measurement.  YOU DON’T GET TO #KANGAROOCOURT WHAT RULES YOU DECIDE TO USE.   YOU CAN NOT USE .01 WHENEVER CONVENIENT TO THE USATF!!!!!  DO YOU THINK WE ARE STUPID?  YES, YOU DO!

8.)  Who are the people involved in Ignoring their own rule that Times should be based on .001 of a second

When something stinks like you just stepped on DogSh*t, you suspect it to be  the neighbors dog that came over and sh*t on  your lawn.  But in this case, it’s not the neighbor’s dog, it our own USATF who taking a dump on us all and especially Jeneba Tarmoh, the real victim in this debacle and potential FRAUD!

7 Responses to “UPDATE: PROOF! USATF Ignores It’s Own 2012 “Timing Rules” For $$$$$$$$$!”

  1. kevinfortruth June 26, 2012 at 11:21 PM #

    How naive of me – I thought the only cheating in the Olympics or even Olympic trials had to do with judges in figure skating. It is always so obvious there – rules are rules – except when corporate sponsors get involved – endorsements carry more clout than any rules.

    I think you should start a petition on change.org that would throw out the person who made this decision.

    Rules are rules – on any given day anyone in the top 10 – 12 athletes could end up in the top three – and that is why the favorites have to be on their game all the time – they need to rest, eat, train, and be mentally prepared for those big races – and when they come in fourth, they need to walk away and let the surprise third place winner get the credit for being better prepared for this ONE race. …. and who knows, this surprise winner might actually come in first in the Olympics – give her a chance to do even better.

  2. EarthZebra June 27, 2012 at 11:37 AM #

    The first guy to review the results is Roger Jennings with a company called Flash Results (www.FlashResults.com) who manage the timing systems for the Trials. But the real question, is in the hour after he declared Jeneba the 3’rd place finisher, who reversed the ruling?


    To me, it really doesn’t matter and isn’t something I’m going to spend my time on. I don’t have a bone in the fight so to speak. I decided to blog on this because I don’t like when people try to take advantage of other people. Someone is trying to manipulate their own result wishes onto the rest of us.

    Jeneba earned her spot, let her have it.

  3. mhannigan September 7, 2012 at 8:39 PM #

    In a previous post, you stated “the third place finisher and it was Jeneba Tarmoh by 0.0001 seconds”. Which is correct”? That makes a HUGE difference.

    Also in your previous post, you clearly stated that Allyson Felix is the better athlete: “…Jeneba Tarmoh who ran the race of her life! The chances of her duplicating or bettering her time is 50/50. The odds of Allyson Felix having a better race is pretty much about 90%”.

    I don’t follow any of your logic. Are you her mother by any chance?


  4. EarthZebra September 7, 2012 at 9:59 PM #

    No, I’m ur mother, go to your room.

  5. MIke September 8, 2012 at 1:06 AM #

    I’d still like to know. Which time is correct? .0001 (from your previous post) or .001 (from this post). If your first post is correct, and the difference was .0001, then your point is moot, since the rules indicate that the only 3 digits after the decimal will be considered.

  6. EarthZebra September 8, 2012 at 11:44 AM #


    It was .001. That was a typo and is now corrected. Good catch.

    I’ve Googled it several times to find a photo of the stadium scoreboard but can’t find a photo of it anywhere. When the race was complete the stadium scoreboard shows times to a thousandth, .001 and it clearly had Jeneba in 3’rd by .001. It’s all automatic. No human interference or interpretation. It was only after the USATF and NBC didn’t like the results that they decided to ignore the official time (automatic), and declare that their visual inspection of the photo finish is more accurate than the very sensitive automatic time. The fix was in and the official rules out the window. Granted it was .001 difference, but if we aren’t going to rely on the official timer, no matter how small, why even bother to have it.

    The USATF is a self serving, corrupt organization with no oversight as to fair play or financial fairness to the athletes.

  7. Josh February 26, 2013 at 1:03 AM #

    Roger was the one who looked and changed the result right away, USATF had nothing to do with it. As a timer myself I correct things on the spot. If you search Roger Jennings interview you can hear him explain why he made the decision himself. You have to understand that whats on the scoreboard is only correct 99.99% of the time. It happens to all of us at some point. I’ve seen the picture of the finish, it’s pretty damn close, their cameras take images at about 2500 to 3000 frames per second. Also the last thing, the times on the scoreboard don’t show times to the .00X only .00 so it will show times as: 11.93 not 11.923 (times have to rounded up to the nearest hundredth (.0X).

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