Michael Phelps [Swimmer] – We Don’t Want You Representing da USA @ London Olympics!

6 May

Nice little story tonight on CBS 60 Minutes!

Sorry “bud”, we don’t want you representing the USA at this years London Olympics!

Why you ask?!!

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Further to why…you pretty much explained it in your interview. You are an arrogant ass, and your mom is as well! You have changed from a nice young man to an entitled d*ck head!


2 Responses to “Michael Phelps [Swimmer] – We Don’t Want You Representing da USA @ London Olympics!”

  1. Aymen May 25, 2012 at 7:32 AM #

    Oops. I’m back one FINAL time before going on my 2 month smemur vacation . I actually expected the defense experts to create some doubt, but after seeing today’s cross examination of Dr. Huntington it’s now clear that Casey is doomed without any hope. I can’t believe Baez would bother calling this witness since he literally scored points for the prosecution’s theory of death AND also had his pig experiment proven totally irrelevant upon cross examination. Let’s look at how Dr. Huntington hurt the defense: 1) Dr. Huntington admitted that Caylee was most likely dumped in the woods 2-3 days after her death (thus agreeing with the state and disagreeing with Baez’s theory about Kronk hiding the body for months before dumping it in the woods). LOL. I mean, that totally undermines the defense in every possible way. 2) Dr. Huntington also admitted that Casey’s trunk still smelled 2 years later (not a very likely scenario from a bag of trash, LOL). And after claiming that the lingering smell could’ have been caused by trash, he then admitted that the trash had virtually no food items (e.g. thus it wasn’t very likely caused by trash). As a side note: With so many prosecution witnesses testifying about the decomposition (smell, fluid and air samples) the defense needed to HIT A GRAND SLAM on this topic to raise any doubt, but they totally failed. 3) Dr. Huntington admitted that his pig studies were not done with the same conditions present in Casey’s trunk. He admitted that the pigs were not wrapped in a blanket or bags while placed in the trunk (as Caylee’s body was) thus totally invalidating his PIG STUDY’s relevance to this case. LOL. Unless he wrapped the pigs (like Caylee’s body was wrapped) then his results are literally irrelevant. DUH! He’s mixing apples and oranges (more like apples and dirt). As a side note: I think it’s a bit amusing how many defense attorneys were screaming bloody murder when Dr. Vass’s expertise was allowed in court (a man whose entire career involves studying real decomposing bodies) but yet these same attorneys seem to praise Dr. Huntington’s PIG STUDY (LOL) as an example of real science which can be used to decide this case. I think defense attorneys have entered the land known as BIZARRO WORLD. As I said before, a good defense attorney should have CONCEDED that a dead body was in Casey’s trunk since that fact has been established by TOO MANY PEOPLE (Baez should have said that Casey dumped the body after Caylee drowned due to panicking , he should NOT have used the Roy Kronk body snatcher theory and the George Anthony Body Dumper theory). Attempting to challenge the presence of a dead body in her trunk (with a body snatcher theory) only makes the jury question the rest of Baez’s explanations about other issues (e.g. if Baez can’t be trusted to admit the truth on the trunk issue, why should they believe him about the accident theory either?). By the way, for those people who claim that the jury doesn’t have to believe a word Baez says in order to acquit Casey (e.g. presumption of innocence, burden of proof is on the state) I’ll just point out that the state has already PROVED THEIR CASE and MET THEIR BURDEN in open court, thus the jury will now look to Baez to give them a reasonable doubt to overcome the state’s powerful case. In other words, if the jury doesn’t believe Baez’s theory then they can legally convict Casey based on the state’s evidence already presented, if they believe it. To be honest I don’t really care what the jury decides. If they acquit her then I certainly won’t lose any sleep over it since there are FAR greater injustices in the world committed every day (starving kids dying every day all over the world). The reason I type such LONG posts isn’t because I care about this case really (since I usually only watch the video highlights reported in the news), it’s because I type 100 words per minute. I’ll be going on a 2 month vacation beginning this weekend, so this will be my FINAL post on this blog (that much I can promise everybody). I won’t be around when the verdict is delivered, thus I won’t be here to EAT CROW if my predictions are wrong, LOL. I trust that any CROW served will be barbecued first, since that’s how I like it.

  2. Luke C. July 31, 2012 at 3:55 AM #

    You are a complete idiot. Michael Phelps is awesome and has honored this country more then any other athlete has in decades, so what if he smokes weed based on your web page you Probaly do to. And it would be much worse to see him shooting up stareroids. And you bashing his mom is messed up. YOU ARE A COMPLETE TOOL.

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