EARTHZEBRA EXCLUSIVE…Whitney Houston Cause of Death is Coronary Heart Attack

11 Feb


Whitney Houston, just passed away 3 hours ago of a heart attack and all the news media can “sensationalize” is her drug addiction!

CNN, FOX NEWS, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and every wanna-be news media organization has nothing to report other than ALCOHOL, DRUGS, CO-DEPENDENT, BEATINGS, ABUSER, ENABLER, COCAINE, MARIJUANA, ………..”and it looks like she didn’t move on from the drugs”!…they say!

Just the facts:

1.) Clive Davis is throwing his party tonight…Pre-Grammy party at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Whitney is staying at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

2.) Whitney was among other people around 3PM and most certainly is not going to be high on crack, cocaine, or drunk for this very important party.

3.) Whitney’s body organs have been weakened over the years by her cocaine use and god and her only know what else.

3PM in the afternoon getting ready for a very important party with your mentor Clive Davis, with make-up, friends, stylists, around you and you’re coking things up? Bullshit! This is not true say our sources!

Whitney Houston died of a Heart Attack say our sources close to the artist! (The autopsy will be the definitive answer.)

News media who are saying she “must have” died from drug abuse…shame on you!


4 Responses to “EARTHZEBRA EXCLUSIVE…Whitney Houston Cause of Death is Coronary Heart Attack”

  1. truth February 12, 2012 at 1:56 AM #

    Why are you going to put cocaine and marijuana in the same sentence?

  2. aar095 February 12, 2012 at 12:26 PM #

    The police deny that there were any drugs in the Hilton Hotel room or signs of foul play. Whitney had her entire entourage there getting her ready for an important Hollywood event. She had spoken to her mom and aunt Dionne Warwick on the phone only a half an hour before her body was discovered in the bathtub.

    The most likely cause of death is a heart attack. Sometimes a hot bath can induce a cardiac event. It is entirely possible that chronic drug use in years past played a role in this tragedy, but Whitney had been drug free and was on her road to recovery having just finished a movie to be released this summer and even sang Jesus Loves Me the night before her death at a public event.

  3. aar095 February 12, 2012 at 12:55 PM #

    The police did not find any illegal drugs, but Whitney was taking the prescribed drug Xanax which controls anxiety disorder. The reports are conflicting as to alcohol. She was getting ready for a big Hollywood Grammy Party and, after telephoning her mother and aunt Dionne Warwick, stepped into a hot bath before being discovered unresponsive by a member of her entourage one half hour later. It is possible she drowned or had a heart attack. The toxicology report and the autopsy will provide more definitive answers. What a shining star, a classy beautiful woman, will be missed by so many.


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