CASEY ANTHONY Not Guilty Verdict Correct! Inside Casey’s Mind – 6 Months After the Verdict!

10 Feb

Lets not forget that Casey Anthony is NOT anything other than a real person and reads your comments!

This is a girl who is just like you and me. We are here. We do our best in life. We try to gain our parents respect.

It has now come to light in the court appointed psychologists transcripts that Casey was raped at a party a few years earlier which produced the birth of Cayley. Casey was raped when drugged unconscious and this explains everything!

Casey Anthony, on the surface, appears to have done a lot of crazy things, but as the real facts now dribble out6 months after the verdict, it makes perfect sense!

All a person has to do, is put yourself in her position and it’s not so difficult for a rational thinking person to come to the conclusion she deserves her Not Guilty verdict! I know there are many out there who can’t get past the media’s twisting of the truth, the hot shot media jockeys sensationalizing this story for every rating dollar, but the facts are the facts. Casey Anthony did not kill her daughter and those are the facts.

Here is why……

* “Seduce Her with Chloroform” searches on her computer.
* Father of Caylee not told to parents.
* Pregnancy hidden.
* Aloofness and secretiveness with her parents when it comes to Cayley.

When she saw her boyfriend post on MySpace the photo about Chloroform, she searched for it on the computer to see if maybe this is what happened to her when she was raped several years earlier. It makes complete sense when you are raped and a child is had from the rape, that you would try to hide it. The traumatic guilt of not knowing how you got pregnant would more than cause you to be secretive about who the father is and the child.

#2.) A fantasy job at Universal Studios.
Suppose all of your life you have been told by your mother that you are a failure. Suppose all of your teenage years, your dad molested you, making you question your worth as a human being. Suppose you were then drugged, and raped at a party and got pregnant. Suppose you had an cool job at Universal Studios and then got fired. How the heck are you going to come home and tell mom and dad that you failed again, “in their eyes”? and got fired! You won’t. So you lie about it and keep going with that lie as far as you can.

#3.) Zanny the Nanny
Again, your family dynamic is such that your mother tries to run every aspect of your life. She belittles you, berates you, and your father is the guy who you and he have a dark little secret together. You have a fake job, you feel you are a complete loser at this point, and just need some time to get away from your parents home once in awhile. So, one day when mom is giving you sh*t again about having to always take care of “your child”, you make up something to give you a little breathing room. you tell her you are doing very well at work, got a promotion, and can now afford a Nanny. Your mom is proud of you for finally getting your act together and that makes you very happy! You aren’t doing anything all day, so you just keep telling her you are going to work and Zanny the Nanny has Cayley. You come up with the name Zanny as short for Zanex because your mom needs to “Chill” and stop giving you sh*t! Heck, the job lie worked, so go with a nanny lie too. Makes perfect sense.

#4.) The Day Caylee Dies in the Pool
Let’s say you are home with your Dad. Of course Dad is the one who has always been the one to be the “Master of ‘Family’ Secrets” as he and you have had a big one for a very long time. Also, Dad used to be a cop and knows how to handle a good cover-up should you ever need one. Mom leaves the ladder up the night before, Caylee climbs in without a life jacket and drowns. Dad finds her, you come out of the house to find Dad in tears, and the dramatic next few hours begin. Dad says, there is no way we can call the police. Maybe George and Casey were having another one of their private secret moments and are not watching Caylee. Whatever was distracting George and Casey from watching Caylee, if even anything, Caylee drowned that morning. Kids sometimes just get out of your sight for a moment and that’s enough time for something tragic to happen. George takes over, and in a typical belittling, controlling, family way, says “you Casey are going to be to blame for this. Your mother is going to blame you and never ever forgive you”! George and Casey are terrified of what could come next if they call the police. Everything about their life will be exposed. It will be found out the sexual abuse that has taken place. Casey and George realize she will be charged with manslaughter! Cindy will never forgive either of them. There is no option to call the police. George must do something! So, he does. He takes Caylee’s body, dresses her, wraps her up in a blanket, puts her in a trash bag, and puts her in Casey’s trunk. Time is too short to dispose of the body and this is the only option. He tells Casey to act normal. Do not come home tonight. Drive the car away from the home and act normal. Act normal. Act normal or else we both will be exposed!

#5.) The Next 30 days
* Casey and George hatch a plan
* Casey continues her fake life
* George tells Casey to stay away from her mom
* Act normal. Act normal. Act normal.
* Dump the body, quick

With Caylee in the trunk, Casey has no other option but to align herself with her Dad. She continues to go about life in a normal way. Fake, all-be-it but normal for Casey. She compartmentalizes and hides her pain, which she has done all of her life. It is normal for her. Casey feeds mom a steady stream of Bullsh*t each day. She hangs out, goes out, and by all means does not go home! George realizes that the body is going to start stinking pretty soon, so he arranges with Casey for he and her to dump the body someplace. Casey and George say their goodbyes to Caylee. George knows that bugs are going to get in the bag and puts duck tape over Caylees mouth and nose. Casey puts a heart on it and they both dispose of the body in the trash bag just as they have with previous family burials of beloved pets.

#6.) Cindy Anthony Has Had Enough!
* George can’t handle Cindy’s pressure and neither can Casey!
* Casey ditches the car
* George is folding like a tent, they fight about it under the pressure.
* The plan unravels and the police enter the picture!

This is where everything starts heading down hill for George and Casey. They are fighting, and cracking under the stress. Cindy is full force against both. Where is Caylee? Where is Casey? George is doing his best to divert and keep Cindy calm but she’s not having any of it. Casey is staying as far away as she can. Casey runs out of gas and shows up at the home when she knows only George is there. George knows Casey’s car is a problem. He tells her to ditch it after he smells the problem when Casey runs out of gas. They will tell everyone it ran out of gas and got stolen. But, the car is towed to a yard and George is forced to go get the car. He had expected the police to smell the smell and say, holy-moly we have solved the case! George tried to throw Casey under the bus, but his plan backfired and he was forced to ‘Go Get The Car’ and bring the secondary crime scene back to the crime scene (even though it was not a crime but an accidental drowning). So, now Cindy takes over!! Casey is arrested, but not George! George stand by and hopes to heck his daughter doesn’t spill the beans about their “relationship”. (George later in this saga tries to kill himself).

#7.) Every Man for Himself the Body is Missing
Enter Roy Kronk to the picture. Roy Kronk finds the bag and knows he is going to be “famous”, “rich” and be able to find a new life in his fame.
Roy Kronk moves the body and waits for the right time, but the police ignore him. He eventually forces the issue and the body is found where Roy put it.

#8.) Casey’s Jail House Video’s
Casey has taken it this far and she and Dad have a very “unique” bond from the sexual “relationship”. She’s not going to lose the love of her mother and father who is all she has left. She continues to tell her mom what she wants to hear. She does not want to lose the only love she has. A child’s desire to be loved by her parents are over-whelming because she has been wanting that for all her life and never been given it!

#9.) The County Prosecutors satisfy the Media’s and People’s desire to “Burn a Witch” at the Stake!
Even if it is not true. They manufactured a case of nothingness because you can only take BS facts so far! They lost because the jury saw through their BS. 84 Times! 84 Times! 84 Times! They saw the book deals, their Hollywood Stardom and talk shows on the horizon! Same with all their witnesses! Fame got the best of them and the jury saw their true motivation.

#10.) Casey Anthony! Justice is served!
Casey was given a gift by having this so publicized because if this were you or me, any common person, we would not have received a fair trial and found Guilty!

Things have settled down now, 6 months later, and I just hope our country and judicial system has learned something from their rush to judgment….but I doubt it.

The world is a very cruel place and innocent people go to jail all the time. Casey Anthony was one of the lucky ones because for once, justice gave the right outcome based on the FACTS and not anything else!

Good job Defense Team!

As they said on the Kardashians, “Kid tested, Mother approved”!


17 Responses to “CASEY ANTHONY Not Guilty Verdict Correct! Inside Casey’s Mind – 6 Months After the Verdict!”

  1. Notbuyinit February 11, 2012 at 3:09 PM #

    You make it seem so SIMPLE………like you said…these are Your thoughts…had it have been so simple..Casey would have TALKED OPENLY…..31 days is were SHE blew it…the only thing I can tell you, is to send money and support….that all YOU can do!

  2. EarthZebra February 11, 2012 at 3:16 PM #


    Thanks for the comment.

    It is simple.

    Not complicated at all, once you know she was drugged and raped and this is how Caylee was made. Once you know that she and Dad had a very “special” bond. Once you know how Mom was, very controlling and belittling.

    All the pieces fall into place and it’s very simple.

    The “world” owes Casey an apology!


    • Notbuyinit February 11, 2012 at 4:40 PM #

      ok….EZ….You sure have NO PIECES, only thoughts…..just alittle tooooooooooooooooooooo SIMPLE!….the only THING that Casey will get is KARMA for DEATH of KILLING lilttle CAYLEE MARiIE….now thats SIMPLE!

    • tina sparrow March 2, 2012 at 11:50 AM #

      Hey EZombie – are you a pothead??????

  3. EarthZebra February 11, 2012 at 4:50 PM #

    @ Notbuyinit

    Not only do I have the PIECES, I have the whole BOOK direct from the Nile River! All the answers as to what happened is right in front of you. All you have to do is look at “Cause and Effect”. With each “piece”, ask why did Casey do this, what caused her to do this…………and the answers are as plain as the nose on your face.


  4. Notbuyinit February 13, 2012 at 4:16 PM #

    as I come by here Monday…I see NOTHING…waste of ur hard work?

  5. EarthZebra February 13, 2012 at 4:25 PM #


    LOL. Oh, it wasn’t any work. When you have the facts, they tend to jump onto the page themselves. w*nk! :)! xoxo


  6. Notbuyinit February 16, 2012 at 6:35 PM #

    Sorry No one cared…..of CA or ur hard work! sad but true~

  7. elizabeth baker February 24, 2012 at 8:40 PM #

    Hahahaha reallyy???? Yall think she’s innocent just bc she supposly got rapped and pregnant here are the facts if u didn’t want to keep caylee she should have gaven her away and that would have been the right desicion noone likes you casey anthoney and u deserved a needle in your arm forreal u don’t kill a child n the way u lied and made up stories was rediculous and not needed if u would have just told the truth it would have saved you a lot of pain and plus everyone knows ur guilty n whoever thinks ur supposly innocent needs help. Yes u may need help…hahah ascratch that you need a lot of help but not bc u lost ur kid u killed her that’s y u need help!! And whoever doesn’t agree can go f off bc the facts never added up the jury just did a terrible job n should go down to. N if ur gonna lie about killing ur child b smarter she’s a dumbass that deserves death I think.

  8. elizabeth baker February 24, 2012 at 8:46 PM #

    U wernt there when it happened hunny u don’t have the answers you can look all u want the internet lies and u r to bc even getting rapped n supposly u say her dad did it or whatever that’s bullshit n it doesn’t matter if u have strict or hard parents u don’t fucking kill a baby ur sick if u think that’s right maybe u should b in jail then I’m just saying!

  9. tony February 25, 2012 at 11:16 AM #

    You read all that and don’t get that EZ doesn’t think the child was murdered. If that isn’t clear how can anyone believe you have the capacity to navigate through the facts, lies, and unknowns of the case?

  10. tina sparrow March 2, 2012 at 11:46 AM #

    what a crock of “bleep” – casey is guilty of accidently killing her child and not reporting her death at all – it was cindy who finally made the call – she should be locked up right now – i also believe karma will get her in due time – george had nothing to do with this whole thing – he never raped his ugly baby kiling daughter.

  11. EarthZebra March 2, 2012 at 1:16 PM #

    @Tina Sparrow

    “Hey EZombie – are you a pothead??????”

    Yes I am. I prefer Petunia pots on my head because they are tall and the bees don’t bother me.

    Thanks for your ridiculously stupid conclusions. LOL



  12. ktbPh.D March 12, 2012 at 10:29 AM #

    WOW, after reading this I have a renewed faith in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus…

    Seriously, even if what you’ve said is true, reading your “reasons” for her behaviour, they are still completely self centered and narcissitic. She has the typical behavior of a sociopath, and is also a con-artist who has the ability to fool weak minded people.

    Basic human decency should have prevailed, rather than being worried about being belittled by her mother.

    KTB, Ph.D

    p.s. i appreciate your trying to see the good in people, however, some are just evil.

  13. Kitty June 6, 2012 at 6:22 PM #

    Wow I am sooo surprised that anyone would believe anything you just wrote here. See victims actually more times then not break free from abusers when someone they love sooo very much dies do to something like (might be screwing daddy). Also, victims don’t have special relationships with the abuser either you idiot. They are forced to do that over and over again. Children that are abused are also abused from one age to another and then that is it. No it does not go on because the abuser needs a child that age to abuse. So they have multiples or find them outside of the home. So if you had said she was abused and killed her child to protect her from it happening to her I might actually believed it sort of, but she would still be guilty period. What a load of crap this is and next time come up with a better story will you because for it to be believable it needs to be a good story. This one was mediocre at best and grammar is horrid.

  14. Pari June 15, 2012 at 12:59 AM #

    Were you one of the Jurors?…so this fictional account of the case is to relieve yourself of the guilt you perhaps feel? I often think how they( Jurors) go on living while they overlooked all the evidence at hand, not even one of them (robots) doubted that she was indeed guilty, at the least of child negligence… ?! Do you read your comments ? You should ,…they may help open your eyes,…if not your mind!!!

  15. Jack July 5, 2012 at 9:14 PM #

    Great article… all of these people that disagree are complete idiots that don’t understand why they themselves act they way they do and do they things they do. It would be reasonable for even a normal person to want to hide this, let alone someone thats been raped and coerced by her father. I don’t think people understand how screwed up people are that are involved in incest (the perp and the victim). She has a completely warped view of reality, she’s a victim too and she was at the mercy of her father.

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