SCIENTIFIC PROOF “Invisibility Cloak” proves EarthZebra NEW THEORY OF RELATIVITY!

7 Jan

It is not good to gloat, unless your Scientific “Theory” is proved as FACT!

GLOAT! GLOAT! GLOAT! And to think those scientific “experts” I submitted my New Theory of Relativity too would NOT publish it! ha ha ha ha ha to the brainless lackeys!!!!

In case you missed it, I have been working on proving Einstein as wrong to his Theory of Relativity, because he is!

Oh my my my my Albert! Thank you so much for those words of yours! We can not trust your words and I’m here to prove it! Or at least question it! Thanks again for agreeing with disagreeing with you!

I posted a few weeks back my own version of what Life, Sound, Light, and every fiber of our human perception of reality is about…..

Here is my New Theory of Relativity

Here is just one of the thousands of News broadcasts about the so called new discovery, which is similar to my theory!

I’ve always said that with any Great idea, there are at least 10 other people working on the same idea! It is the one with the greatest expertise who can bring it to market, that is the one that eventually gets all the credit or gains from it!

Did, these “Invisibility Cloak” folks copy me? I don’t think so.

They focus on the “gap” between light and time.

I focus on the “gap” between time and light.

There is a huge difference but you can see the similarities!

An invisibility cloak is the brains perception on how light and what we see in light is processed by the brain. What we can’t process, what we can’t see.

My New Theory of Relativity explains how everything we see has already happened due to the speed it takes for light to travel proving the existence of an entire new dimension outside of the speed of light.

Now you see how similar the new claim is to mine!

More to come! I need to write a published paper on this!


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