No Evidence! Casey Anthony Trial

3 Jun

I haven’t heard any evidence of anything yet! Is there any?

* Lies.
So what, proves nothing. She is a serial liar, who lives in a dream world.

* Hair in Trunk.
1 hair? You have to be kidding me. You’re going to sentence someone to death based on 1 hair? If the child was in the trunk long enough to start decomposing, there would be more hairs than 1. And so what, George put her in the trunk after she drowned.

* Smelly Car.
George put her in the trunk after she drowned. Or the garbage was rotting. Who knows.

* Anything else in Trunk.
Again, George put her in the trunk after she drowned.

* Swimming Pool Ladder
Cindy Anthony admits the next day the ladder is on the pool.

What else does the prosecution have? NOTHING!

I said it before and will say it again, the prosecution has to PROVE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that a crime was committed and who committed the crime. They not only can’t PROVE who committed the crime but that a crime even happened.

Smoke and mirrors by the prosecution. This whole trial is a joke!


20 Responses to “No Evidence! Casey Anthony Trial”

  1. Avi June 3, 2011 at 4:06 PM #

    You are right about no eye witness evidence to convict but, the bottom line is the jury can just convict if they want to, and you have to admit that especially after yesterdays testimony by Yuri and the recordings played of the police integrations, to anyone who heard that she comes across as a heartless animal, and at this point i have no doubt the jury hates her

  2. chuck June 3, 2011 at 4:25 PM #

    People are convicted for less evidence then i hair in the trunk..First, the computer searches, for neck breaking, cloroform, shovel and a nose around a childs head in march of 2008…Crazy Casey had this all planned in advance,,The one hair in the trunk is Caylees with a death band..Also the stain in the trunk that george the tow guy was caylees bodiely fuilds as she was decomposing, also, the smell of the death, Cloroform was present in the trunk. Casey triple baged the body, that is why there is not 100 hairs..Casey is guilty as sin..Between science and the testimony, her but is grass……….

  3. Hilde June 3, 2011 at 4:29 PM #

    In this Case Every One has an Opinion and I respect that,
    however I respectfully disagree with Yours.
    A Crime has been committed.
    Caylee Marie Anthony’s Death was a Homicide by undetermined Means.
    The Reason why it is declared undetermined is because only skeleton Remains could be found. It definitely was not a natural Death, she was put in A Garbage Bag, tripple bagged and dumped in the Woods.
    All the Evidence collected by the State is documented and most of it released to the Public per the Florida Sunshine Law.
    The Evidence collected leads to no other than Casey Anthony. JMO

  4. Laura June 3, 2011 at 5:03 PM #

    OMG this person must be insane!! Do you really think George did anything to his little grandaughter? Why?? And why did he go visit his god awful daughter in jail saying all the things he said trying to HELP the liar find her kid? Only Casey knows exactly what happened but you can bet she murdered her either by drowning or tape or chloroform.

  5. EarthZebra June 3, 2011 at 6:16 PM #

    All good comments. Wrong, but still good. Thanks!

    Here are your answers:

    I don’t think she is heartless at all. I think she is a victim of sexual abuse by her father and lives in a dream world. I think it was an accident. Maybe her father and she were having sex, and Caylee got in the pool while no one was watching her. Both George and Casey agreed they had to cover it up, because they could not tell anyone what they were doing.

    The boyfriend posted a funny thing on his MySpace page about chloroform, and she Googled it. The others…who knows. Maybe she was going to say one of her fantasy friends broke their neck. It proves nothing.

    Sure, she drowned and then George put her in the trunk. Hairs in trunk, same answer, yes she was in the trunk after the accident.

    No one knows this, either way. Well, George and Casey know.

    I think most people who think this was murder are not looking at the evidence. They are basing their opinions on the wackiness of Casey. Just because you are wacky and didn’t do what you should have, doesn’t mean she killed someone. The evidence shows nothing!

    She should be found Not Guilty based on the lack of any real evidence.

  6. Linda Wiley June 3, 2011 at 7:16 PM #

    you must be drinking casey kool aid….what stupid comments about Casey & George….maybe you can visit her prior to her being executed

  7. Venice June 3, 2011 at 7:30 PM #

    Wow..and you are a potential juror in your area. Scary.

  8. artgal16 June 3, 2011 at 9:02 PM #

    Jurors are looking to assign blame. Caylee is dead and someone is responsible for that. Beyond a “reasonable” doubt means just that – what is reasonable. It is not reasonable to believe that a 3 year old child was duct-taped and buried a few feet from her home
    due to an accidental drowning. Because its not a reasonable supposition to believe that is how you would treat a drowned child. There is not a case on the books that a drowned child was “disposed” of in this way. However there are thousands of cases of murdered children disposed of by being wrapped and buried and many times close to home. The molestation, which is not
    something I believe in, is not relevant except perhaps to keep her off death roll as a mitigating factor. Sorry but its GUILTY!

  9. katydid June 3, 2011 at 9:54 PM #

    The trial is not over yet. They haven’t even got to the part of finding Caylee’s body.

  10. suzontravel June 4, 2011 at 1:05 AM #

    The cell phone records are public and the June 16 records show Casey’s phone pinging the same cell phone towers that would be pinged if she were in the Anthony home. They show her there until after 4. The desktop computer shows intense usage on that day from 1-3. If George had to be at work at 3, then who was using the computer. And if she was home, then how did he see her leave at 12:50? And why didn’t Baez fry him on cross examination when he said he saw her leave.

  11. Rachel June 4, 2011 at 5:19 PM #

    I’m sorry earthzebra, but you mentioned in your previous comment that you feel people aren’t looking at the evidence in this case, instead they are basing their opinions off of casey’s craziness. But it seems to me that you’re the one doing just that. When you were explaining your “theories” on the computer searches, the car smell, etc., you weren’t proving anything. You were dismissing it. Okay, so you think you found a reason she was googling chloroform; but once someone mentioned all the other searches like neck breaking you said “who knows”. Does it not occur to you that Casey might have been looking for a way to kill her child via google? And I may be wrong, but I think that the defense is trying to prove that Caylee wasn’t even in the car. So how you’re viewing it isn’t even valid. The defense is trying to say that the car smell was caused by the trash bag with the pizza box in it. You’re saying that “yeah, it is the smell of a decomposing body, because in fact, she was in the car” I’m sorry but I feel as if your not taking this whole case serious. Someone’s life is at stake here. Someone who possibly killed an innocent child. And you’re talking about it like it’s a game. I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but this is sort of a sensitive topic for people who may have children around Caylee’s age. Or people who have truly been sexually abused. You seriously need to think about that next time you blog. And also, it doesn’t matter if it’s just ONE hair they found. The point is, it was there. It didn’t magically appear. And they “proved” that is wasn’t a loose hair. Meaning that if was somehow forcefully removed off of her head.

    OJ wasn’t convicted of murder because the stupid “glove” supposedly “didn’t fit”. He got away with killing 2 people over a glove! And then wrote a book about it!! At least that’s what I heard. So if they can get away with that pathetic “evidence”, then I think the prosecutors on this case have a great chance with the evidence they have presented so far! All the defense has are excuses.

  12. Kelly June 4, 2011 at 6:25 PM #

    I agree with artgal – triple wrapping a drowned child in trash bags does not make sense. It makes sense to call the police once the body is found and say it was an accident. What you can’t call an accident is when you chloroform your daughter so you can go out partying and place her in the trunk (what you call Zanny the Nanny) and the poor little girl either suffocates to death or dies from heat exhaustion because you spent the night at your boy friend’s apartment. That one is hard to explain to the police. The duct tape over the mouth was to explain the suffocation and corroborate the kidnapping story. The heart sticker – to show it was someone who cared for her – much like a nanny. And there is absolutely no evidence of George molesting her. She’s a psychopath, pure and simple.

  13. EarthZebra June 4, 2011 at 6:26 PM #

    This is all very odd to me. Are you people crazy? Are you blind? Are you sheep? Are you book burners? Witch hunters?

    Re: Rachel

    I’m serious about my observations. Of course I have nothing to do with the trial or the lives of the people involved in it. I am merely a fly on the wall.

    I am “dismissing” all the computer searches because they don’t mean anything. They prove nothing. They don’t prove how the child died. They don’t prove who, if anyone, is responsible for the death. Casey lives in a fantasy world. Not in reality like you and me. Well, me (ha ha, kidding). One of her fantasy friends could have had a need to look things up. We have no way of knowing anything and so it is worthless “evidence”.

    Yes, the defense is claiming that she was not even in the car. Good point, and let me address it in that context then. What “evidence” says she was in the car? 1 hair. The FBI woman admits on the stand that the tests they conducted do not prove 100% that it was from a deceased person. Merely that, it is 1 possibility. Well, that is not good enough for me. The FBI woman said she can not be 100% certain the hair was Caylee’s but could be any of the females in the Anthony family. The FBI woman testified she could not be certain how the hair got there, or when the hair got there. The FBI woman testified the hair could have gotten there from secondary transfer. The FBI woman testified that pulled hair most of the time has some DNA scalp material at the root, but this hair had none. The FBI woman’s testimony completely casts REASONABLE DOUBT that they know nothing to any certainty or anything other than forcing their findings to fit their desperate need to pin this on the mother, Casey. They are molding findings which could go in a multiple ways and directions into what they want the outcome to be. They are not letting the evidence speak for itself, they are speaking for the evidence!

    The trash bag had maggots in it. I blogged on this about a week ago on this. Maggots don’t eat Pizza! Maggots eat flesh of something. The maggots were in the trash bag. This proves there was rotting flesh (chicken, beef, pork, etc), in the trash bag. There was not a child in the trash bag when George looked in it!

    * A GAME
    I beg to differ, all of life is a game. Even the most horrific situations are a game. It’s about over-coming the obstacles in front of us to get to the destination. In this game, we have the prosecution and defense. Both playing the legal game. Both doing their best to convince the jury that they have the truth. Sure, sure 1 life is at stake, a child is dead. This can not be changed, and is very sad, but it is still the game of life and the game doesn’t stop, ever!

    Thanks for the comment. You raised some good points. Hope I answered your questions.


  14. EarthZebra June 4, 2011 at 6:57 PM #

    Re: SuzanTravel

    Well, she was there at the house. George was there until 3 and then went to work. Something happened to the child, an accident. The defense claims she drowned in the pool. Okay, let’s go with that. George finds Caylee’s body in the pool. Casey and George are intensely distraught. Panicking. What do we do, they say to each other? Cindy Anthony, is an extremely volatile, domineering person in that household. Both Casey and George are afraid of Cindy Anthony and in no way want to tell her they are responsible. George being a former detective knows that hundreds of parents get charged with Manslaughter in the death of their children even when it is a total accident. They both feel responsible for the drowning and don’t want to face Cindy. Because George and Casey have an incestuous relationship they decide together to cover it up and make it look like a kidnapping. So, to answer your question about Casey leaving at 12:50, it is part of the story they concocted. She never left. Or maybe she did, to go buy duck tape and trash bags. They put duct tape over the mouth to make it look like a kidnapping. They triple bag her, and depending on where you want to go with it from here, they put her in the trunk or hide the body for the time being. Later they transport the body in the trunk, where later Krunk the meter reader finds the body, and moves it to the side of the road so he can get the reward.

    From what I understand, the defense can only cross examine a witness on only the things brought up on the prosecutions direct examination. I suspect you will see several of the same witnesses called when the defense puts on their presentation and witnesses where they can then ask anything they want.

    Thanks for the observation and question!


  15. re mark June 4, 2011 at 9:35 PM #

    Dude, I agree with everything you are saying along with the defense. Some of these people must be Nancy Disgrace followers. Casey has owned up to her lies but it seems George, the drugged up Cindy and law enforcement get to continue to lie in court, over and over. George is a monster , he knows exactly what he did, the truth will continue to come out. Cindy knows as well. Are these people not following what I am ? I saw right through George from day one, the great manipulator, liar, thinks he is so slick. How can so many people, especially women not get this. He cheated on his wife and took money from other women, during the midst of all this how could anyone trust him. They will soon see how everything will come back to him.

  16. artgal16 June 6, 2011 at 3:06 PM #

    In YOUR fantasy world, children can turn up dead in a trash heap and the mother can walk off free as a bird because guess what -we dont have a video tape to prove it!
    Goodness Im glad most of us dont live there! We CAN make conclusions from the circumstantial evidence and the hard of evidence of Caylees remains. Just as Scott Peterson was convicted and indeed got the death penalty without knowing a cause of death for Lacey, this jury is going to put together the circumstances and come up with a guilty verdict. Its actually in my mind rather a simple case, which has been turned into a circus by first her parents, then Baez and the media. She is most definitely not a victim of sexual abuse and she has admitted that the child died on the day we all assumed she died. NO one sits in prison for three years when they could have confessed to an accident all along NO ONE. Casey has been so used to having her lies believed
    she just figured that sooner or later she could come up with a lie that would get her off – and she did a whopper. You sound like an intelligent person, I cant believe you bought it!

  17. Laura June 9, 2011 at 2:20 PM #

    Earth Zebra, I have one a question for you. If, as you say, Casey and her dad were sleeping together when Caylee drowned, don’t you think they’d get dressed and call 911? And George, a former police officer who we’ve seen in video with Caylee loving her up, doesn’t attempt CPR? Ridiculous. And what about the previous post? Why in God’s green earth would Casey sit in prison rather than say, come on dad, I guess we better fess up?? Why??

  18. EarthZebra June 9, 2011 at 2:45 PM #

    Re: Laura

    Lets just say, George and Casey, were having a “romantic” incestuous relationship where they both were willing sexual participants and truly felt “romantic” love for each other, (in their minds) they were like husband and wife. They finish having sex, do get dressed, and go look for Caylee who was supposed to be playing in her room as she was when they snuck off to be together. George finds Caylee in the pool, they do try to perform CPR but to no avail. Both are incredibly scared of Cindy and it is very possible Cindy knows about their sexual relationship. George and Cindy and Casey probably have fought about the George and Casey sexual relationship many times. Cindy is jealous of Casey and desperately wants to be Caylee’s mother. If they tell Cindy how Caylee really died in the pool she will know they were having sex again. George knows this will probably be Involuntary Manslaughter for Casey. They decide together to hide it and plan something out. From there everything just snowballs out of control. Casey takes the hit for the family so the sexual “relationship” won’t come out and both she and her love, George won’t both go to jail. The jail videos are genuine love George and Casey have for each other. If the relationship comes out, Casey goes to jail for Involutary Manslaughter and George goes to jail for whatever the charges are for incest on a minor. I guess rape. So, everyone stays quiet. George agrees for the defense to claim things to help is daughter knowing he will never be charged for anything as long as he does not admit it!

  19. Laura June 9, 2011 at 2:59 PM #

    OMG, do you really think Casey, a spoiled rotten kid who had everything handed to her, would take a “hit for the family” and sit in jail for 3 years???? The story you made up would make for a great soap opera but that’s about it!!

  20. Sara June 11, 2011 at 5:06 AM #

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I’ve been waiting to read something like this for nearly 3 years. These Casey haters are so pathetic. They think they have it all right, when in reality they most definitely could have it all wrong. And THAT is exactly what is going to acquit Casey Anthony.

    I’m sorry but the evidence really can go both ways. And if you’re really looking into the circumstantial evidence with no DNA putting Casey anywhere near the crime scene, etc. Look at the videos of she and Caylee, she was a loving Mother to that child. Wouldn’t you freaks consider that circumstantial? NO, because you’re all overlooking anything that points to Casey’s innocence. I cannot even begin to explain how I feel about this case, and how ridiculous it is that she is even being tried for 1st degree murder. This is an atrocity, and the state of Florida along with every single Casey hater is going to look pretty stupid in a few weeks.

    Please continue to post your opinions because I agree completely, it’s really nice to see that someone with half of a brain is actually paying attention to the trial, and not using selective perception in favor of the prosecution.

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