28 May

How can this be? There was no skin left on the body. The tape would have been attached to the skin and when the skin is gone it just falls.

I think the duct tape was just on the ground. Perhaps to hold the bag shut from the outside so animals don’t get in it. Yes, there was a heart on it because George and Casey did it together after the accident and said a prayer for Caylee.

Another Prosecution and Medical Examiner stretching, reaching for some sort of explanation on their Witch Hunt!

I leave you with this: If Caylee was “murdered”, “smothered”! Why just 3 pieces? Why not wrap it and wrap it and wrap it?

If Casey is cold blooded murderer, why not do the job right! Because she didn’t!


  1. tom June 10, 2011 at 5:41 PM #

    Why has no one considered Casey placed the tape on Caylee’s mouth the same day
    she backed the car in the garage and borrowed the shovel.I think the body decomposing whould have had maggots crawling from mouth,nose,eyesand ears.
    A young woman as casey would only know the best way to stop that would be to
    grab the duct tape and cover the exits. She then had to use the off white bag
    and baby blanket to scoop up the body and place it in the black garbage bag.
    She found out real quick she could not dig a hole that easy,so she took off in the car down the road and seen the woods and quickly got rid of it there.
    then ditched the car.

  2. EarthZebra June 10, 2011 at 5:47 PM #

    Oh my Tom!

    I think you nailed it!

    Going to post your explanation as a new post so it gets the attention it deserves! Thanks for the comment!


  3. Joan Pendleton July 8, 2011 at 11:41 AM #

    I think that the duct tape is at the heart of the entire case. It is presumably the murder weapon. The defense missed an opportunity to consider it the way Earth Zebra did.. Earth Zebra appears to have raised a very significant question; Was the duct tape used to seal the bag in some manner and did it move over time in the face of the elements and animals at the site ? Certainly the site was altered not by Ray Krock but by nature (plant and animal life and decomposition and rain etc.) and because of that nature and its’ processes the tape’s placement on the child may not have been it’s original placement. Also Earth Zebra makes a good point about the tape and one paticular process of nature – decomposition. Would the tape have remained in place throughout just that process alone and if not what if anything does that signify?
    All of this may be answerable and a scientific analysis could reveal that the placement of the tape on the child could be truly an original placement and thus the tape would be the murder weapon. But why did the defense not pursue this line of thought??? It doesn’t matter now as the defense acheived its’ goal of aquittal but it really seems an unforgivable lapse . For one thing if the presecution had had the opportunity to rebut this thought and lay it to rest it might have made a difference in the verdict. Maybe the defense knew that and choose not to go that route.

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