“Maggots” key to Casey Anthony Trial – Maggots Don’t Eat Pizza!

27 May

If the Defense picks up on it, THE SMELL IN THE CAR has been just explained by George Anthony and he didn’t even know it!


George Anthony said, “I opened the trash bag in the trunk, and saw maggots”!

Well, maggots don’t eat or live in Pizza! Maggots are found in meat, flesh of something. Such as a chicken that could have been in the trash bag. How about a dead mouse? Have you ever smelled a dead mouse….they stink! I’m sure the auto yard has lots of mice around. Perhaps one smelled the pizza, ate the baking soda and died, then rotted and stunk the car up!

The existence of maggots in the trash bag proves that their was rotten meat in the trash bag.

Was there a child in the trash bag? No! But there were maggots!

This proves there was meat rotting in the trash bag!

It was George Anthony who looked in the trash bag. The yard manager did not see any maggots in the trunk. They were in the bag where George looked, and this is where the rotting meat was.

This completely explains the smell in the trunk.

Maggots to the rescue!

Another area of questioning the defense might hammer on, is that NO normal person would know to bring Gas unless he knew the car had no gas! He had to know ahead of time! I guess George is just psychic! Who knew!

They need to ask George, “are you a psychic?”, “do you have special powers to see the future?”. Then finish, “you knew the car had run out of gas, and you knew this because Casey told you!”. “You are part of the cover up of your granddaughters accidental death, aren’t you”!

4 Responses to ““Maggots” key to Casey Anthony Trial – Maggots Don’t Eat Pizza!”

  1. Avi May 27, 2011 at 5:35 PM #

    Do you think George Anthony was taken by surprise about the molestation charge (if its a false accusation) or did he agree beforhand with the defense to let his name be smeared to make him look like an animal for the greater good of of saving his daughter?

    • EarthZebra May 27, 2011 at 6:51 PM #

      If it’s a false accusation, I don’t think he agreed beforehand. I think the defense lawyers are doing their thing without regard for anyone but Casey. I do think that he understands why the defense is headed down this road, if false accusations, and is letting it happen. Not that he has a choice in the matter.

      However, I’m on board with the defense story. I’m waiting for some holes to be poked in it, but all I’ve seen so far is the defense story being legitimized by witness after witness.

      I think it is a fact that the child died about June 15’th or so. So, how to explain her behavior afterwords has to be something pretty amazingly traumatic in her life. Whether accident or murder, her actions require something in her past to be very traumatic.

      If it were murder, her actions above afterwords, is the difference between this murder and other mothers killing their children murders. Afterwords, none of the others, to my knowledge, acted as Casey did. I just don’t buy the prosecutions argument that she wanted to be free. It doesn’t add up.

  2. Avi May 27, 2011 at 6:58 PM #

    I think your right on the money. Read my post about my sister in law phyco yes murderer no

  3. Kelly June 3, 2011 at 10:52 PM #

    Seriously?! Casey had a reputation of running out of gas and her parents always helped her out. George surely was expected to be responsible for the car’s upkeep since Casey was completely incompetent and had no income. Since he would most likely be aware of any potential car problems and with her previous history of running out of gas, it would only make sense for George to bring a gas can with him to the tow yard. And as for the maggots, rotting chicken and beef smell entirely different than human decomposition. Your arguments are about as ridiculous as Casey’s defense.

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