The Day The Mice Killed The Giant!

19 Apr

Once upon a time in a far, far away land, lived a magnificent giant. A boy about the age of 13 or 14 on his way to becoming a man. Trusting and respectful to all.

The giant stood 10 stories high with growing broad shoulders, dimpled cheeks, and a wonderfully welcoming smile to all. He towered over the very tall trees that grew in this land. The giant was a very kind person. He never hurt anyone and went out of his way to be kind to the mice….yes mice!

For in this land, the mice ruled the land. There were millions of them. The had homes scattered throughout the hillsides, burrowing under every nook and cranny, every sewage pipe, every dumpster, with vibrant farms cultivated by the giant, and healthy herds of cockroaches (which was their traditional meal) in fields with fences the giant built all on his own.

The mice and giant have lived among each other for many many years since the giant was a little baby. It is unclear how the giant came to the mice, for the elders of the mice say it was a miracle from the mice gods and the giant baby was found under a cabbage leaf! The giant does not ask and does not care how he came to find his “family” of mice and only cares about the love the mice give him in his daily things to do to help all the mice!

The mice raised and taught the giant everything he needed to know. They told him how to do his chores, and what was expected of him to contribute to the mice society. This guidance usually came from the men of mice land as the women in this land were second to the men mice and not allowed to voice their thoughts or opinions.

The giant helped the mice in every way possible and do everything he was asked to do by the mice. He’d break up large timbers like they were match sticks so the mice would have fresh firewood to cook with. He’d play with the children mice by putting 50 of them on his back at one time and pretend he was a a bucking bronco! He’d go out into the nearby lands with his large steps could take him very far with each step to retrieve mice food for all of the village. The giant felt as though he was very much respected by the mice in every way! After-all, the giant came to these mice and while different, thought he was just a large different mouse! This is all he knew as the mice raised him from a baby!

Or so he thought!

For you see, the problem with being “different” from the mice, created resentment and jealousy in some of the mice. This jealousy and resentment little by little over time was whispered from mouse to mouse until there were suddenly one day many mice who thought they would be better off without the giant. One mouse would tell another mouse something and that would get repeated, fabricated, and exaggerated into many lies about the giant that were not true. What was once was a magnificent man in the mice’s eyes turned into the perception of a horrible beast with the spread of these lies. His being different from the mice was threatening to some of the mice.

“Birds of a feather flock together and outsiders are not welcome!” ~ Earth Zebra

The giant could sense this resentment towards him. This made him very sad. He did not understand it. None of his old friends would talk to him anymore. They would not accept his firewood, or let their children anywhere near him. He did not understand and one day went to some of his most trusted mice and asked, “why do you not like me anymore”. The mice just shrugged their shoulders, did not answer, and looked away from their former friend the giant.

So one day, early in the morning before the mice were awake, the giant left. He quietly snuck through the valley and over the mountains.

The mice awoke to silence. They did not at first know what was different this morning. They looked at each other in bewilderment as to what was different. Off to the side of the town square was a group of 2 children mice. They were crying. When approached by the elder of the mice village, the kids pointed towards the trees and said, “he is gone” and they burst into tears.

The elder mouse scurried back to the other mice and yelled to everyone to be quiet, be quiet….”Last night myself and the other men mice Killed the giant”, he said. “We are your hero’s”! The crowd of mice cheered and danced singing, “We killed the giant, we killed the giant”! For 7 days and 7 nights the mice celebrated. Little by little they went back to their normal lives and daily activities.

After about 2 weeks, a sadness started to develop among the mice. A very large part of their life was not around anymore. The happiness that the giant brought to the community was being noticed as missing among the mice. The children mice did not play anymore, there was no firewood, no bucking bronco rides that brought cheers from the crowd. The giant was no more.

Meanwhile the giant just kept walking. Over many mountain ranges, down in valleys, over rivers, and glaciers. The giant just walked with his head hung low and not caring how far or where he ended up! The giant did not eat or sleep for 6 months, he just walked, and walked and walked through some of the most foul weather and storms known to man….with a sadness in his heart.

The giant being so weak from lack of food, and no sleep, one day finally found a cave big enough to lay down in. He crawled in and went to sleep.

Back in mice land, things were not going so well, some of the children mice were asking to visit the giants grave site. They asked the elders where was the giant buried? Well, not having a good answer, many of the town mice were starting to wonder if the lie the towns men mice told them was true! Fights began to break out between the women mice and the men mice. The men mice insisted they were heroes and saved the women mice. The women mice insisted that the children be allowed to see the grave site of the giant! Things were getting ugly in mice land!

The giant meanwhile was getting some well needed sleep. His head was being cleared of his sadness, he’d wake up every so often and eat some of the plentiful moss growing on the sides of the cave and drink from dripping snow-melt. If he were to roll over on his side during the afternoons the sun would shine on his face warming his slightly returning smile.

After a month of sleeping the giant finally stretched out his legs, and with a a big yawn gave out the first smile he had in 7 months! He was rested, not sad anymore, and the sun was now shining through the front of the cave and he couldn’t wait to see what new land he had traveled so so far to see!

The giant, dusted himself off, stood up, but had to bend down a bit so not to hit his head on the cave ceiling. He walked over to the opening of the cave and ……”oh my god”, he said!!!!! As he stood from his mountain top perch looking out onto the most beautiful valley, with rivers as wide as freeways, trees that reached 100 stories high that he not longer would tower over. There were mountains that soured 3 miles high and were much more in perspective than the little ones in mice land. Everything was in proportion to him….in proportion for a giant!

He lept from his perch of the cave and ran down the hill to see what he could see…and “oh my god” what did he find but a village of giant size homes! Everything was large enough for him…a giant! And wait, what is that?…it is other giants! Oh dear lord have you brought me home?…he said!

The giant ran into the village, looking around in amaziness for he never knew such a place existed! All he knew from growing up with the mice was that everything was small and he was too big for any of it! But, not here, hot damn, this is all giant sized he said to himself! He ran into the town square and there they were…people like him. Giants! “Oh thank you god, thank you god, thank you god, I am not a freak”! I am not a giant at all. I am normal”, he said out-loud!

All the other giants rushed over to greet him and hug him. It was the very first time that he had been hugged with arms completely around him. There were older giants that were much taller than him. He did not know this existed for all he knew was what the mice told him. He did not know there was such love, for all he knew was the slavery the mice told him was his only purpose in life. He did not know that there was such peach, such normality, such family love, for all the mice told him was he was to serve them.

The giant found his family again!

He learned from everyone who came to embrace him that his name is Sam. He has many family members, wanting him and waiting, and praying that someday he would be found!

It is told to him that during the great flood of 14 years ago, a hurricane hit the village of Happy (the village name is ‘Happy’), and at the age of 4 he tried to rescue his mother who had been swept into the river. He reached his mother and helped her swim to shore and he reached a branch which he gave to his mother, but in helping her to shore, he lost his grip and was washed down the river. He was told, his family and all the giants searched for him for years and years but to no avail. His mother passed a few years ago from malaria. She got it from Mice droppings in the forest in her constant search from him.

Sam never knew what happened to the mice land. He didn’t care….he was happy and HOME!

“The difference between Love and Abuse can be very confusing until you truly feel Love” ~ Earth Zebra

Copyright © EarthZebra 2011. All rights reserved.

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