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Tarzan is a very fickle pickle!

24 Mar

“Fickle”? Who made up this word! It’s a funny word. Fickle rhymes with Pickle, Tickle, and Smickle. My point? Zippo, Nadda, just a funny word and relevant to this blog post!

It is defined from Marriam-Webster dictionary as:

adj \ˈfi-kəl\
Definition of FICKLE
: marked by lack of steadfastness, constancy, or stability : given to erratic changeableness
— fick·le·ness noun
— fick·ly \ˈfi-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

So how in the world does Tarzan become a Fickle Pickle and why?

One thing you know about Tarzan is he is a very, very sensitive person. He likes to live in the forest, among non-humans because in his early upbringing he was made fun of. He learned that at an early age he was better off acting like a fickle pickle. So then after, Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, has lived his life pushing others away like a fickle pickle!

So for any of you potential Jane’s out there, you must must realize it is not personal. However, anytime anyone has ever said “it is not personal” to me, IT USUALLY ALWAYS IS! Of course it is personal! All of life is personal!

“Every action and decision you make in life, effects 10 other people” ~ Earth Zebra

People who are fickle pickles are very selfish souls. They feed off of others coming towards them, and think nothing of when they swing back into the forest without even a goodbye. But be sure, they did not swing too far, as they like to listen and see if they can hear any tearful, “where are you Tarzan” calling out towards them! This is their revenge for Little Suzy rejecting them when he asked her to the 6’th grade dance.

A forest is a funny place. For most of us, we live out in open spaces. We say hello to our neighbors, we stay in tune with world events. We open ourselves up to ridicule as all our goodies are seen by everyone. People who live in forests are the same boys and girls who take their ball home just so none of the other boys and girls can play. A forest is a great place to keep secrets. To hide your thoughts, to keep other off balance as a new visitor to the forest eyes adjust to the darkness. A forest is a place where there are loud sounds of ferocious scary beasts!

But the thing about those roars is they are really Tarzan hiding behind a tree trying to scare you so that you think his “forest” is the best forest of all. Nice try Tarzan!

Many “Tarzan’s” live life with the appearances of a normal life. However, it is their heart and what they “give of themselves” to others which make them “Tarzan’s” that live in the Forest. Thus, you don’t know for sure if someone is a forest liver at first glance. Wait to hear a roar in the darkness to be sure!

It is sad that Tarzan is a fickle pickle, for all he desires is a hug. All he desires is to be accepted. All Tarzan wants is little Suzy to say yes, just once!

“To live life in a Forest is to live life hiding from life” ~ Earth Zebra

What is Love?

23 Mar

It is funny how “it just happens”. Not saying that I’m in love mind you but once in a while, a very rare while, someone comes along that you just so perfectly connect with on a deeper level than your average person.

It is never planned or forced, and it isn’t not something you need to think about, it just “is”!

Love is a feeling within your chest that you can physically feel. It warms your entire body and puts a smile on your face. Suddenly everything becomes very clear and in place.

You carry with you the thought of this other person always. They have touched your soul and are holding hands with your soul. Like children happily playing within your body, the day is a pleasure and wonderful time.

When in love you feel complete. You feel as though everything has just begun and is new. Love gives you power. The power to accomplish and do anything.

“Love is the most powerful drug known to man” ~ Earth Zebra

Happiness Results In Alcohol ——– Alcohol Never Result In Happiness!

11 Mar

Do you want to know “What causes people to become Alcoholics”?

Simple….Back in the beginning of most peoples first drinks of growing up, or at whatever age we had our first drink, our first drinking experiences usually comes as a result of some sort of celebration.

* Perhaps a winning high school football game
* Someones happy wedding
* Making a big business deal
* Having a great time with friends
* It could be anything but usually in celebration of life


And this is where the problem lays. A celebration just by definition is a happy moment in life. Then we “reward” ourselves with alcohol at the end of our celebration.

So, being the dimwitted human beings we are, we start associating alcohol with the great feelings we experienced with real life happiness in those celebrations.

But it is not. We get it backwards and we get confused.

“Happinesss results in Alcohol, Alcohol never results in Happiness” ~ Earth Zebra

We start thinking by drinking alcohol we then can have the wonderful feeling of real life celebrations and happiness we were “conditioned” to associate with alcohol. It is normal. Think about how many times we have had wonderful days and then rewarded or additionally celebrating ourselves by having a drink! It is normal to want to always have these happy moments. So, the human brain says, well, I just had a horrible day at work, how about I be happy like I was on all those wonderful days I did something fabulous in life and then drank after.

Drinking to try and get the adrenaline rush we have when we are experiencing something wonderful in life doesn’t lead to the same adrenaline rush. It is fake. It doesn’t bring the same happiness of a true celebration of life moments.

So, we drink to try and find those happy moments again. Why wouldn’t we! Heck, life is hard enough and if you can bottle all our amazing moments in life and pop the bottle open to relive them?….Who wouldn’t! And so the merry-go-round starts spinning!

Then, in some people, we end up drinking night after night after night. We chase those happy moments we remember a falsely given a cheap, fake, version of happiness. We get the alcohol happiness but never achieve the same real life happiness that only real life moments and natural body adrenaline can produce!

“For true happiness only comes from real life experiences” ~ Earth Zebra

True happiness, and the adrenaline rush only comes from real life celebrations of life. Alcohol can not give you this.

Want to stop drinking? How to stop drinking? Simple, just realize that Happiness is what we experience in life. Happiness are the amazing moments we have in life. Alcohol is and should be only for those moments.

So, hey, if every day is an a Amazing day for you then go for it. However, for most of us, life every day is not.

I don’t have any problem with people drinking. I think AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), and any idiot / morons who say they are going to “rehab” is a fool. Rehab “doctors” are a bunch of loser people who have never drank and experienced life. They pushed their butt stained noses into books and never lived life. If you want real advice in how to stop drinking ask someone who has been there, gone back, been there, gone back, and has a control of the nasty dragon!

It’s not easy to quit drinking. It takes wanting to stop! If you don’t want too, don’t bother torchuring yourself or the idiot who suggested it! It takes a commitment to yourself to seeing a “new” future that you want more than the old one!

If someone asks you to stop drinking tell them you are Charlie Sheen and you are WINNING!

But beware, if you are not making $2,000,000, 20 times a year each television show episode then you might want to re-evaluate if you are truly WINNING! You just might be LOSING!

To stop drinking, you need to talk to yourself every single day of the first 2 weeks non-stop repeating, “I am not WINNING when I drink, everything is a MESS, I will drink when I’m WINNING again”!

Yes, I said it. WINNERS can drink again! LOSERS can not!

Are you a winner or a loser? Be honest.

Except for the very few we are all losers. The US news media has romanticized and glamorized models, actors, politicians, come to think of it, anyone in front of a camera!

Why is it that “ALL OF US” have to be force fed such fake expectations! Do I hear LAWSUIT? Yep! What is my cut since I pointed this out?

Earth Zebra