Airport Security

18 Feb

I was at an airport yesterday and was “selected” for a full body pat down.

There were 2 lines. 1 was the image scan and the other was the metal detector type. I purposely chose the metal detector line. However, when it was my turn to walk through, I was directed to go through the image scanner. I said to the agent, I’d like to go through this one, pointing to the metal detector. He got on his radio and loudly broadcast “we have an OPT OUT, NEED BODY PAT DOWN”. What? I didn’t opt out of anything you dipsh*t! I said, no, I’d like to go through this one. He said, “too late, you’ve been selected for a pat down”. What?!! You have to be F’ing kidding me.

From what I understood, it is that as citizens of the “free” society we have the choice not to have our inner’s be radiated! Yes, I said it first…you will all have cancer in a few years! Ha! So, I get to stand off the the side in full view of everyone, legs spread, arms stretched out and have a guy play find the salami! Oh he found it alright!

He said that people do have the option to go through either, however if you do “opt out” you will pretty much automatically then be flagged for a full body pat down! What an F’ing joke!

It’s ok, it all worked out fine. He gave me his number and we have a date tonight. NOT! ha ha ha!

One Response to “Airport Security”

  1. Shana W February 27, 2011 at 6:15 AM #

    I so hate that bodyscanner because of the radiation. Actually I allways hope to avoid that discuscion everytime I have to take a plane. And don’t like strangers touching me either …

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