Egyptians are nothing more than Neanderthals

8 Feb

Did you see the recent riots in Egypt? What a pathetic display for mankind!

I never thought I’d see in the year 2011 behavior which is no different from when the Neanderthals roamed Earth.

The Egyptian people are divided in their wanting to keep a dictator in power. The majority want change, while a minority wants status-quo. They met in the middle of the street to discuss their differences with sticks and stones. Apparently these Neanderthals take the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” a bit too seriously! For they came with no intention of using words to settle their differences!

What is wrong with the thought process of these people? How in the year 2011 can so many resort to such a basic form of settling their dispute! Is this 2011BC or AD?

Apparently not a single one of them ever played baseball because they all throw like girls! My little sister could throw a rock better than all of them! No wonder they can’t settle anything! If they had a problem with the dictator, why didn’t they just storm the Presidential palace, or governmental building and take over it. Why resort to going into the streets and beating up on each other, reporters, anyone who looked like a foreigner? What possible good could come out of this tactic? It just makes all Egyptians look very backwards!

Is this the mindset of people of this region? No wonder most terrorists in the world come from this region. They are all back in time. Their brains must never have developed past the Hunter – Gatherer time in mans evolution!

If anyone is looking for a region to test out some nuclear warheads, this region is available for testing to begin right away! The earth won’t miss these Neanderthal people.

But that would be a waste of good man power. Now I know why the pyramids got built in Egypt. Because these people are good for nothing but slaves. They can’t be trusted to think on their own. Look what happens when they are allowed to think…..they turn into apes and attack each other. Instead of bombing them, how about we divide them up into slave groups and ship them off to the smarter countries!

“It is in times of struggle when ‘man’ shows his true character” ~ Earth Zebra

Well Egypt, congratulations! You are this years horses ass group of people! Well done! What a disgrace to mankind you have proven yourself to be!

4 Responses to “Egyptians are nothing more than Neanderthals”

  1. Tamara February 13, 2011 at 6:21 PM #

    Pffff….Most people look like Neanderthals.
    And im not the only one seeing it from that side.
    Sadly, there are millions & millions of people that think that way.
    Makes me wonder about myself.
    Am i a Neanderthal 2? -I dunno-
    For sure i would not storm our palace or the Presidents home.
    & i was 2 many times between a rock & a hard place, so, the ¨trowing thingy¨ would not work for me.
    Still…I know, not 2 deep inside of me, i am an animal.
    Anyhows, Dear Mister President is gone & Egyptians still dont walk like Egyptians.

    • EarthZebra February 13, 2011 at 9:28 PM #

      I’ve gone back and forth on this several times since making this blog post. I looked at the initial photos and stand by my somewhat harsh post. But, then the stone throwing stopped and nice people came out so I started to think I’d need to delete the entire post and I was wrong. Then more recently those nice people are gone and the Neanderthals have come back out. So the post stays. Guess you can’t generalize about an entire society. Maybe the title should change to “The EGYPTION Rioters are Neanderthals”! The verdict is still being formed. Stay tuned! I will make a follow up blog when the time is right to clarify my view.

      • Tamara February 22, 2011 at 7:03 PM #

        Well, i didnt saw it as harsh but sarcastic.

  2. Serafina Topolski February 14, 2011 at 1:18 PM #

    With every little thing which appears to be developing throughout this specific subject material, many of your points of view happen to be quite stimulating. Nevertheless, I appologize, but I can not subscribe to your entire suggestion, all be it exhilarating none the less. It seems to me that your remarks are actually not entirely validated and in reality you are generally your self not entirely certain of the point. In any event I did enjoy examining it.

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