Seeing the Big Picture, by Standing Still!

10 Jan

Sometimes we all get so wrapped up into what is immediately in front of us all that we lose sight that there is a much bigger picture.

The drama of what another person says, which seems to important at the moment really has no importance at all in a few days.

Just when you think everything is crumbling around you, it always seems to work itself out if you just stand still.

Sometimes we all have to realize that no matter how hard we try to jam that square peg into a round hole, if we’d just take a deep breath, and do nothing for a bit, then suddenly that peg does fit. Perhaps not the exact way you wanted it to, or the time frame you tried to force, but it does fit.

Standing still has never been one of my strong suits. I’m the type who is banging that peg into the hole and by golly is going to make it fit! Afterall, this is my will, this something I have carefully thought out and for sure it is the right fit!

But, what we sometimes don’t understand in life, is that by standing still, and accepting the fact that what we perceive as the correct fit of that moment, just might not be what is meant to be or the time for it to be.

“Time changes everything, sit back and let it pass a bit” ~ Earth Zebra

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