What is Love and is Internet Love Possible?

31 Dec

Can love be real when you meet someone on the internet?

The answer is, life is what you make of it, believe, and feel. If you feel it, then it is real. But yes, I understand the point and you have to hedge your bets against love being real on the internet because love is not about words on a screen. It never has been and never will be!

Love is so much more. You have to be there in person, and not just on the phone either (doesn’t count) ….it’s about physical chemistry with a person, it’s about every fiber of a persons being…how they walk, talk, move, gesture, breathe, laugh, blow their nose, and sneeze. It’s about how they look and act when they are sick and your are sick. It’s about how safe you feel with them, about how they smell ( and I don’t mean that in a bad funny way, all people have their own smell and I’ve dumped many girls just in the first impression because of scent.) My advice for girls going on dates is to not wear any perfume, and go with with just a clean nice smell that is you.

It’s about where each others eyes go when you look at each other, it’s about who is dominant, walks in doors first, which relates to what expectations you have of each other. All can only be found out in person and not on the internet!

I lived in NYC for 12 years or so, and the city is full of girls who “prey” on men to see how much they can get out of them! They come in different forms: Some easily trade sex for just a simple dinner. Some want to date you for the “socially acceptable 3 times” before sex. Others longer, it all just depends and all of them have their own levels of “shopping” expectations! Many of these girls are met on the internet! Probably same with girls meeting guys (for this blog purpose), but wouldn’t’ know.

My point being for this blog post, is that there are such a diverse population of people that you have the (mostly unfortunate) opportunity to meet on the internet that you really have to be skilled to spot out certain “flags”! When you see a flag, look for others and if they follow, RUN!

Love is about how you feel when you kiss the other person, about how you feel when their hand brushes up against your’s unexpectedly and if it gives you goosebumps. Love is about seeing yourself with this person forever after as a best friend with NO EFFORT whatsoever, it just works. Love is all of these things and thousands more. There are so many things that I could go on for hours.

So, yes, love on the internet is real, as each of you are real, and you feel it for each other…..but only real enough to explore it further. Hedge your bets, don’t depend or count on or in internet love. And certainly do your homework as there are a lot of creeps (men and women) out there!

True love, you will know it when you feel it and it will only take about 5 minutes to know. Love just happens. You can’t control it or dictate it.

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