Julio Gomez Once Lived Here!

28 Dec

Who is Julio Gomez and where did he live? No fucking clue!

This blog is about random thoughts of brilliance, nothingness, hopes, dreams, and that which us master bloger’s call Eterance!

Eterance is the thoughts that exist in your brain between the left side and the right side which only you can hear. These are the thoughts that you say to yourself, like a crazy person talking to yourself. You’re such a weirdo! Who in the heck talks to themselves? Who the heck has thoughts only to themselves! You are a crazy nut bag!

My Eterance tonight is to Julio Gomez you son of a Bitch! I am angry at you, I am looking for you, you are the burning cross upon my soul!

Julio, I’m sick and tired of all the minutia that you left behind when I received your brain on the brain exchange program because my parents didn’t have the money to buy a new baby brain and opted for the used bargain bin of brains when I was about to be born! I got yours!

Can we all be angry at our parents for the cards we are dealt? Our genetic code we are dealt with? Our upbringing and things we “learned” in our most absorbing years? Where do we find ourselves versus finding blame in others?

Is it all good!? Do I have to look on the bright side? No fucking way! Julio you son of a bitch I want my money back (in my parents behalf)! You have caused me considerable harm in all aspects of life.

Do I care about what your life was like and how it is now part of my life now? NO! Your brain was supposed to be free and clear, erased all of you when it came to me!

Dear Julio, I think we have a legal issue here with you!

So now what? I am stuck with a brain that has a bunch of left over remnents from Julio’s perspective of life experiences! Darn you mom and dad! Couldn’t you have waited for me to grow up and enter the work force and financed my brain!!@? I certainly would have participated for you to not go to the bargain basement of brains! How bout Gucci Brains, how about even Wal-Mart brain department as they offer great deals I hear with good quality! Why Mom and Dad, did you have to go to “Julio’s Discount Brains for Less Warehouse” for mine?!!!

My brain’s left side and right side speak Spanish and English, but I like the milk! Darn Milk Man!

“We make the best of our parents choices, but they do not define who we are!” ~ Earth Zebra

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