Going Insane In A Winter Wonderland Hell

26 Dec

Nothing and No One can save me now! I am officially on my way to going insane!

If you are one of the few hundred (or maybe thousand, hard to keep track), that follow this blog, you know I just moved to a new area of the world.

It is the most fabulous area of winter wonderland, with amazing mountains, valleys, and scenery that would make the most experienced traveler pee there pants in awe! Pretty incredibly indeed!

I have been in all this “aweness” for exactly 46 days! Is there a back door to this joint?

It can’t possibly be me who is the cause of being unhappy here, it has to be this place, it’s people, right?!! After-all, I am the master at moving from one place to another, the rolling stone that gathers no moss and adapts to any circumstance! I am the master at making a home out of a cardboard box, forest of trees, timber on a beach, and any situation. Home is what you make of it, not where it is, right?!! Happiness is found in yourself — not in others or where you are!

Well, what if:
* the lights overhead are so bright they are blinding
* the food is so expensive you can’t afford it
* the vegetables are so old they are wrinkled
* the potatoes are so old they have eyes on their eyes
* the people smile but don’t have smiles
* kindness is only meant for the first smile and not the real one
* darkness falls upon most at 3PM and me at 4PM (just because I’m me)
* the ground is hidden upon permanent whiteness
* the inhabitants of this area are afraid of the world
* their is not a movie theater here
* it is cold as sh*t but never snows
* i live in the best cave in town and it is truly a cave

So be it…not answers…

“sometimes it just takes time, be patient and the answers will come” ~ Earth Zebra

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