Risking Life and Limb for my Blog Readers with Not Even a Thank You!

16 Dec

It’s incredible how giving I am as a person! :)!

Today I risked life and limb and how many of you will thank me for bringing to you such life changing words and images? None!

For those of you Blog Readers who want “more pictures” I say it is none of your business! Ha! But in that same token there is great “liberation” of the freedom to be who we all are without reservation!

And my most favorite Photo of my adventure, and it was a non-planned photo…I love it!

What is wrong with “our” culture in that we are all so busy with our own selfish daily needs and “lives” that we don’t really take the time to thank others that make a difference in our lives?

Well, the answer to that is that it is part of our genes and natural make-up! We are no different than all “animals” by nature. It is each of our sole purposes in life to survive that individual day the best we can, FIRST. To thank some for something would mean that we have recognized something beyond YOUR immediate needs!

As “man” has progressed through the last several thousand years, that “survival” need, has changed for many industrialized countries to, “live as comfortably as possible”. But the premise is still the same.

So I do not hold grudges against any of you thankless EarthZebra-sters (Need a Better Fan Club Name…suggestions?)!

I blame God for creating such a selfish desire in us all. Another blog post I might elaborate.

Here are some amazing photos I took today for all of you!

“To say Thank You to another is the easiest of things, yet so complex!” ~ Earth Zebra

On the way up!

Up da hill!

Amazing Lake on the way to the Top!

I think my face should be carved here!

Incredible Lake and moment of awesomeness!

Bike Rider (Are U Crazy?)…passing me as I take photos of the Valley!

Avalanche Area Oh My!

What I had to deal with in my incredibly DANGEROUS AND LIFE RISKING journey for my blog readers!

Awesome…almost to lake!

Still not quite there!

Very cool!

I’m sure much more appetizing in the Summer but nice the winter too!

Oh my!

Something peaceful about being in the middle of NO F’ing WHERE ALL ALONE!

On the way down..the Valley!

And a few photos of me….freezing hair

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