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What is Love and is Internet Love Possible?

31 Dec

Can love be real when you meet someone on the internet?

The answer is, life is what you make of it, believe, and feel. If you feel it, then it is real. But yes, I understand the point and you have to hedge your bets against love being real on the internet because love is not about words on a screen. It never has been and never will be!

Love is so much more. You have to be there in person, and not just on the phone either (doesn’t count) ….it’s about physical chemistry with a person, it’s about every fiber of a persons being…how they walk, talk, move, gesture, breathe, laugh, blow their nose, and sneeze. It’s about how they look and act when they are sick and your are sick. It’s about how safe you feel with them, about how they smell ( and I don’t mean that in a bad funny way, all people have their own smell and I’ve dumped many girls just in the first impression because of scent.) My advice for girls going on dates is to not wear any perfume, and go with with just a clean nice smell that is you.

It’s about where each others eyes go when you look at each other, it’s about who is dominant, walks in doors first, which relates to what expectations you have of each other. All can only be found out in person and not on the internet!

I lived in NYC for 12 years or so, and the city is full of girls who “prey” on men to see how much they can get out of them! They come in different forms: Some easily trade sex for just a simple dinner. Some want to date you for the “socially acceptable 3 times” before sex. Others longer, it all just depends and all of them have their own levels of “shopping” expectations! Many of these girls are met on the internet! Probably same with girls meeting guys (for this blog purpose), but wouldn’t’ know.

My point being for this blog post, is that there are such a diverse population of people that you have the (mostly unfortunate) opportunity to meet on the internet that you really have to be skilled to spot out certain “flags”! When you see a flag, look for others and if they follow, RUN!

Love is about how you feel when you kiss the other person, about how you feel when their hand brushes up against your’s unexpectedly and if it gives you goosebumps. Love is about seeing yourself with this person forever after as a best friend with NO EFFORT whatsoever, it just works. Love is all of these things and thousands more. There are so many things that I could go on for hours.

So, yes, love on the internet is real, as each of you are real, and you feel it for each other…..but only real enough to explore it further. Hedge your bets, don’t depend or count on or in internet love. And certainly do your homework as there are a lot of creeps (men and women) out there!

True love, you will know it when you feel it and it will only take about 5 minutes to know. Love just happens. You can’t control it or dictate it.

Julio Gomez Once Lived Here!

28 Dec

Who is Julio Gomez and where did he live? No fucking clue!

This blog is about random thoughts of brilliance, nothingness, hopes, dreams, and that which us master bloger’s call Eterance!

Eterance is the thoughts that exist in your brain between the left side and the right side which only you can hear. These are the thoughts that you say to yourself, like a crazy person talking to yourself. You’re such a weirdo! Who in the heck talks to themselves? Who the heck has thoughts only to themselves! You are a crazy nut bag!

My Eterance tonight is to Julio Gomez you son of a Bitch! I am angry at you, I am looking for you, you are the burning cross upon my soul!

Julio, I’m sick and tired of all the minutia that you left behind when I received your brain on the brain exchange program because my parents didn’t have the money to buy a new baby brain and opted for the used bargain bin of brains when I was about to be born! I got yours!

Can we all be angry at our parents for the cards we are dealt? Our genetic code we are dealt with? Our upbringing and things we “learned” in our most absorbing years? Where do we find ourselves versus finding blame in others?

Is it all good!? Do I have to look on the bright side? No fucking way! Julio you son of a bitch I want my money back (in my parents behalf)! You have caused me considerable harm in all aspects of life.

Do I care about what your life was like and how it is now part of my life now? NO! Your brain was supposed to be free and clear, erased all of you when it came to me!

Dear Julio, I think we have a legal issue here with you!

So now what? I am stuck with a brain that has a bunch of left over remnents from Julio’s perspective of life experiences! Darn you mom and dad! Couldn’t you have waited for me to grow up and enter the work force and financed my brain!!@? I certainly would have participated for you to not go to the bargain basement of brains! How bout Gucci Brains, how about even Wal-Mart brain department as they offer great deals I hear with good quality! Why Mom and Dad, did you have to go to “Julio’s Discount Brains for Less Warehouse” for mine?!!!

My brain’s left side and right side speak Spanish and English, but I like the milk! Darn Milk Man!

“We make the best of our parents choices, but they do not define who we are!” ~ Earth Zebra

Going Insane In A Winter Wonderland Hell

26 Dec

Nothing and No One can save me now! I am officially on my way to going insane!

If you are one of the few hundred (or maybe thousand, hard to keep track), that follow this blog, you know I just moved to a new area of the world.

It is the most fabulous area of winter wonderland, with amazing mountains, valleys, and scenery that would make the most experienced traveler pee there pants in awe! Pretty incredibly indeed!

I have been in all this “aweness” for exactly 46 days! Is there a back door to this joint?

It can’t possibly be me who is the cause of being unhappy here, it has to be this place, it’s people, right?!! After-all, I am the master at moving from one place to another, the rolling stone that gathers no moss and adapts to any circumstance! I am the master at making a home out of a cardboard box, forest of trees, timber on a beach, and any situation. Home is what you make of it, not where it is, right?!! Happiness is found in yourself — not in others or where you are!

Well, what if:
* the lights overhead are so bright they are blinding
* the food is so expensive you can’t afford it
* the vegetables are so old they are wrinkled
* the potatoes are so old they have eyes on their eyes
* the people smile but don’t have smiles
* kindness is only meant for the first smile and not the real one
* darkness falls upon most at 3PM and me at 4PM (just because I’m me)
* the ground is hidden upon permanent whiteness
* the inhabitants of this area are afraid of the world
* their is not a movie theater here
* it is cold as sh*t but never snows
* i live in the best cave in town and it is truly a cave

So be it…not answers…

“sometimes it just takes time, be patient and the answers will come” ~ Earth Zebra

A Few Recent Photos!

25 Dec

“You Complete Me!” Or do you?

23 Dec

How much do others contribute to each of us finding happiness in our lives?

We have all seen those sappy movies where someone says “You Complete Me!”. “I have found my other half!”. “Without you, I’d be nothing!” “My better half!”

These all allude to someone else contributing in a major way as to the happiness of ourselves. Can this be true?

My very practical family always tells me that “Someone else can not make you happy, you have to find it yourself!”. Not that I’m not happy, or needing someone else to make me happy but I just don’t see anything wrong with the addition of another person to contribute to my happiness!

“Family doesn’t always know best, but voices in for their own selfish reasons!” ~ Earth Zebra

Risking Life and Limb for my Blog Readers with Not Even a Thank You!

16 Dec

It’s incredible how giving I am as a person! :)!

Today I risked life and limb and how many of you will thank me for bringing to you such life changing words and images? None!

For those of you Blog Readers who want “more pictures” I say it is none of your business! Ha! But in that same token there is great “liberation” of the freedom to be who we all are without reservation!

And my most favorite Photo of my adventure, and it was a non-planned photo…I love it!

What is wrong with “our” culture in that we are all so busy with our own selfish daily needs and “lives” that we don’t really take the time to thank others that make a difference in our lives?

Well, the answer to that is that it is part of our genes and natural make-up! We are no different than all “animals” by nature. It is each of our sole purposes in life to survive that individual day the best we can, FIRST. To thank some for something would mean that we have recognized something beyond YOUR immediate needs!

As “man” has progressed through the last several thousand years, that “survival” need, has changed for many industrialized countries to, “live as comfortably as possible”. But the premise is still the same.

So I do not hold grudges against any of you thankless EarthZebra-sters (Need a Better Fan Club Name…suggestions?)!

I blame God for creating such a selfish desire in us all. Another blog post I might elaborate.

Here are some amazing photos I took today for all of you!

“To say Thank You to another is the easiest of things, yet so complex!” ~ Earth Zebra

On the way up!

Up da hill!

Amazing Lake on the way to the Top!

I think my face should be carved here!

Incredible Lake and moment of awesomeness!

Bike Rider (Are U Crazy?)…passing me as I take photos of the Valley!

Avalanche Area Oh My!

What I had to deal with in my incredibly DANGEROUS AND LIFE RISKING journey for my blog readers!

Awesome…almost to lake!

Still not quite there!

Very cool!

I’m sure much more appetizing in the Summer but nice the winter too!

Oh my!

Something peaceful about being in the middle of NO F’ing WHERE ALL ALONE!

On the way down..the Valley!

And a few photos of me….freezing hair

Finding Ones SELF Among so Many Distractions! “Aliens” Control Us All!

10 Dec

How do we do it? Finding our true selves! Being true to who we are. Being honest to our soul so that it can thrive and grow to all we are capable of!

After-all, we each have so many distractions in finding ourselves, truth, reality, friends, family, love, and what it is that we each are in life! Who ARE you?

First of all we have our parents influence in who “we should be”, or “what we should become”! We have big brothers who are athletes or amazingly creative that we should mimic. We have sisters who are incredibly smart, or beautiful and we are suppose to duplicate and match. We go to church and see our spiritual leaders who are the ones we look up to and try our best to be like. Our social leaders of the community have achieved what we all are suppose to aspire to be.

We see on television so many confusing “measuring marks” of what society tells us what, and who are the most popular. Don’t we all want to be popular, liked, and “respected”?! Yes, we all do. It is a natural desire to want to be accepted and part of “the cool kids”. It is natural to want to be good at something and have fans that recognize our achievements!

On television is the Barbara Walters special, (December of 2010) and she is interviewing Oprah Winfrey. We watch in awe of how amazing these women are. We look in awe and see what we want to be as a people. We look in awe at these smart, talented, people who are the things that greatness is measured by in all human beings. They are two women of incredible success and stature. Not just women but “people” that all cultures can look up to and try to be like.

Or are they all these things? I wonder!

I think of these types of people as Aliens. They are the ugliest of all people. The dirtiest and most harmful of all creatures to the human species in modern day times! Creatures in a movie which eat smaller mammals for their own survival. They relish in their own ability to be smaller mammal eating idols.

Their Alien words are harmful to all us and should be avoided at all costs. Their images and messages are broadcast over our televisions as a controlling “numbing” message. Their messages are intentionally to be that which each of us desire but are to not realize and obtain! Their messages and images are intentionally out of reach for all of us so that they can maintain their position of being thought of as “special”.

Why is it that each of us listen so much to the Aliens numbing message? It is numbing in that we each continue to strive to be like the Aliens when it is not possible. Have you ever seen a walking wind up toy which continue to head butt the wall in front of it? It continues to try and move forward over and over but will never get past the wall. This is what the Aliens want of all of us. Their messages wind us up, pointing us towards the wall, and when we get there we don’t know any better than to change direction. We don’t realize the messages the Aliens tell us are for no other purpose but to keep giving us unreachable standards so that we are so busy trying to reach those standards that we never really realize our own individual greatness in just being normal.

Aliens cast upon all of us their spells of unobtainable things in life. They show us what is not possible and in-so keep us powerless and a slave through our constant “head butting the wall” attempt to be like them.

It is time for us all to unite and not look at the Aliens anymore! It is time to not listen to the Aliens ever again! It is time to ignore the Aliens making them meaningless and obsolete! The Aliens food supply is our needing them. By not needing them, not listening to them, not wanting to be them, they will starve to death and disappear.

The greatest desire in life for all of us, is that we all so, so , so, desire to just wake up and just be happy! We wake up and just desire that our loved ones are healthy and safe! We wake up and do our very best to support our families! We are a diverse species. Some, wake up and do a line of coke, or do a trick, or dread having to see someone at the office who we don’t want to see! We wake up homeless, or with a mortgage we can’t pay, or son in jail, or just having been abused in some way by another! Good things and bad things…”We” are life.

“We”…..”all of us”….ARE the purest of what nature is and meant to be! “We” are the measuring mark of how life is to be lived. “We” have real, achievable, attainable personality traits, bodies, and successes. The Aliens do not!

“Be happy and excel in being yourself and greatness will find you” ~ Earth Zebra

WikiLeaks Fallout Exposes World Hypocrisy while USA Bullies the World!

9 Dec

I never thought I’d see the day, in this “advanced” time of civilized mankind, where it would be allowed for censorship to be acceptable by so many on so many levels. It is shameful!

In the last 2 weeks, WikiLeaks has published for all to see, communications between US Government diplomats and other world leaders for a many years time span.

For everyone to see what is being said about other world leaders, countries, and diplomats, comments which were supposed to have been confidential and not for everyone’s eyes. Communications revealing the truths as to how the USA Government approaches the rest of the world, thinks of the world, and the discrepancies of what the US Government tells “everyone else” versus what is the real truth.

I include all of us, and myself in the “everyone else” category.

And now the US Government (not it’s citizens) is pissed and is doing everything it possibly can to threaten “everyone” into not reading it. Well, I’m afraid the horses are already out of the barn “Big Brother”!

Some injustices of the last week:

* In the last week, the US Government (not it’s citizens) has successfully managed to get the WikiLeaks website off the internet. What happened to the internet being a place where free speech is rule #1 and untouchable?

* The US Govenment (not it’s citizens) has successfully bullied PayPal into stopping its acceptance of money on behalf of WikiLeaks.

* The US Government (not it’s citizens) has successfully bullied Sweden into charging the creator of the WikiLeaks website, Julian Assange, with a non-existent rape! And why?…..So they can have more time to drum up some bogus charges of their own and have this man, who is not a US citizen, and does not live in the US, brought to the USA and locked up forever!

Do you know how incredibly scary this is where one government has the power to reach out into any part of the world and “snatch” any person they want, try them, and basically hang them on the nearest tree!

This type of power should not be had by anyone in the year 2011! Why do the citizens of the world sit quietly like sheep as the wolf selects the sheep he wants to eat?

* The US Government (not it’s citizens) has bullied the British judge into denying bail for Mr Assange.

* The US Government (not it’s citizens) has issued threats to all US Government employees that if they read these documents their jobs are in jeopardy! They have threatened it’s own military that if they are not to read any of the documents.

* The US Government (not it’s citizens) has bullied MasterCard and Visa to not accept any payment to WikiLeaks.

What do you see in this whole picture?

You see the big bad bully who’s dirty little secrets and lies were just revealed to everyone.

You just saw the curtain of the wizard just being pulled back revealing he is a liar and fake, only to protect his own power and control over all of us!

It is a shameful day to be associated with the American Government! It is a wonderful day to be an American…..I think?.

“Our governments, do not define who we are individually, as a nation, or it’ s people, we do” ~ Earth Zebra

“‘You are NOT in Kansas Anymore’ EarthZebra!”

1 Dec

Can I call myself EarthZebra without it being weird? Probably not!

Moving to any new area takes some time to adjust, but moving to a different country is sure to involve some definite culture adjustments!

For example, everyone is so nice here (or are they)! I’m thinking they just might be more sneaky and not so much “in your face, tell it how it is”! Hiding their true thoughts in exchange for a pleasant smile.

One of the most wonderful things I loved about living in New York City was that people were real. They told you how they felt almost to a fault. You always knew where you stood by which finger gesture you were greeted with! No, monkey-footing around things, life was real, raw, and well, Nice! It was honest and true, and you always had a clear direction in interacting with other people. In fact, the only bad thing about living in Manhattan was the tourists (probably from here!). Ha!

In any event, I’m making the best of it here so far. A smart person told me recently to look at the bright side and make the best of it, so that is what I’m doing. After all, this is paradise, right? Everyone is so nice, right? There is so much to do, right? Life could be so much worse, right? I’m healthy, somewhat happy, and with little drama, right? How could I possibly be anything other than ecstatic and in a zen bliss each and every moment, right? If only someone would call me a C-sucker, or a M’Fer, or say KmyA! Where is a good insult when you need one most! Ha!

Here are some random photos of my day today!

Apparently mailing an envelope back to the USA requires it to be decorated like a Christmas tree! It was too funny, after 10 minutes of this girl licking every stamp for me (which never would have been offered in NYC and I accepted today from this kind girl), I finally had to take a photo of the event!

My daily look! Everyone stares at me here like an alian. Not sure why! Yes, yes, had to go wee wee and thought I’d snap a quick “washroom” photo. Not sure why they call it “the washroom”, as there is not a bath or shower anywhere in it! Notice the chiseled jaw line, and fine handsome frame on this young chap! :)!!

The cleanest urinal I’ve ever seen! No graffiti or bubble gum! Besides, every blog needs a good urinal picture so decided it would be this one!

Apparently buying cheese can be a 20 minute adventure! This gent decided to turn a simple question of where is the Havarti into a picture worthy moment today! Here he is giving directions to a different part of the store for I think charcoal..not sure where this entire conversation went as I checked out mentally long before we got to the 19’th minute! Is that my F’ing cheese in your hand already, just give it to me and let me be on my way! Too Funny!

Ok, that was it today, for the most part all good. We shall see what tomorrow brings and what if anything these fake nice people have to say or turn into a photo opportunity!

“A home is where you make it, but your heart is where you belong” ~ Earth Zebra