Hot Girl with Less than Hot Guy Dilemma

25 Nov

Oh thank god this drama doesn’t involve me this time. Well not, yet anyway! She’ll be single soon! W*nk!! Everyone needs an understanding shoulder (ut um…!) 🙂

“Our predisposed genetic survival needs overtake all other desires when it comes to attraction” ~ Earth Zebra

Yes, yes, I’ve had my share of such relationships (hot girl with less than hot guy) because lets face it, I do not fit into the “hot guy” category. I fit more into the cute guy on one of my better days (daydreaming) and only because of my confidence (confidence with modesty) and the way I treat my significant others I’m with. I don’t get the hot girls because of how I look, I get them (well some and usually they have some emotional issue involving Satanic rituals), because I listen, I have a “way”. The way is simply knowing how to “take care” of a girl. Not as easy as it sounds.

Taking care of a girl at it’s most fundamental core is protecting her. Protecting her physically first, emotionally second, and spiritually third. They must be in this order to be effective! Notice I in no way mentioned money! Every girl wants a MAN and you have to be a MAN if you want to be with extraordinary women. (Guys, don’t hate the messenger, hate the message :)!!)

Now lets clarify, this “taking care of” does not, and I’ll repeat, does not move past the lines which could be considered dominating, smothering, suffocating, or in any way where it could be said he is such an a*s to her or a macho moron! You know those guys, the ones who tell their girlfriends/wives pretty much everything in what to do and how to be. Those types of relationships and those in them (both the guys and the girls), really make me ill to see and I’ll never understand them. Where is your self respect? Where is your social development into something beyond and ape and apeette?

Women do like to have a strong man. It is in our genes as “animals”. The strongest bull elk gets to mate with the strongest cow elk in the herd, in order to make the species the strongest it can be. While the human population has through economic industrial revolutions made our most basic genetic needs for the species a little blurred, we have not moved beyond our most instinctual needs for the strongest to mate with the strongest! It still remains in the way we are wired, and programmed.

No matter how much you say, you don’t date or select a mate in this way, you do. It just is how things are. We do not get to choose who we fall in love with, love and attraction just happens. And it just happens with our pre-wired genetic need to mate with the strongest that will have us, and the strongest that will take care of our instinctual needs! A modern day woman’s needs are the 3, I identified above…….protection physically, emotionally challenging/satisfying, and spiritually fulfilling (being a best friend and chemistry).

Where the human population has gone awry is in what society has taught us is “the strongest”. It goes both ways. The men we are told and taught from the time we are born that are the strongest are “ken” and the strongest girls are “barbie” and certain variations of it but it’s all the same.

*** Looks/Muscles/Power for men AND Looks/Charm/Sex Appeal for women ***

Tonight in visiting with friends, the topic of a very dear friend of mine who is a fabulous girl and incredibly beautiful came up. She has it all. She is not only physically all put together but her personality, upbringing, daily spirituality, and overall awesomeness is pretty awesome! She has a great job far out-earning her husband, has grown from an insecure college girl into an amazingly confident beautiful woman. OK, I’m a fan!

The problem comes in that her husband has always been, (at least I saw it from the first time I met him), not in her league. He is just your geeky, nothing special, common guy who is way out of his league! A few years ago it was fine. She is developing and growing from a girl into a woman.

Tonight a friend of ours revealed that she was questioning her love for him. Code words for, “I’m hot and he is not measuring up! I have outgrown him”!

……Can a hot girl be with a less than hot guy and make it last? No. Not unless he has something special physically, emotionally, and spiritually to offer her.

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