Happy Thanksgiving! The purpose of this holiday is what?

25 Nov

To give thanks! Ok, I got that part. But what really is it that we are to do on this day and who says we are to do it?

It seems that many countries have a “day of thanks” once a year so it isn’t the Pilgrims thanking the Indians for helping them survive the winter as we are taught in the USA (conceited society). Canada has a Thanksgiving Day too but a month earlier than the USA. Winter hits a little earlier in Canada than the US so maybe they were starving a month earlier and their Indians helped them?

How about the Italian, or Colombian, or Filipino Day of thanks? Were they hungry too?

Maybe it has nothing to do with the past at all! I think that this day of Thanks, whichever day of the year it is for your country, is a day in which is a celebration for the hopefully plentiful crops we had during the summer. It is a day for family’s to be together in preparation for the cold winter to come.

In most cultures, even if modern day times try to make it obsolete, we all are forced to follow the seasons of nature. In the Spring we till our land and plant our crops. In the summer food is plentiful and we make sure that we grow enough to sustain us through the winter months. In the fall we harvest our crops, prepare our lands for the next spring, we slaughter our cattle, and we hunt our game for our winter food supply. All of this comes with great work and effort. The long days of Spring, Summer, and early Fall is when we get the work done for the rest of the year. It makes sense that when all this is done, that a day was established as a “day off” in which we all sit down with our family’s, reflect on the spring and summer that just past, and give thanks for what the hard work produced.

“Thanksgiving Day is a day for a deep breath of hopefully a job well done” ~ Earth Zebra

Sadly though, most people are not farmers anymore. Sadly because the days when most people were farmers, were times of caring for one another, times when a simple handshake was good enough. The days when most of us were hunters, gatherers, and grew our food gave a clear direction to people on how to live life. The choices (stresses), which all of us who live today are given, create many problems in life for people today.

In the past you’d wake up, feed the animals, and come back in for a little breakfast. You’d then head out into your property to tend to the daily functioning of your land and animals. About 1PM or so, you’d come back in for the largest meal of the day, “dinner” to fuel your body for the remaining work day. 5PM or so, “supper” which many times were left overs from your large mid-day meal would be in order and family time for the rest of the evening.

The days of “simplicity of life” most likely will never come back. There are too many gadgets, too many options, too much media, advertising, and technology being forced fed to us. It is a good thing we can’t jar, pickle, and store a microchip for the winter to eat!

I am Thankful for this!

Earth Zebra

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