Bubbles Bubbles and more Bubbles Bouncing Off Of Bubbles

15 Nov

Have you ever wondered how this world works? Why some people see the identical thing in a different way? How come some people just don’t get it while others do? Well I have and I think I have a pretty clear idea of why things and people can be the same yet so different.

The way I see is it, is that each of us come into this world wired with a specific set of pre-programmed guidelines for our mind and body which form our foundation in who each of us are. From there, the next most important factor in forming our individuality is our parent(s) in how they teach us through example in our early formative years when we are all sponges absorbing every little thing we see and hear. And lastly is our environment….our surroundings mold and teach us what we perceive and think is the world and socially desirable ways to interact in it.

It is these 3 factors in which form who each of us are. I like to think of it like we each have our own little “Bubble”. Each of us live in our little bubble, which is made up from our heritage, learned upbringing, and experiences.

As a child my mom always bought my sister, brothers and I, the little bottle of soapy suds with a plastic wand inside. At the end of the wand was a hollowed circle. I remember loving blowing bubbles on a windy day. I was always amazed at these bubbles how no 2 were ever the same. And each time you dipped the wand into the soapy solution, and blew, it would produce dozens of bubbles. The bubbles would float in the wind, carefree, and eventually meet their demise and pop a few feet away. This demise usually came in the form of me running after them and popping them! These are the bubbles I see each of us living in, except maybe a little larger in size.

Human bubbles I see as about 9′ feet tall, most are perfectly round, glistening in the sunlight, and very durable, almost indestructible. We float inside of them effortlessly on our journey as we move around. We can move our bubbles just by thinking about where we want to go. All bubbles start out as beautiful bubbles at birth. Pure, clean, and ready for the world. It is after birth that some bubbles collect dirt on the outside which embed themselves into the bubble wall and are forever there, “a bubble blemish”. And in some people their bubbles don’t form completely due to heritage or things that are introduced to you as you develop during your mothers pregnancy, also called “irregular bubbles”.

When you are inside your “Bubble” you have no choice but to view the world by looking through your bubble walls to the outside. Blemished Bubbles and Irregular Bubbles distort the view of the person looking out which can sometimes cause that persons perception of things to not be always so clear as it could be if they had a clean bubble.

You can not discard your bubble, you can not change or swap your bubble for another, you are stuck with it for better or worse. All bubbles start off as the same size but older bubbles tend to shrink and become more brittle as they age. Some bubbles get stains on them, from abuse or hard lives by the person. The stains are difficult to see though and certainly effect decision making of that bubble owner.

Bubbles are like “looking glasses”, or “windows” to each persons world. We all have to look through our own bubbles to see the world. If our bubbles are dirty, pick up debris that embed into the walls, or are irregular to begin with, stained, or shrunken from age and brittle, this all effects how a bubble travels through life.

So take care of your Bubbles because we all only have one of them!

“The view to the world is seen through our journey to get there” ~ Earth Zebra

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