Dark and Cold — Are you Crazy?

11 Nov

Unless you have been living in a cave with no access to the general media, you may have heard that I am moving! Yep, it is no rumor. I have packed my bags, loaded the station wagon (with wood on the sides), as a woody station wagon is the only true way to embark on an over the road move. I am now at the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself. It just makes it much more exciting if you believe you are venturing into the wild-blue-yonder to lands of great mystery and adventure. If you don’t believe me, just read my last blog prior to this one!

Except, one thing! IT’S (insert swear word) COLD! And lets not forget (insert swear word) DARK!

Miscalculation on my part? An oversight? A not well thought out plan? Ya right..this is me after all! There is always a plan. Always an outcome before the outcome happens! The game is won before the first pitch. The fat lady doesn’t sing until I tell her too. Ha! You get the idea.

It amazes me how the laws of nature passed down from generation to generation in every species so holds true for the human species as well. And probably more-so in “Man” than any other. For example, in the parts of the world where the weather is the “nicest”, moderate, nice amounts of rain, not harsh, lots of sun, you find the largest amount of animal and plant life. Same with the human population. California, Florida, South of France, Southern Italian coast, Southeast Asia, all the moderate temperature parts of the world are the most desirous to live in. The problem with these areas is that with so much desire to live there, it also attracts the insects, bugs, germs, and viruses. And I’m mainly speaking of the human kind of insects, bugs, germs, and viruses.

The thing about a cool climate, where the air is pure, the trees are plentiful, rivers and game flow and run freely is that you find people who are just simply NICE! They value family values, and they still hold true the values that have long been lost by those who live in the germ infested areas. Helping one another is a daily way of life. It is not about, “what’s in it for me” mentalities. It’s “all for one, and one for all”. Sure, sure, it might get darker a little earlier in the winter, it might be a bit chilly for a few months. But at the same time, it also doesn’t let the germs and viruses grow. When spring comes, the soils have been purified and cultivated under the winter snows. The air is clean, without smog and carcinogens. The food chain has weeded out the weak in a natural selection process proven to be the only true way to keep proper checks and balances in place. Without any intervention from the so called smartest species, nature automatically gives life and takes life as it is meant to be, keeping us all strong, healthy, and with an abundance of “good” opportunity in mind, body, and soul.

So yes yes, I am leaving the contaminated cesspool behind with no regrets and no hesitancy. A better land, a better life, a better mindset, a better environment, a clearer wisdom, a brighter outlook, a kinder heart, and a future full of love and happiness awaits!

“See your future, be your future, and your future shall find you” ~ Earth Zebra

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