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Pen misses his buddy the Stapler!

31 Oct

Today is the first day of a 2 week “vacation” for me.

Well, not exactly a vacation because I’m moving and will only have Blackberry (cell phone) internet reception so more like a forced hiatus from my modern day technology.

Rest assured I will be plenty busy over the next 2 weeks but in the form of, in a car driving from one end of the universe to the other. Normally my week days are full of all kinds of challenging obstacles which are delt with by land line phone, cell phone, fax, and email through a lightning slow computer in front of me. Saving mankind can be demanding and requires a super hero to have the most up to date technology available. Too bad the super hero store only had a computer from 2001 on the day I was there (Ughh, sorry, side gripe and off topic)!

Initially I was super excited about the possibility of being somewhat unreachable for 2 weeks but now on the eve of the first work day of my “vacation”, I already have a feeling of being a bit lost. All the files are packed, my favorite pen is now complaining and lonely because he doesn’t have his buddy the stapler to talk to when I’m out of the room! They say it takes a few days of being off to outrun the shadow cast from previous “stuff”. Stuff that was once thought to be the most important things in the world, when in reality were not so important after all.

The move is a major advancement in life forward and puts me on the fast track to the life I envision and dreamed about. “Be your future” a smart person once said, so I am. Oh wait, that was me who said that! :)!! So, I will give it a go for a few days with one eye on the road and the other on that shadow to see if it can be left behind.

My favorite pen will just have to get to know the paperclips next to him in the “important papers bag” for a little while. He’ll see his buddy the stapler back in action in a few weeks. The time away for me, I’m sure will reveal a wonderful new perspective on life, people, and direction for myself. I’m pretty excited about it..

Blog Day 2: “0 Views All Time”

31 Oct

So far so good! Nothing bad has happened since I started this blog. The world hasn’t ended, the sun came up this morning, and I’m still me without any feeling of sorrow for starting this blog.

My stats counter says “0 Views All Time” which means that I am pretty much the only reader here. Well, not just pretty much, I AM the only reader here! Perfect! That’s the way I want it. Now I can post what I want, when I want, without any consideration of being politically correct, or offending anyone! I am allowed to delve deep into my inner most thoughts without regard for consequences! Without regard for the potential outcome or effect.

Now let me think, what are some of my inner most thoughts? Hmmmm (scratching head)? NOPE! NADA! I GOT NOTHING! lol

But you see, that is what is so great in that I’m the only reader here. It’s okay . I have no-one to worry about thinking I’m a boring person. I’m free to just be me, a human being, with up moments, and down moments, moments of confusion, moments that are dull and…and…and….well….NORMAL!

I think I’ll go make a peanut butter and jam sandwich now. :)!

Hello world! Welcome to my EarthZebra Blog!

30 Oct

Well, here it is!   The long awaited, by few, and hopeful that the day would never come. by many……Blog!

I’m a little torn between between maintaining my cherished privacy and opening myself up to (Insert bad things here)! But what the heck, I have no secrets and am willing to give it a try for awhile.

So, since this is the beginning, I might as well start at the beginning.  Or close to it!  Here I am!. Aren’t I cute!  🙂

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I’ve lived a pretty interesting life. I’ve been rich, poor, on top of the world, and at the bottom. I’ve lived in big cities and small. I’ve traveled to far off lands witnessing amazing things and learned much from whats right in front of me.

I think all of us live our lives seeing it in ways that only we know individually. No two people see the same thing exactly the same way. This is what makes us all unique and this world so interesting.

I just hope that my uniqueness is one that is made of the “right stuff”!

I’ll try to post at least once a week if not more!

Have a great day!